Scott Walker Blames Protesters for Wisconsin’s Highest in Nation Job Losses

Sinpac 2012/04/30 23:18:04

Scott Walker Blames Protesters for Wisconsin u2019s Highest in Nation Job Losses

Some of the most dangerous words in politics today are, “I’m a businessman, and I’m here to help.”

I don’t have to introduce you to “businessman” and “business
friendly” Republican Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin; his reputation
precedes him. However, he has jumped the crazy shark with his latest
claim that Wisconsin’s worst job losses in the nation are the fault of …
wait for it….

The protesters.

Yes, it is the protesters of Walker’s policies who are to blame for the result of his policies.

Sunday on UpFront With Mike Gousha Scott Walker blamed
protesters for scaring off businesses (this argument is predicated on
the premise that the record breaking job losses in Wisconsin were all in
the private sector, but of course, that’s not true either.)

WiscPolitics reports:

Walker warned that job losses might again ramp up in Wisconsin if either
Barrett or Falk are elected in the June 5 recall because “they will
rehash the collective bargaining issue,” scaring off potential

“They don’t want to see the positive foundation reversed for us to go
back in time not only to the Doyle days … but even back to what we see
in Illinois right now,” Walker said on Sunday’s show, produced in
conjunction with WisPolitics.com. “That’s where Tom Barrett, that’s
where Kathleen Falk would to take us.”

Walker said Wisconsin’s job picture was improving in January and
February of last year, shortly after he took office, only to deteriorate
when concern over his budget repair bill led to prolonged massive
protests at the state Capitol.

Walker says the political uproar that has continued in the state has contributed to employers being afraid to add jobs.

Walker concluded with the usual Republican fear tactic of telling
voters that if they vote Democrat, more jobs will be lost. Weapons of
Mass Destruction and Terror Alerts, oh my!

Those jobs added “right after he took office”? Those are not attributed to his policies, because in fact they were added in December of 2010 before he took office.
It is only the luck of the way the DWD tabulates the numbers that
allows Walker to mislead the public by taking credit for those jobs.

Excluding thousands of jobs added in December 2010 but
included in Walker’s total because of the way DWD tabulates numbers, the
latest revisions show the state gained only 900 private-sector jobs
since January 2011. It actually lost 12,500 total non-farm jobs, a
number that includes public jobs.

In March, Walker announced that job numbers were “going in the right direction”, “(T)he jobs numbers and falling unemployment statistics released today show Wisconsin is headed in the right direction.”

In April, Wisconsin was humiliated by being the only state in the nation with statistically significant job losses.

“Wisconsin job losses highest in nation for last 12 months, federal report says”:

Wisconsin saw the largest percentage decrease in
employment in the nation during the 12 months ending in March, a new
report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics said.

During that time period, while 27 states and the District of Columbia
saw significant job increases, only Wisconsin saw “statistically
significant” job losses, the report said.

From March 2011 to March 2012, the state lost 23,900 jobs, for the country’s largest percentage decrease, at 0.9 percent.

Of the 23,900 jobs lost in Wisconsin in that period, 17,900 were from
the public sector and 6,000 were from the private sector, according to
the BLS.

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  • GOP Poison 2012/05/02 21:57:41
    GOP Poison
    I hope Wisconsin gives Walker the same treatment that Ohio gave Kasich. Haven't heard much out of Kasich since the people of Ohio voted against his denial of bargaining rights to public workers.
  • Sinpac GOP Poison 2012/05/02 22:29:52 (edited)
    Kasich is like taking a SH!T once you flush it you never see it again.
  • BARRY0619 GOP Poison 2012/05/05 16:44:40
    Another clueless union supporter that is blinded by stupidity. Walker turned around Wisconsin and you turds want him thrown out because he took away bargaining rights?
  • Barbara... BARRY0619 2012/05/05 16:56:15 (edited)
    Barbara Hasler
    What the public sector fails to grasp is they are striking for tax dollars provided by the private sector. Even FDR, as progressive as he was, would not allow collective bargaining in the public sector. Wisconsin is financially strapped and the greedy public sector never seems to be paid enough. The last time I looked at educational stats on reading in WI, the reading levels were below the eighth grade reading level. They want more money for incompetence??? I have another suggestion, since the union thugs damaged the state capitol, maybe the citizens should demand that the $7,000, 000 used to clean up the mess and the damages should be amortized
    by taking out a certain amount of the paychecks of the public sector employees until the bill is paid.

    When you cut down an overbloated govenment to size, there are bound to be layoffs of non-essential workers. It happened in the private sector, downsizing, so why can't it be applied in the public sector? I guess I failed to realize that the public sector some how assumes that they are anoited.
  • BARRY0619 Barbara... 2012/05/05 16:57:42
  • Barbara... BARRY0619 2012/05/05 17:01:07
    Barbara Hasler
    Thank you Barry!!!
  • Sinpac BARRY0619 2012/05/05 17:47:11
    Walker ain't turned around SH!T.
  • BARRY0619 Sinpac 2012/05/05 17:58:41
    First of all, using lowlife language only makes you look more uneducated than you already are.

    Second, 94% of our employers say Wisconsin is headed in the right direction. A majority of those employers say that they plan on growing in 2012.

    Lastly, Last January, Wisconsin faced a $3.6 billion budget deficit.
    Walker balanced that budget deficit. Unlike other states, he did it without raising taxes, without massive layoffs and without budget tricks. That allowed the state to put more than $1.2 billion (one of the biggest increases in the country) into Medicaid to support programs that help needy families, children and seniors.


    More links:


    I would do your research before posting such idiocy.

    Here's an online dictionary to help you with the "big" words
  • Sinpac BARRY0619 2012/05/06 22:10:45
    1st off I could really care a less what you may or may not know about my education.
    2nd We both know what is really happening in Wisconsin.
    3rd do you really think I am going to believe anything from sites like the one you posted? The second link.....What do you Cons always say about unemployment numbers? Well partner right back at you.
    4th In reponce of your cope and paste comment.
    "Last January, Wisconsin faced a $3.6 billion budget deficit.
    Walker balanced that budget deficit. Unlike other states, he did it without raising taxes, without massive layoffs and without budget tricks. That allowed the state to put more than $1.2 billion (one of the biggest increases in the country) into Medicaid to support programs that help needy families, children and seniors."

    Here is the rest of the story that you fail to mention!

    5th Do you get permission from the Author's when you copy and paste there words or works? Who the uneducated now troll?

    6th Never mind about listing number two you don't know whats going on in Wisconsin when you copy and paste others words
  • BARRY0619 Sinpac 2012/05/07 15:28:10
    1) Your grammar and spelling are terrible and you want to be taken seriously? lol
    2) You obviously never heard of footnotes where the source is referenced. If I copy / pasted without listing the source (like the majority of uneducated libs on SH) , it would be called plagiarism. Wow are you clueless

    The rest of your post is ridiculous and not worth my time.
  • Sinpac BARRY0619 2012/05/07 20:26:53
    It not worth you time because all you can do is copy and paste and try winning sodaheads prized spelling teacher award. You spread lies that are told to you by Idiots. Later troll bait!
  • BARRY0619 Sinpac 2012/05/07 20:35:47
    later turd
  • GOP Poison BARRY0619 2012/05/06 21:48:31
    GOP Poison
    Last in the nation in job production. Hope he doesn't turn any states around
  • BARRY0619 GOP Poison 2012/05/06 22:03:24
    Re-read the post again ol' timer so maybe it will sink in...
  • GOP Poison BARRY0619 2012/05/06 22:08:37
    GOP Poison
    I hope Mitt picks him as VP
  • Sinpac BARRY0619 2012/05/06 22:13:28
    Your post is a copy and paste and you might want to educate yourself on what is really going on in Wisconsin. Go read both sides of this story and then maybe it will sink in!
  • Avenged7 2012/05/01 16:27:58 (edited)
    Well old Scotty finaly admits to the job losses in Wisconsin. The only problem he is blaming someone else, as usual. For the last year Wisconsin job losses were first in the nation, and Walker ignored it, and even lied about it, saying Wisconsin was gaining jobs. He gave big corporation large tax cuts at the orders of the Koch brothers, saying these cuts will create jobs. Where are the jobs Walker??? When it got nation wide publicity that Wisconsin was last in jobs, he immediately blamed the protesters. What a weeny!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Sinpac Avenged7 2012/05/02 01:39:52
    Man I hope he is ran out of town on a rail!
  • Avenged7 Sinpac 2012/05/02 21:52:13
    You and me!!!!!
  • Lady Whitewolf 2012/05/01 15:37:17
    Lady Whitewolf
    Figures.... blames everybody BUT his lame ass.

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