Sex? Had any lately?

scarybunny 2010/04/24 19:39:00
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sorry if its to personal lol im bored :D
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  • Naughty Boy 2010/07/22 07:36:52
    YES :D
    Naughty Boy
  • XxMiss_Mad_HatterxX 2010/05/18 05:43:55
    Maybe... Maybe not .. :D
  • Bloodra... XxMiss_... 2010/05/18 05:59:52
    im glad you have cause i havent
  • XxMiss_... Bloodra... 2010/05/18 06:01:07
  • Bloodra... XxMiss_... 2010/05/18 06:02:09
    so how are you my name is nathan
  • XxMiss_... Bloodra... 2010/05/18 06:03:51
    im good...my name is Samantha.
  • Bloodra... XxMiss_... 2010/05/18 06:05:51
    your very beautiful
  • XxMiss_... Bloodra... 2010/05/18 06:10:41
  • scarybunny XxMiss_... 2010/05/22 02:51:39
    my name is Samantha im also a Bunny thts f*cking creepy!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • scarybunny Bloodra... 2010/05/22 02:52:05
    probly not her real pic
  • Squint 2010/04/30 03:04:15
    YES :D
    Yep, we've been at it for the last hour, now I'm taking a break and we will be at it again soon.
  • scarybunny Squint 2010/04/30 21:55:16

    haha thats awesome ;D
  • in~MY LITTLE PONY~i trust 2010/04/26 17:49:46
    Maybe... Maybe not .. :D
    in~MY LITTLE PONY~i trust
  • Russ 2010/04/25 07:44:53
    Maybe... Maybe not .. :D
    define lately. I've been sick for a while, so not with-in the last week.
  • Lucy sou 2010/04/24 23:16:16
    Maybe... Maybe not .. :D
    Lucy sou
    i me lazy me not here no me sorry ok.
  • Luver 2010/04/24 22:13:53
    No :(
    I'm a pretty sexual person and I'm pretty flirtatious, but I'm saving myself for that someone special. I want it to be as magical as everyone says it is and not just a fix (for lack of better words)
  • Unintended 2010/04/24 22:13:12
    Maybe... Maybe not .. :D
    The last time was Easter weekend. The next time should be tomorrow as I'm going to visit a "friend with benefits" :)
  • Lexy 2010/04/24 21:49:04
    No :(
    no .. im a virgin
  • Son of Furious 2010/04/24 21:03:25
    No :(
    Son of Furious
    No, I'm waiting till the wedding night.
  • scarybunny Son of ... 2010/04/24 21:10:51
    wait ur a virgin????
  • Son of ... scarybunny 2010/04/24 21:11:50
    Son of Furious
  • scarybunny Son of ... 2010/04/24 21:16:42
    wow ... lol mkay ... so how far have u gone? ... *whispers* this is so weird asking this to a guy lol .. :P
  • Son of ... scarybunny 2010/04/24 21:21:21
    Son of Furious
    hahahahaha Well I've had some fun episodes. Though I'm a first base guy. I enjoy flirting and I love kissing. But yeah, I'm a virgin. A fun lighthearted one anyway. Though, when it comes to girls I don't enjoy strippers or disgusting porn. I like nudity don't get me wrong but it depends on how its presented. I like girls who are fun, decent and classy.
  • scarybunny Son of ... 2010/04/24 21:23:24
    just kissing??? wow *shakes head* :) but its all good ..
  • Son of ... scarybunny 2010/04/24 21:25:06
    Son of Furious
    Is it that unusual?
  • scarybunny Son of ... 2010/04/24 21:27:27
    well personally i never met a 18 yr old whos a virgin lol ...
  • Son of ... scarybunny 2010/04/24 21:30:50
    Son of Furious
    Nineteen now, actually. Now I know why most of my friends are a few decades older than me.
  • scarybunny Son of ... 2010/04/24 21:33:03
    yep lol :)
  • Surgeon ~The Egalitarianist~ 2010/04/24 20:38:41
    No :(
    Surgeon ~The Egalitarianist~
    Don't want any.
  • scarybunny Surgeon... 2010/04/24 20:40:24
    wait wait WAIT! ur a guy and u DONT want sex? none? AT ALL?
    You r SOOOO lying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO
  • Surgeon... scarybunny 2010/04/24 20:44:32 (edited)
    Surgeon ~The Egalitarianist~
    No, I'm not. I'm Asexual (well, Demi-Sexual to be more exact)

    At least not until I meet someone I'm in love with.
  • scarybunny Surgeon... 2010/04/24 20:51:22
  • Surgeon... scarybunny 2010/04/24 20:53:29 (edited)
    Surgeon ~The Egalitarianist~
    I don't want to see any half-naked girls, I much prefer girls who dress with class and who have respect for themselves.
    I don't wanna have sex with anyone I don't love, it's as simple as that.

    Look up Asexuality, it's valid. You can think it's bullshit all you want but I'm not interested in sex.
  • scarybunny Surgeon... 2010/04/24 20:55:26

    Trust me we r the ones that respect ourselves if u disrespect us ull get ur ass kicked
  • Surgeon... scarybunny 2010/04/24 21:00:15 (edited)
    Surgeon ~The Egalitarianist~
    Ew! God damn, I said no! The second one looks okay, but that's because of the guitar. And the fish-next. But other than that she looks like a whore.
    But the first one? *vomits*
    They all look like whore's, I have no interest in those.

    I don't count showing off your body to the world as having respect for yourself, I call that attention whoring.
    By the way, a girl couldn't kick my ass if she tired. I defend myself.

    And aside from all of that, I hate women! I'm Asexual and I get so tired of women throwing themselves at me all the damn time, I mean really get some lives you crazy-ass bitches - can't you see I'm not interested?

    Seriously just look up Asexuality.

    Aside from that, how do you even know if I'm Hetero-Asexual or Homo-Asexual?
  • scarybunny Surgeon... 2010/04/24 21:05:15
    i know i got that :P but still .. u has to b hott if they throw them selves at u .. idk....
    but im Bi so its all good :')

    r u gay?
  • Surgeon... scarybunny 2010/04/24 21:07:03
    Surgeon ~The Egalitarianist~
    No, I just look like a girl. I get hit on by everyone... including lesbians who think I'm just a flat chested girl.
    It's creepy, really.

    No, I'm Demi-Sexual. I prefer the company of guys though.
  • scarybunny Surgeon... 2010/04/24 21:11:24
    mkay :D
  • Surgeon... scarybunny 2010/04/24 21:16:40
    Surgeon ~The Egalitarianist~
    So long as you know I'm not bullshiting you. lol
  • scarybunny Surgeon... 2010/04/24 21:21:28
    all kool
    want to b friends? :D
    theres always room for more ..

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