Second Story... Part 15 & 16.......

I am so sorry for not updating for awhile. I have been really busy and my life has been hell so far.
Anyways. When u get to the end.... I want you all to tell me how ur summer is going. :D
Mine is going, okay so far.
I hope you guys like the idea that I am giving you guys two parts every time I update with the story.
Remember this on is part 15 now and the next one will be part 16. If I am feeling like it. I will post a preview of part 17. :)
We are almost done.
*Bella's Point of View*

"I believe you know..." Aro said to Marcus.
"I swear, I didn't do anything, Aro." Marcus said.
"Bella, please tell him what you saw." Aro told me.
"I saw two marks on Janes neck, that came from out kin. It wasn't from anyone we didn't know. Aro and I went over everyone who was at te meeting the day of her attack and you weren't there." I said.
"Wow, didn't take you both long enough." Marcus said.
"But why?" I asked.
"I though with Jane out of the way. I would finally be able to get too Aro and kill him."
"Not really smart. He has me."
"Felix & Demetri!" Aro yelled.
"Yes, Aro?" Fexlix said.
"Take Marcus and go burn him." Aro said.
Felix and Demetri nodded.
"Aro, you were never a brother to me."
"I'm sorry you feel that way, Marcus. Take him." Aro said & Felix and Demetri took Marcus away.
"Bella, thank you, without you helping, we could have never found that Marcus was the one to kill Jane. Thanks again, Bella." Aro said to me.
"Your welcome, Aro. Glad I could help." I said.
There was a few moments of silence.
"Bella, what do you say, that I send you back home? After everything you have done, I have no reason to keep you here." Aro said, breaking the silence.
I froze. Was he serious?
"Your serious?" I asked.
"Yes, I am. I could send you home tomorrow." Aro said.
I ran over and gave him a hug. "Thank You." I whispered.
"Your welcome, child. Now go & pack your things, you have a long way home, dear."
I nodded and ran to my room.

I can't believe it, I'm accutally going home.
I had to give Aro something back.

Home, is where I wanted to be.

I was in Bella's old room looking at her clotes. Reminding me of her so much. So much...

"Ali, she will come home." Jazz said, leaning on the door frame.
"What if she won't Jasper. What if she will stay with them, forever?" I said, sadly.
Jazz came over and pulled me into his arms.
"Sh, Alice. Yes, she will. If there is anything we know about Bella is that she won't join them." Jasper said.
"Thanks, Jasper." I sighed.
"Your welcome, dear." he said and kissed the top of my head.
"Aunty Alice, can you come help me with my homework? You to, Uncle Jazzy?" Nessie walked in and said.
"Sure, Renesmee." I said and pulled Jasper along.

I wonder what Bella is doing right now...
After Jasper & I helped Renesmee with her homeowrk, Jasper, Rose, Em & I went to hunt.

"Rose, do you smell that?" I asked.
"Yea, I do. Here come the doooooogggssss" Rose said..
"Anyone have a baseball bat?" Em asked.
"No." Jasper answered.
"Shut it, Em!" Rose said, punching him in the arm.
Emmett rolled his eyes.
It was Jacob thats weird.
"Oh look- Its the mutt, how nice." Rose said.
"Alice!" Jacob yelled my name.
"What?" I answered.
"I have to talk to Renesmee."
"Jake, I don't think she wants to talk to you." I said.
"But, I need to tell her some good news."
"That would be.....?"
"Going to your school!"
"Oh, Hell..." Rose said
"No." Emmett said finishing her sentence.
"Oh---" Jasper said.
"Shit." I said finsihing his sentence.
"Come on, we are 1,020 miles away from the house."
And we took off.
The flight was long. But, it didn't take long to get to the house. I life my thinks at the cottage and went to Esme's house.
I climbed throw my window (of my old room) & saw Edward laying on my bed with his favorite shit of mine in his hands.
I went over quietly and laied on the bed & put my hands around his waist......
♥~♡~♥~♡~♥~♡~♥~♡~♥~♡~♥~♡~♥~♡~♥~ ♥~♡~♥~♡~♥~♡~♥~♡~♥~♡~♥~♡~♥~♡~♥~

Oooooo, I can't wait! XD!
I hope you guys have liked it so far!
Anways, don't forget to tell me about ur summer and how you liked this part!
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