Questions never to ask a girl or girlfriend

Natalie 2010/11/30 21:13:45
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My friend sent me this. hilarious!

Are you a virgin?
How old are you?
Would you like to have bigger boobs?
Would you like to lose weight?
Does size matter?
Have any kids?
Ever been married?
How many guys have you dated?
How many people have you slept with?
How many guys have you kissed?
Have you ever been with a girl?
Do you smoke or have you ever smoked?
Do you do drugs or have you ever done drugs?
Ever been in the back of a police car?
Are you stalking me?
Are you obsessed with me?
Did you know I knew we were meant to be together?
Are you sure you're not a guy?
Have you ever had surgery on your nose?
Whats your mom's PROBLEM?
Is it okay if I hate your family but I love you?
Can you...uh...change the way you look?
Why do you always look at me like if you're stupid or something?
What's my phone number, again?
When are you going on a vacation?
Is it okay if I cheat on you?
Do you love me more than your mom?
Is your little sister retarted or what?
Hey, do you want to have a kid?
Why are you the way that you are?
Will you ever grow up?
Can I try on your shoes?
Have you brushed your teeth lately?
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