Shape lip tattoo anyone know informations about that?

maaki 2011/08/28 20:54:42
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my up lip as you can see in my photo is smaller than my down and when i smile it's almost gone :/ i want to make tattoo to fix the shape anyone knows about that maybe even have done it?!
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  • Claise 2011/10/14 11:47:56
    I dont know much about it, except that it can be done and it works well
  • maaki Claise 2011/10/14 11:48:45
    thank you :)
  • Claise maaki 2011/10/14 11:54:42
    are you planning to have it done?
  • maaki Claise 2011/10/14 15:11:02
    i'm thinking about it very serious beause i hate the shape of my lip :/
  • Claise maaki 2011/10/16 13:26:51
    I think its quite a safe thing to do
  • maaki Claise 2011/10/16 15:57:15
    i hope so :)
  • KATniss 2011/08/28 21:40:10
    dn 3erwwwwww alla ti lessss wx 8ee m 8a to doume k auto? xaxa :p
  • maaki KATniss 2011/08/29 09:52:41
    re katalabes ti ennoo? 8elo n ftia3o to sxhma t pano xeilos m gt otna gelao e3afanizetai -.- toutesthn n to kano pio megalo k isos alla3o k to xroma tn xeilion m :P
  • KATniss maaki 2011/08/29 09:54:17
    nai katalava paidi m!!!!! an einai dunaton ti allo 8a doume xaxa
  • maaki KATniss 2011/08/29 09:56:40
    e ma ti n kano afou m thn dinei -.- ma einai geloio to kato einai mia xara 8espesio to pano gt eini etsi to kapsero?
  • KATniss maaki 2011/08/29 10:15:12
    xaxaxaxaxaxaxaxa ti les mwreeee xaxaxaxa 8espesio k kapsero! twra ka8e fora pou 8a vlepw ta xeilia s 8a skeftomai na to 8espesio k to kapsero xaxaxaxaxaxa
  • maaki KATniss 2011/08/29 10:22:46
    xaxaxaxaxa n mhn ta blepeis lipon 8a forao mpourka k 8a s rxomai :P

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