Scientists name extinct lizard after President Obama

Dave**Gay for Girls** 2012/12/11 13:19:03

The scientific community has come up with an unusual way of honoring President
Barack Obama after his re-election--by naming an extinct lizard after him.

"I was seriously thinking, if the election
had gone the other way, I would have yanked it," Yale paleontologist Nicholas
Longrich told the Boston
. "It might have seemed like we were mocking it, naming a lizard that
goes extinct after that, seemed kind of cruel."

The newly named Obamadon gracilis was a
small lizard that fed off of insects and was about a foot long before going
extinct about 65 million years ago.Obamadon gracilis

But Longrich and his peers say no one
should read any political commentary into the choice. "We're just
having fun with taxonomy," he said.

And as NBC's Cosmic Log points out, this is
actually the third organism named after Obama, including a fish
(Etheostoma obama) and lichen (Caloplaca

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