Quiz: for idiots(Part 1)

Scott ヶBrony Of PHAETヶ 2010/03/09 16:55:07
Try not to cheat or look at others answers, take the fun out of it.

What was the First domestic animal?

What colour is the universe?
A)Black with silvery bits
B)Silver with black bits
C)Pale green

What colour is water?

What colour was the sky in ancient Greece?

How many USA states are there?

Answers Do not cheat!

1) Reindeer
3)It really is blue, just really faint/pale blue
4)Bronze (they had no word for blue)
5)46 (Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts are all commonwealths)

How did you do?
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  • speedmonster 2010/03/17 23:12:27
    i failed. im such and idiot. i got them all wrong.
  • Mikitty☆彡(SHARP) BN-0-WAWU 2010/03/13 18:55:45
    Mikitty☆彡(SHARP) BN-0-WAWU
    Fail! and reindeer? no way and # 2 HAS to be A I got 3 right though :) 4. Really? 5.They are still considered states though :) and 3 of them or 2 are one of the original; states.
  • (:¡Nick!:) 2010/03/13 01:59:33
    Scott, why did you make this? All the answers are wrong, at least the reindeer one and the universe one, because the universe is multicolored and reindeer don't exist, oh wait yes they do, but they weren't the first domesticated animal.
  • Scott ヶ... (:¡Nick!:) 2010/03/13 02:06:46
    Scott ヶBrony Of PHAETヶ
    Yes they were.

    and, the universe is officially beige, in 2002 after analysing the light from 200,000 galaxies concluded the universe is pale green. Also, there is estimated over 100 billion galaxy's in the universe.
  • (:¡Nick!:) Scott ヶ... 2010/03/13 02:14:35
    I thought beige was light yellowy brown?
    Really, reindeer were the first domesticated animal? You do know that they only live VERY near the pole right?
  • Scott ヶ... (:¡Nick!:) 2010/03/13 02:21:29
    Scott ヶBrony Of PHAETヶ
    Around 14,000 tears ago, hunter gathers up at what is the Russian/Mongolian border learned how to turn reindeer from there migratory groups. Dogs came very shortly after.

    well a couple of weeks after the announcement they admitted to a fault in calculations and said it was more a dreary taupe.
  • (:¡Nick!:) Scott ヶ... 2010/03/13 02:24:22
    so they are not the first domesticated animal, there was a fault in calculations? Seems to go along with this:
    Reindeer, or caribou, were first domesticated about 3000 years ago--much later than any other animal domesticate.
    I got that as the top result when I googled, "reindeer were the first domesticated animals?"
  • Scott ヶ... (:¡Nick!:) 2010/03/13 02:31:10
  • (:¡Nick!:) Scott ヶ... 2010/03/13 02:41:09
    Well wikipedia says it is unknown which one was first. Can you please tell me where you got that information?
  • Mikitty... (:¡Nick!:) 2010/03/13 18:56:58
    Mikitty☆彡(SHARP) BN-0-WAWU
    You can't trust Wikipedia because ANYONE can change it and add things that aren't true.
  • (:¡Nick!:) Mikitty... 2010/03/13 19:08:00
    You can't trust wikipedia because anyone can change it, you can't trust any other website because the person who made it can just write whatever they want even if it's completely biased bullshit. You can't trust a normal encyclopedia because their always way outdated. You can't trust anything. At least wikipedia has an army of people who are very knowledgeable about the subject scan the articles 24/7 making sure they are un-biased and true, and flag things that may not be completely neutral or true.
  • Mikitty... (:¡Nick!:) 2010/03/13 19:16:34
    Mikitty☆彡(SHARP) BN-0-WAWU
    But people can STILL make an account and edit all the right things.
  • (:¡Nick!:) Mikitty... 2010/03/13 19:20:59
    And people will STILL see them and change them within a few hours at the latest. You've got to admit even if it may sometimes be wrong it's still better than any other source of information.
  • Mikitty... (:¡Nick!:) 2010/03/13 19:21:47
    Mikitty☆彡(SHARP) BN-0-WAWU
    True, true.
  • Scott ヶ... (:¡Nick!:) 2010/03/13 19:21:39
    Scott ヶBrony Of PHAETヶ
    Books, better than wikipedia any day.
  • (:¡Nick!:) Scott ヶ... 2010/03/13 19:40:09
  • Scott ヶ... (:¡Nick!:) 2010/03/13 19:42:02
    Scott ヶBrony Of PHAETヶ
    Though I'm 16 i refer to get my knowledge from books...my house is like a mini library.
  • (:¡Nick!:) Scott ヶ... 2010/03/13 19:43:18
    Well mine isn't, so wikipedia's my best book.
  • (:¡Nick!:) Scott ヶ... 2010/03/13 02:43:45
    Also, just because the ancient greeks didn't have a word for blue doesn't mean the sky was bronze, it was still blue, they just called it something else. If you're going to have answers to the questions like that you might as well not translate it, put it in another language.
  • Scott ヶ... (:¡Nick!:) 2010/03/13 19:23:14
    Scott ヶBrony Of PHAETヶ
    in ancient Greece it was Bronze ;), that's the colour it was. Just like you can say that car is blue, I can say it's navy or aqua.
  • (:¡Nick!:) Scott ヶ... 2010/03/13 21:44:40
    Really, so the word "Bronze" is an ancient Greek word that has been incorporated into the English language without any changes of spelling or pronunciation changes?
  • Scott ヶ... (:¡Nick!:) 2010/03/13 22:03:17
    Scott ヶBrony Of PHAETヶ
    The Greek word translated is Bronze. The French use the word Bronze as well, Germans also etc. Universal word really.
  • (:¡Nick!:) Scott ヶ... 2010/03/15 23:24:30 (edited)
    So they had the same word for bronze and blue? Or just in french, german, greek, the translated word for bronze really means this color:
    bronze blue french german greek translated bronze color
    instead of this color:?
    bronze blue french german greek translated bronze color color
  • xxValxXxVeLiCiOuSxx 2010/03/10 18:01:49
    lol FAIL
  • A Beautiful Disaster[[ ]] 2010/03/10 16:19:28
    A Beautiful Disaster[[ ]]
    1) C
    2) D
    3) has no color?
    4) umm black?
    not so bad i guess...
  • Scott ヶ... A Beaut... 2010/03/10 16:25:41
    Scott ヶBrony Of PHAETヶ
    Good try
  • Curious George 2010/03/10 08:47:12
    Curious George
    #1 archeologist generally agree that the dog is the first domesticated animal.
    #2 Black with silvery bits...... i guess
    #3 clear
    #4 blue
    #5 50

    What was the point of this in the first place?
  • Scott ヶ... Curious... 2010/03/10 14:16:07
    Scott ヶBrony Of PHAETヶ
    Is there a point to quizzes?
    No it was just some fun.
  • :P 2010/03/10 00:55:34
    i saw the answers bfore i answer...:(
  • PlasmaDragon007 2010/03/09 21:34:23
    1) D
    2) ...have you seen the entire universe?
    3) depends on reflected light, but transperant as far as I'm concerned
    4) it's 'ancient Greece,' can anyone really know for sure?
    5) as of now, 50

    I failed.
  • Scott ヶ... PlasmaD... 2010/03/09 21:48:49
    Scott ヶBrony Of PHAETヶ
    Just slightly.
  • PlasmaD... Scott ヶ... 2010/03/10 01:20:37
  • Oskar 2010/03/09 21:21:46
    i got 3 out of 5! I am not a complete dumb ass!
  • shy beauty 2010/03/09 20:32:27
    shy beauty
  • Kathryn 2010/03/09 19:44:10
    1. C
    2. C
    3. Blue
    4. Blue
    5. Technically 50, besides the 4 that aren't really considered states.
  • Twig 2010/03/09 18:37:56
    1) A

    2) A

    3) water has no color

    4) blue?

    5) 50
  • ~~Bater_Bambi_2010~~ 2010/03/09 18:35:14
    1) E. Dog
    2) A. Black with silvery bits
    3) Blue
    4) Blue
    5) 50
  • elizabeth 2010/03/09 18:26:30
    1) E
    What was the First domestic animal?

    2) A
    What colour is the universe?
    A)Black with silvery bits
    B)Silver with black bits
    C)Pale green

    3) blue or gray
    What colour is water?

    4) blue?
    What colour was the sky in ancient Greece?

    5) 50
    How many USA states are there
  • Robo Toaster 2010/03/09 18:12:38 (edited)
    Robo Toaster


    3.It's colorless.


  • Scott ヶ... Robo To... 2010/03/09 18:14:09
    Scott ヶBrony Of PHAETヶ
    Better luck next time.

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