Rave this: If you think Eric Holder is a Douchebag and Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a National Hero.

Scalded Eagle 2012/05/04 21:33:48
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The plot thickens!
 Eric Holder is a Douchebag and Sheriff Joe is a National Hero
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  • fluer 2012/05/04 21:40:27
    Holder is a disgrace to his job while Sheriff Joe is a great man who is faced with laws no one wants to respect and does his best to enforce those laws.

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  • Arya 2012/05/06 02:01:58
  • AL 2012/05/05 23:07:07
    The facts speak for themselves! Holder is a National zero and Sheriff Joe is a hero as well!
  • METALheadMom 2012/05/05 21:58:47
    HERO? Do you even know what a hero is? Sheriff Arpaio has the right idea, but right ideas are things ignorant people can't handle and won't tolerate. Ignorance is out of hand, especially in America. Eric Holder is an arrogant racist - very much a douche.
  • S and S 2012/05/05 21:39:14
  • Alejandra Duarte 2012/05/05 17:17:09
  • Bali Alejand... 2012/05/06 06:43:43
    you dont know who eric holder is, bet you voted for obama and didnt know who he was either
  • Somkey ... Alejand... 2012/05/06 09:05:36 (edited)
    Somkey the Hores
    Then you have no right to say anything. Stupid CHILD.
  • pops 2012/05/05 16:52:26
    Holder probably crawled out of a douchebag when the sun warmed it up back in one of barry's favorite alleys in chicago.i believe syphulis has made it to his brain.
  • Diane Spraggs Yates 2012/05/05 16:19:32
    Diane Spraggs Yates
    No question about it Holder is the Douchebag and Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a National Hero I would rave this as high as Obama has raised our national debt !!!!!!!!!! Trillions!!!!!!
  • Seonag 2012/05/05 14:59:11
    Sheriff Joe is a patriot, Holder is nothing but a racist divider!
  • Scalded... Seonag 2012/05/05 15:44:59
  • MrFabul... Seonag 2012/05/05 17:31:21
    Nailed it! Fail.
  • I Am The Beast Sssotlohiefmjn 2012/05/05 13:33:48
    I Am The Beast Sssotlohiefmjn
    Arpaio like many other Americans will not stand for illegals and will cause them pain and sufferings to reduce their numbers and transgressions against our lands. I do not think any Americans should be abused in jails while they are not yet convicted of a crime but illegals are not in this group and should be beaten and abused to make them fear arrest and deportation from us.
  • Lady Whitewolf 2012/05/05 13:01:22
    Lady Whitewolf
    NO RAVE HERE....
  • geegee 2012/05/05 12:02:04
    That's why Obama picked Holder !! It is just another traitorous act by Obama. Holder is indeed a "douchebag !"
  • Scalded... geegee 2012/05/05 15:50:09
    Scalded Eagle
    .....of the worse order.
  • Chris - The Rowdy One! #187 2012/05/05 11:59:27
  • Scalded... Chris -... 2012/05/05 15:47:38
    Scalded Eagle
    I stand corrected. My bad.
  • Chris -... Scalded... 2012/05/05 15:49:06
  • All American 2012/05/05 11:12:50
    All American
    A serial douche bag at that.
  • Aksana 2012/05/05 10:56:04
  • Beat Magnum True Hero 2012/05/05 08:25:07
    Beat Magnum True Hero
    Sheriff Joe is a nationalist's (not national) hero.
  • Wolfman 2012/05/05 08:03:46
    Holder has a lot of work to do to work his way up to douchebag.

    fast and furious holder
  • Helmholtz 2012/05/05 07:10:31

    trix are for kids
  • MrFabulous47 2012/05/05 06:44:51
    Clearly, the man with all of the education and Federal experience is the douchebag; and the uneducated swollen-nosed, alcoholic, racist & provincial hayseed is a National Frickin' Hero, who makes folks in other countries all the more envious of America's outstanding justice system. Let's get Joe A. or Joe the Plumber on the ticket with Romney so we can ensure we get the all important lunatic fringe vote. Nice question, Dick!
  • Somkey ... MrFabul... 2012/05/06 09:08:43
    Somkey the Hores
    Don't be stupid. Holder's not educated, he's INDOCTRINATED. Research the Frankfurt School.
  • MrFabul... Somkey ... 2012/05/06 21:50:30
    I'm not stupid. Have you researched Sheriff Joe's schoolin'? Who cares about the man's Politics......shouldn't one of America's largest cities have someone just a tad bit more educated and professional than that guy??? Honestly!
  • Somkey ... MrFabul... 2012/05/07 07:29:31
    Somkey the Hores
    Education (or lack thereof) is what you make of it. Holder is a commie ass racist TRAITOR. He probably LEARNED it in some commie ass indoctrination camp. (some US College) Most commies are "educated" beyond their intelligence.
  • Sav 2012/05/05 06:09:47 (edited)
  • wtw 2012/05/05 04:08:35
    I agree on both counts!
  • Scalded... wtw 2012/05/05 16:06:13
    Scalded Eagle
  • themadhare ~IJM 2012/05/05 02:53:28
    themadhare ~IJM
    Easiest rave I ever raved.
  • Ken 2012/05/05 02:50:53
    Holder is a criminal.
  • Scalded... Ken 2012/05/05 16:08:16
    Scalded Eagle
    He thinks nobody longer cares.
  • Jay Theyme 2012/05/05 01:04:13
    Jay Theyme
    I've had enough of this Stedman and just like Obama he is arrogant and enjoys race-baiting and class warfare crap.

    What says a lot about Arpaio? Watching a short documentary and was amazing how much respect the EX-CONS had for him. They genuinely admired him. That says a lot to me.
  • Scalded... Jay Theyme 2012/05/05 16:11:21
    Scalded Eagle
    Making people acountable for their actions, really works.
  • Recruit 2012/05/05 00:32:10
    Hey..if he ate what he picked out of his nose then he gets my vote
  • Scalded... Recruit 2012/05/05 18:06:11
    Scalded Eagle
    I think he pulled a Pit Bull out of there.
  • CCRNRT 2012/05/04 23:11:11
    Eric Holder, hmmm, is he the one that doesn't know anything about Fast and Furious
  • Billyk75 2012/05/04 23:06:45
    So true, so true.

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