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Serena/Short Story
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The mocha champion pointed her tennis racket with a muscled arm. It was pointed toward the official in the tower. She'd just given a verbal cue to her mentally challenged opponent and had been chastised for it.

"You a racist! You ugly on the inside!" Serena screamed as she jumped up and down. "Oh, your momma was cracker with cream cheese on top!"

Ships ran ashore. Children clung to their mothers. Squirrels ran for their lives. Taxi drivers pulled over and wept. Chipmunks died of shock. Snoop Dogg cried.

Old men cried out for love and had none.

The official gave Serena the finger and told her to shut up. It was at that moment that Serena threw her tennis racket and it hit a fan, cold cocking the 45 year old woman from Florida.

Serena ran at full speed toward the official's tower, when five security guards tackled her. There was one on each arm and one on each leg and one had the back of her shirt.

Serena began spinning. At first like a ballerina and then like a drill bit.

"I'm goin to fling your asses to Detroit!" Serena screamed.

As the five security guards flew out of the court and over the spectators, Air Force radars went batty.

It took the mocha champion a moment to gain her balance after such a feat and she stumbled upon the court, nauseated and suddenly she blacked out, hitting the pavement with a thud.

As the official pulled 2 grand from her bra, she entered a strange dream state and was flying in the clouds, when she heard the voice of Uncle Bo-Bo.

"You flung my ass to Detroit, Serena!" The voice boomed.

"Uh-huh, an' now you hauntin me!" Serena answered.

"As Uncle Bo-Bo of your subconscious, I know stuff you think I don't know!" He advised her seriously.

"Ew! My daddy tell me this day would come." Serena said as she floated threw the clouds.

"Yeah, so when you come back down to earth, you gotta tell everybody 'bout Uncle Bo-Bo's Used Cars in Detroit." He advised with all the sternness of a Black capitalist.

Serena! The voice boomed into her face.

She stirred and opened her eyes, smiling up at a paramedic.

"Ain't no place like Uncle Bo-Bo's." She told the paramedic, as he helped to place her on a gurney.

Weeks later, as Serena basked in the autumn sun at her pool, she'd completely forgotten the horrid incident.

And all the world was at peace.

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