Scene Hair: HairDO or HairDON'T?

disneyluvr 2011/04/20 00:24:31
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SLIDESHOW: Scene Hair 101

Scene Hair
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Scene Hair

Cut all curvey, bleached, dyed, blown big!
  1. Scene Hair

    Scene Hair

    Cut all curvey, bleached, dyed, blown big!

  2. Roadkill Scene Hair

    Roadkill Scene Hair

    Something died...and this girl decided to put it on her head

  3. Simple Scene Hair

    Simple Scene Hair

    Less intricate -- just an abrupt cut and a dark dye

  4. And....scene!


    Another bleached, teased, dyed number

  5. Boys can have scene hair too!

    Boys can have scene hair too!

    Here dyed black, with super bleached highlights and extensive straight-ironing / blow-drying / styling.

  6. Short Scene Hair

    Short Scene Hair

  7. Oh dear...

    Oh dear...

  8. Dayglo Scene!

    Dayglo Scene!

  9. Yes, Bill Kaulitz from Tokyo Hotel has scene hair

    Yes, Bill Kaulitz from Tokyo Hotel has scene hair

  10. Skunky scene hair

    Skunky scene hair

    big, big hair

Scene Hair: HairDO or HairDON'T?
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Scene hair is hard to define precisely, but generally I think it's safe to say that it's hair worn by teens that is usually cut a bit crazy, colored or bleached extensively, and straight-ironed to death or teased so that it has lots of volume. If you can define it better than me, please do so in the comments :)

It's worn by both boys and girls and styles are always changing, but there is definitely a general overall look (see slideshow)

Are you into it? Or does it look silly?
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Top Opinion

  • Toodleloo SodaHead 2011/04/20 00:53:01 (edited)
    Toodleloo SodaHead
    It's stupid. These people are damaging their hair like crazy just to "make a statement." It's not cute. It's overdone and looks horrendous on pretty much anyone. Quit trying to be cool. You suck. Burn and die, plz&thnku.;

    overdone horrendous pretty quit cool suck burn die plzthnku scene wannabe

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  • SkreamKid 2011/06/23 05:51:26
    It looks great on some people...and well on others...well you know
  • imabeas... SkreamKid 2011/07/18 03:52:56
    right, people thuink theyre soooo cool if they get a mani pani, when actually, they look like retards.
  • Pakki 2011/06/01 03:47:10
    Its like 80's hair band music spent the last 20 years in a captive breeding program on The Isle of Dr. Moray.

    Can be cute and sexy but it looks like a lot of work and time that would be better spent doing homework.

    The guy looks like a pansy. He should give his mom back her lipstick and hairspray and go to the gym.
  • Emmy Pakki 2012/11/25 13:43:31
    I disagree with the last two sentences...
  • Pakki Emmy 2012/11/28 00:37:43
    Hi Emmy, you like when boys wear lipstick and look like girls?
  • Emmy Pakki 2012/11/29 23:54:51
    I mean your comment would have been better without them
  • Pakki Emmy 2012/11/30 17:43:41
    Maybe I was little rough,
    Probably the NY Irish construction worker in me. LOL
    I had hair to my ass in 1990 and played in a band.
    There were guys then that did all the make up too. (Not me though)
  • Emmy Pakki 2012/12/02 14:56:10
    Aha my dad tried guy liner!
  • Pakki Emmy 2012/12/03 04:03:00
    I bet you never let him forget
    Ha HA
  • Love Me 2011/06/01 01:42:28
    Love Me
  • Bob DiN 2011/05/31 21:30:23
    Bob DiN
    Very weird.
  • Janelle... Bob DiN 2012/04/20 07:19:06
    Janelle Marshall
    y is it very weird
  • Bob DiN Janelle... 2012/04/20 10:59:20
    Bob DiN
  • jena ^-^ 2011/05/31 20:50:30
    jena ^-^
    it cute on some ppl
  • Nessiexboo 2011/05/27 06:50:43
    Uhh it's okay... i mean I think it looks good on a few people, but if it was on me... Yeah, I'd rather not say
  • Denise Gonzalez 2011/05/20 07:14:43
    Denise Gonzalez
  • Ivy 2011/05/20 06:37:41 (edited)
    im not trying to "make a statement" and "be different" im not TRYING to do anything, i just do what i like and think looks nice^-^
  • bree:) 2011/05/17 19:17:48
    Well what i think is that is hair style is cute. I mean if they like it thats there opinion if u dont thn thats ok :)
  • K 2011/05/12 03:39:30
    the photo with what is called "roadkill scene hair" is of my friend vanna and its from when we were in 8th grade. this is a very very old picture, a little over four years old now...shes a normal, amazing person and im sick of seeing her pictures all over the internet from back when she was still just a kid trying to express herself. she doesn't even look like this anymore :/
  • ash K 2011/09/29 15:22:27
    I personally think it looks kinda cute. Its just a fun way to express yourself. your Not young forever, why not have have fun with the time you do have and be creative and a lil different. Expressing your self can show what a fun person you can be. If you like it try it. It never hurts to play around and experiment. Thats kinda what scene hair is about.
  • teostyle 2011/05/10 06:06:32
    i thing it depends ...the slyle is different ...but my stily si hair do :)
  • Jani Lopez Santiz 2011/05/09 20:18:02
    Jani Lopez Santiz

    todo chido por aca eso creo no se jejejejejeje
  • makalah 2011/05/04 21:18:09
    i think do because it looks cool and pretty
  • Kaley Ivy 2011/05/03 23:03:45
    Kaley Ivy
    I LOVE SCENE HAIR<3 Its GORGEOUS! and People SHOULD try it (: so what if it gets damaged a lil , i rather have FREAKING AMAZING HAIR then limp boring regular hair wouldnt you!?!(:(: - just my opinion(:
  • !V3Y<3 Kaley Ivy 2011/06/29 17:53:54
    i aggree i have scene hair and it aint that damaged lol i freakin beast as hell :)
  • HairDO
    It looks really fun. I don't think I would ever do it to my hair though. It's a little too much though.
  • Green-day-girl-x 2011/04/30 19:19:30
    I think scene is cool, ive got Pink and black shortish hair... short one side anyway. i think some of it is REALLY REALLY pretty, others are really Stuid. I Tease mine a bit, but just so that it is a bit 'boofed' and give it volume. i agree with those of you who say that its stupid when they over do it, but i think that all of you saying you dont like scene kids, and were stupid, need to look at your selves before judging other people. and you have no right to be nasty to us, thats just plain rude and mean. if you are going to be abusive, keep it to your self.
  • Rain 2011/04/30 06:07:16
    It all really depends on how that person wears it. All big and blown out just looks like you're trying to hard to stand out. Multi colors is just another way of saying that they don't want to be like everybody else. I mean c'mon, most scene people are usually teenagers and all teenagers wanna do is stand out, I'm the same way. Although, to much colors make it seem like you're either crazy, a wanna-be, or just trying wayy too hard.
  • Vix 2011/04/29 23:50:30
    ....I'm sorry coon tails are ugly, most people only do it to be a part of something else.
    I know this is bias, but I prefer guys with the emo/maybe scene hair, when it comes to girls with scene hair I won't even give them a second look...

    Most of the scene girls I've met are bi/fake bi mostly fake bi.
  • abond45 2011/04/28 23:26:43
    I love it when its more subtle and not blown out all huge. no stripes or spots. multiple colors is awesome, but make sure its mixed together well. and i haaaaaaate scene hair on guys... these are horrible
    spots multiple colors awesome mixed haaaaaaate scene hair guys horriblespots multiple colors awesome mixed haaaaaaate scene hair guys horrible
    these are awesome
    multiple colors awesome mixed haaaaaaate scene hair guys horrible awesomemultiple colors awesome mixed haaaaaaate scene hair guys horrible awesome
    Katie Perry and Avril Lavigne pull it off tho
    hair guys horrible awesome katie perry avril lavigne pull thohair guys horrible awesome katie perry avril lavigne pull tho
  • ticklem... abond45 2011/05/19 05:52:29
    katy can but not avril
  • ticklem... 2012/03/01 03:35:50
    Um, Avirl was the Queen of Punk & She was the one who had highlights before. Sorry, be se pulled it off way before Katy. But Katy can make it look better since she dyed her whole frickin hair color. Avril didn't.
  • M-L-E 2011/04/25 00:42:50
    ughh no
  • kt 2011/04/23 19:54:05
    It looks trashy
  • red cat 2011/04/22 00:33:32
    red cat
    I think it looks stupid, there is nothing cute about it.
  • Midnight mash 2011/04/21 10:52:50 (edited)
    Midnight mash
    It's way too much for me to handle, but at the same time I like scenery hair. It just all depends on the style.
  • Tiffany 2011/04/21 01:13:09
    I use to have Scene hair and i adore scene hair...it pretty awesome to me scene hair adore scene hair pretty awesome Scene hair
  • Aaliyah14 Tiffany 2011/06/24 01:56:19
    wtf big tits
  • Aaliyah14 Aaliyah14 2011/06/24 01:58:39
    just kidin you butifull love the hair
  • matthew Aaliyah14 2011/07/19 16:25:35
    i agree

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