Rave If You Always Dreamed Of Being Slimed On Nickelodeon

doctorwho_guru.†=♡ 2012/12/28 04:27:11
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  • SavingPeopleHuntingThings 2012/12/31 05:58:43
  • MIRANDDAAA :) 2012/12/31 04:55:32
    I remember being jealous of the kids on Slime Time Live.
    remember jealous kids slime live
  • Nika 2012/12/31 02:07:31
    As a kid of the 90s of coarse I did!

    But I really wanted to be on double dare. You got the slime and and crazy activities/games
    double dare
  • Sing_it_Out 2012/12/29 21:11:42
    I wanted to, but I was more interested in getting pied and finding out what it tasted like. I finally got my chance, at Universal Studios. They were running a Nick stage show and I was asked to be a contestant. I don't remember much of it anymore, but I had to slam my face into a pie. It all felt like it happened so fast (walked back and got a towel to clean up with) that I forgot to taste it. haha. I was bummed about it back then, but of course it's no big deal now. I'm sure it just tasted like whipped cream or something.
  • Sinister Ken Doll™ 2012/12/28 22:12:26
    Sinister Ken Doll™
    I wanna be the person who gets to slime people
  • Kookieless The Sexy Nihilis... 2012/12/28 20:30:21
  • Psyblade 2012/12/28 20:24:17
    I have been slimed actually. It was awesome!
  • JoJo 2012/12/28 17:48:43
  • Sean 2012/12/28 17:34:32
    Have I ever dreamt of getting slimed?

    "I don't know".
  • naked_and_barefoot N.I.T. 2012/12/28 13:25:57
    naked_and_barefoot N.I.T.
    We have slime shooters. Great outdoor fun in the summer.
  • MadMax 2012/12/28 07:03:05
    God, who didn't?
  • Silas Jones 2012/12/28 06:36:32
    Silas Jones
    Man this show takes me back to the 90's. Good stuff.
  • Poet OS™ a.k.a HavokX86™ 2012/12/28 05:36:07
    Poet OS™ a.k.a HavokX86™
    Back in Junior and high school I always wanted to be slimed on Double Dare. Oh, the days of "You Can't Do That On Television".
  • Chasing Rainbows! 2012/12/28 05:12:44
    Chasing Rainbows!
    It would be totally amazing to be slimed.
  • Kyle 2012/12/28 04:43:38
    that would be cool
  • bb4ever 2012/12/28 04:43:07
    Most definitely!My favorite when I was growing up, wanted to be slimed so bad!
  • Katt 2012/12/28 04:37:12
    nickelodeon popsicle
    YES! So bad I was going to take the slim from the ice cream, poor it in a bucket and do it myself.
  • Maddo 2012/12/28 04:29:42
    Yes i did
  • irishguy87 2012/12/28 04:29:23
    lol i always wondered what that slime was made of

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