Serial Killer Had Sex With Bodies Of Victims

Serial Killer Had Sex With Bodies Of Victims

CHENNAI, July 24 (Bernama) -- A suspected serial killer, who had a morbid sexual attraction for the bodies of his victims (necrophilia), has been arrested in connection with the murder of eight women in the last four months in South India.

Dubbed 'Killer Kuppusamy' by police investigators, the 36-year-old labourer, had allegedly strangled his victims before engaging in sexual intercourse with the dead.

His reign of terror ended on Tuesday when Tamil Nadu police arrested the man in Pudukottai.

The suspect was caught after one of his intended victims, whom he confronted in the outskirts of a village in Dindigul, managed to escape unhurt and notified the villagers.

A Tamil newspaper, 'Dinathanthi', reported that the motorcycle which the suspect left behind while fleeing from the scene, led to his arrest.

Initial police investigations have revealed that the man had used either a rope or his bare hands to strangle his victims. Most of them were young women and one was a 70-year-old.

The suspect has two wives but no children, and is believed to be a loner.

Inspector-General of Police (Tamil Nadu Central Zone) Karan Singha told the media that the suspect had admitted to the eight murders and also confessed to two other killings which were not been reported to the police.

According to the police, his victims were women working alone in the fields or grazing livestock.

His first victim was Anjali, 18, who was killed on April 9, when she was grazing cattle, reported the paper.

This latest gruesome crime in the southern part of India had stoked fears among villagers that a second wave of serial killings was in the offing, since the notorious 'Auto Shankar' case in the late 1980s.

In 1988, a man, nicknamed 'Auto Shankar', raped and murdered nine women over a period of 10 months.

He was hanged in 1995 after a lengthy trial.

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  • ~firerainbow~ 2010/01/12 20:32:36
    wtf?!? 70 yr old? XD
    these guys are pathetic...
  • crotchrot 2010/01/11 16:37:01
  • Dani 2010/01/10 10:17:15
    what a bad man right , l knew this formsomere but l foget maybe form a teacher who used to taech me , l dont knew l foget lol}
  • PlasmaDragon007 2010/01/09 17:01:43
    a read a book like that...forget what is was called...
  • third 2010/01/09 16:56:26

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