Reagan inherited an economy worse than Obama did

Obama keeps saying this is the worst economy since the Great Depression. Sure, if you ignore the economy that Jimmy Carter handed over to Ronald Reagan in 1981, then it's the worst since the Great Depression.

Too bad Obama isn't a smart person who cares about improving the economy for average Americans (just unions and the public sector) otherwise he would have learned from history how to cure recessions. Reagan massively cut taxes, regulations, and the size of government, which resulted in a 26 year economic expansion and created 21 million jobs.

Instead, Obama is taking a page from the failed Great Depression model of FDR, which prolonged the Great Depression to 8 years.
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  • TheGroundsquirrel 2009/12/20 03:26:33
    I lived the Carter recession in my youth. I watched my dad's anguish at having been summarily retired from the Air Force in Carter's Reduction In Forces program only to be tossed to the waves upon a sea of high interest rates and cavalier banks. This generation ain't seen nothin' yet!
  • Bronx at Night 2009/12/19 13:31:36
    Bronx at Night
    Obama is another Carter... and as people get more fed up... in comes the next GIPPER ** hopefully **

    . obama carter people fed gipper .
  • Terry ~Conservitive Warrior~ 2009/12/19 02:03:46
    Terry ~Conservitive Warrior~
    What do you expect, Obama is a moron and and idiot.

    But I really do believe that Obama is purposely bankrupting the country so that it will force us to go to a one world currency system that will then bring us to a one world government.
  • Easy as ABC 2009/12/18 21:44:01
    Easy as ABC
    We will continue the Obama depression, just like the Carter terrible recession, for the next three to four years. Hopefully, we will elect a lady that promises to follow the Reagan plan that was effective and will bring us back to a great economy.
    She has a plan, she has experience, she has the knowledge.
    If we can somehow make it through the next three years of Obama misery.
  • Ken 2009/12/18 21:38:14
    Things were good for Americans during the Reagan years. Americans were so relieved after going through the Carter recession to have the economic recovery of Reagan. The forign policies of ending the cold war and bringing down fences through Germany, and all with peace, was like icing on the cake.
  • rightside 2009/12/18 20:25:19
    You know its all about "poor me". Everybody pickin' on bama!
    And, everybody picks on bama because its Bush's fault.
    Ronnie bellied up to the bar and put his stuff to work and low and behold, it worked!
    bama's didn't.
  • Conserv... rightside 2009/12/18 20:30:24
    Conservative in California
    How much longer must we endure trying the tried and failed way, and go back to what works to cure economies (i.e. tax cuts, or simply doing nothing)
  • rightside Conserv... 2009/12/18 20:35:41
    If we can keep the illegals from voting, we can cut this short next year.
    If they become legal, we may have a full scale war going on.
  • Conserv... rightside 2009/12/18 20:41:18
    Conservative in California
    If Obama thinks Americans are pissed over healthcare reform, wait until amnesty becomes a serious debate in Congress. 3/4 of Americans are deadset against amnesty.
  • rightside Conserv... 2009/12/18 23:00:30
    You got that right.
  • Conservative in California 2009/12/18 20:24:33
    Conservative in California
    Not only is Obama not very smart or experienced, he's not much of a scholar of history to know the right way to cure a recession.

    Unless of course, he's tanking the economy on purpose. Afterall, look at all his czars--communists, and felons who share his ideology for fundamentally transforming America.

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