Zachary Smith 2013/08/18 14:20:02
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  • Sayer Stewart 2013/10/06 23:39:38
    Sayer Stewart
    Science is a lie made up by the devil.
  • Nick 2013/08/31 04:16:27
    Sciencedammit, this is beautiful!

    andromeda  galaxy  science
  • vis_viva 2013/08/26 02:26:42
  • Zachary... vis_viva 2013/08/26 02:32:30
    Zachary Smith
  • Bruno56 2013/08/18 15:56:49 (edited)
    Can serious science be discussed on Soda Head?

    I'm talking about the subject of LENR. This technology is so cutting edge that nobody knows exactly what makes it tick. One thing that is agreed upon is that it is an abundant, clean/green energy that is poised to change the world as we know it! This is what has evolved from the cold fusion experiments in 1989 by Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann, where they claimed their experiment had produced anomalous heat of a magnitude which could only be explained in terms of nuclear processes.

    You could soon have a nuclear reactor (safe) the size of a small dorm size refrigerator in your home (or car) that can supply you with all the heat and power you could use for the cost of probably less than $100.00 a year....talk about power to the people!

    While N.A.S.A., The Navy and other government agencies try to figure out exactly whats happening, several companies around the world have learned how to control this energy and are already rolling out commercial products. Whats going to happen to the worlds economy when you no longer buy electricity (you make it yourself for practically free)... and when transportation is no longer driven by burning fossil fuels? If you don't know about this, do some research.
    Soda Head should have a Sci/Tech topic category (in my opinion)
  • Zachary... Bruno56 2013/08/18 16:13:27
    Zachary Smith
    We can discuss serious science on SH.

    We can start by telling me what LENR stands for. It sounds interesting.
  • Bruno56 Zachary... 2013/08/18 16:14:45
    Just "google" it
  • Zachary... Bruno56 2013/08/18 17:10:45
    Zachary Smith
    I thought Cold Fusion had been relegated to high brow quackery ... for the time being.
  • Bruno56 Zachary... 2013/08/18 17:28:28
    Andrea Rossi is the inventor of the Energy Catalyzer (also called E-Cat), which is a Low-Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) thermal power source. He sold a 1MW E-Cat unit to the government in December. E Cat
  • Zachary... Bruno56 2013/08/18 17:46:17
    Zachary Smith
    Which government, where?
  • Bruno56 Zachary... 2013/08/18 19:31:24 (edited)
    US but it remains a mystery...link below
  • Zachary... Bruno56 2013/08/18 19:47:17
    Zachary Smith
    There are some interesting metallurgic phenomena happening in that device, but I have serious doubts about its use in renewable energy.
  • Bruno56 Zachary... 2013/08/18 19:50:54
  • wildcat 2013/08/18 14:33:12
  • Zachary... wildcat 2013/08/18 14:34:42
    Zachary Smith
    It is a flying dinosaurs with Gatling gun arms
  • wildcat Zachary... 2013/08/18 14:35:49
    OK and how is this science?
  • Zachary... wildcat 2013/08/18 14:37:16 (edited)
    Zachary Smith
    They don't exist if we don't create them.

    That would require a lot of science to create.
  • wildcat Zachary... 2013/08/18 15:49:32
    more productive use of science would be a cure for the common cold
  • Zachary... wildcat 2013/08/18 15:51:19
    Zachary Smith
    I see what you are saying and agree, but ...
    ... making science fiction come to life can yield its own rewards sometimes.
  • wildcat Zachary... 2013/08/18 15:50:34
    that is engineering by the way
  • Zachary... wildcat 2013/08/18 15:51:50
    Zachary Smith
  • Tony 2013/08/18 14:32:53
  • Zachary... Tony 2013/08/18 14:34:48
    Zachary Smith
    It is a flying dinosaurs with Gatling gun arms
  • Tony Zachary... 2013/08/18 14:36:20
    Hazah! To the ship!
  • Zachary... Tony 2013/08/18 14:37:52
    Zachary Smith
    The only one who got the joke.
  • Tony Zachary... 2013/08/18 14:39:51
  • sockpuppet 2013/08/18 14:30:18
  • Zachary... sockpuppet 2013/08/18 14:33:38
    Zachary Smith
    An expert on flying dinosaurs with Gatling gun arms? Hazah!
  • sockpuppet Zachary... 2013/08/18 14:54:20
    Those are, in fact, chain guns. Gatling's weapon was crank-operated.

    the more you know

    No need to thank me...
    my Bachelor's Degree (in SCIENCE!)
    is all the compensation I'll ever need.
  • Zachary... sockpuppet 2013/08/18 15:31:24 (edited)
    Zachary Smith
    Heh, right again. You are an expert of sorts.

    Do you teach science or work in industry? Just curious.
  • sockpuppet Zachary... 2013/08/18 15:36:14
    Neither. Got a degree in nursing, but never used it much.
  • Zachary... sockpuppet 2013/08/18 15:41:52
    Zachary Smith
    What do you do these days?
  • sockpuppet Zachary... 2013/08/18 18:43:03
    Investments. Banking instruments, mostly... which is crap but it's insured. It'll be a lot better if we can pull up out of this slump.
  • Zachary... sockpuppet 2013/08/18 18:48:00
    Zachary Smith
    Wall Street stuff. That has to be interesting business.
  • sockpuppet Zachary... 2013/08/18 18:57:03
    Had a few mutual funds over the years, but I'd lay awake at night worrying about them. They can do really well, though.
  • Sister Jean 2013/08/18 14:21:24
  • wildcat Sister ... 2013/08/18 14:33:34
    I'm with you on this one.
  • Zachary... Sister ... 2013/08/18 14:33:56
    Zachary Smith
    It is a flying dinosaurs with Gatling gun arms

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