Pumpkin Carving for Halloween: Do You Go for Scary or Funny Faces?

Fun 2010/10/25 21:08:40

SLIDESHOW: Do You Like Pumpkins Scary or Funny?

Wallace and Gromit
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Wallace and Gromit

Nothing says Halloween like the two claymation characters Wallace and Gromit.
  1. Wallace and Gromit

    Wallace and Gromit

    Nothing says Halloween like the two claymation characters Wallace and Gromit.

  2. Cannibals


    This pumpkin is a little creepy... but certainly gets an A+ for creativity!

  3. Drunk on Seeds

    Drunk on Seeds

    Someone got a little excited a little too early. We like this one a) for its humor and b) come on, when's the next time you'll ever see a sick, puking pumpkin? We're sure this inspired copycats all over the nation.

  4. Osama bin... Pumpkin??

    Osama bin... Pumpkin??

    We're not sure why anyone would be inspired to have OBL on his or her doorstep even if it is for Halloween but hey, to each his own.

  5. Anger Management

    Anger Management

    This pumpkin-man seems to have gotten a little angry and taken it out on his other pumpkin friends. NOT COOL.

  6. It's a Pumpkin Eat Pumpkin World

    It's a Pumpkin Eat Pumpkin World

    What can we say? It's hard out there for a pumpkin.

  7. Close Your Eyes

    Close Your Eyes

    Don't look! Oh... too late. They got you.

  8. Eek!


    Creepy. Don't want to run into him in a dark alley.

  9. Night and Day

    Night and Day

    If I were the pumpkin on the right side, I'd be making that face too.

  10. Uhoh!


    The pumpkin ran away with the baby. If you like dark humor, I guess?

  11. Mr. Potatohead Meets Pumpkins

    Mr. Potatohead Meets Pumpkins

    While this doesn't look like it took a lot of skill, it's still pretty cute.

  12. Look Out

    Look Out

    These guys are going to get you!

  13. 'Predator'


    I have no words for this one. I can't even look at it it gives me the creeps.

  14. Hamburger Helper

    Hamburger Helper

    See, there's a pumpkin for everyone.

  15. Zip Up

    Zip Up

    This one's done by Ray Villafane. You can see more of his wacky and awesome stuff here: http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/39527582/ns/today-today_halloween_guide/.

  16. Hannibal


    And last but not least, we leave you with a Hannibal Lecter pumpkin. Hannibal likes humans, so make sure if you stumble upon him in your trick-or-treating adventures you steer clear.

Pumpkin Carving for Halloween: Do You Go for Scary or Funny Faces?
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I started carving pumpkins before I learned my multiplication tables.

Every year it was tradition in my family that I carved the pumpkins that would sit on our front doorstep. Sadly, the only ones that saw the pumpkins were me, a few moths and the lone UPS truck driver or plumber -- our driveway was super long, windy, steep and scary and we didn't get a lot of trick-or-treaters -- but this didn't stop me from honing my craft. I won a pumpkin-carving contest in the third (or was it fourth?) grade for my pumpkin covered in cottonballs. I called him "Snowman" and he even had a carrot nose to boot.

So it's only appropriate that the first Halloween-themed post from SodaHead fun be about pumpkins and the best creative carvings I've come across online.

Send us some of yours and we'll compare notes.

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  • ron 2011/04/18 12:57:21
    A little bit of both
  • jazznique 2011/03/29 15:35:38
    but it depends on what thye look like some can be scary
  • Duncan McAwesomesauce 2011/03/03 15:44:48
    A little bit of both
    Duncan McAwesomesauce
    I always have 3, one scary, one funny, and one that's just plain messed up.
  • $Eminem Is My Baby?$ 2011/02/25 15:53:17
    None of the above
    $Eminem Is My Baby?$
  • MyNinjaNameIsMeghan 2011/01/01 06:47:47
    Funny makes more money x]
  • Nic 2010/11/29 09:05:16
    A little bit of both
    I just carve whatever I choose at the time it's not like I plan out exactly what I want the pumpkin to look like
  • i<3conanthebarbarian 2010/11/13 18:41:05
    i love scary anyway that is the whole point of halloween to scare ppl,but i do like funny but i like scary more.
  • Shadowhunter<3 2010/10/29 19:30:09
    A little bit of both
    XD I LOVE PUMPKINS!!!!!!!!
  • AprilFord2006 2010/10/29 00:37:14 (edited)

    I like Hamburger Pumpkin carving!!!!!!!
  • GreyHeart 2010/10/28 00:08:35
  • Kei 2010/10/27 19:27:54
    A little bit of both
    I did the vomit the seeds out decades ago.
  • sally 2010/10/27 18:26:04
    A little bit of both
    Those are so cool! I love carving pumpkins. That's my favorite part of Halloween.

    cool love carving pumpkins halloween http://www.hgtv.ca/blog/photo... cool love carving pumpkins halloween httpwww hgtv cablogphoto
  • judy 2010/10/27 18:25:22
    smiling faces
  • Green 2010/10/27 16:54:14
    They turn out too badly to make anything scary so I go for simple and funny.
  • Stella Bella 2010/10/27 14:57:14
    A little bit of both
    Stella Bella
    I love both. The creativity of some people is awesome.
  • cardboardfairy 2010/10/27 13:58:57
    A little bit of both
    I love the first one! Second one is creepy
  • BiGmJfAn 2010/10/27 03:54:26
    its funny cuz i used to love these characters wen i was little, nd its scary cuz one time i had a nightmare that wllace came aknockin on my door nd we had a knife nd that creepy smiles of his and chased me all around my house, nd the dog just sat there and watched while evily laughing nd he said in this really really low voice "thats wat u get"!!!!! it was scary but other than that im good
  • chamchamgal 2010/10/27 03:49:10
    None of the above
    How about AMAZING Pumpkin Carving?!?

    pumpkin carving
  • Stacey 2010/10/27 03:24:29
    They're not scary at all! I'm 19 so that may have influenced my answer, but I can completely understand younger children finding them a little scary.
  • trainfan 2010/10/27 02:03:26
    None of the above
    It's a fricken vegtable you idiot, that is something you eat.
    Just because you carve something in it you think it is scarey? We still eat it.

    Must be a third grader asking this question, or a college student!!!!!

    Becase someone with common sense wouldn't ask this question.
  • Leanne 2010/10/27 01:42:31
    haha freakin love pumpkins!
  • Queen Tamara/Tamar Mepe 2010/10/27 01:12:03
    A little bit of both
    Queen Tamara/Tamar Mepe
    I havnt done one this year!
  • Alex Oger 2010/10/27 00:52:06
    Alex Oger
    there is something scary and atrractive about them I don't know what I just like them
  • Malorie 2010/10/26 23:40:13
    funny :)
  • Brightsprite62 2010/10/26 23:26:51
    None of the above
    The end results of my carving a pumpkin isn't either Scary or Funny. It's delicious carving pumpkin scary funny delicious
    carving pumpkin scary funny delicious
    No sense in wasting a perfectly awesome pumpkin.
  • jumpboots 187th PIR 2010/10/26 23:00:44
    A little bit of both
    jumpboots 187th PIR
  • Huki68 2010/10/26 21:28:29
  • giggity giggity 2010/10/26 20:05:25 (edited)
    None of the above
    giggity giggity
    i hate pumpkins... i wanna smash all the ones i see
  • Summer 2010/10/26 18:14:57
    Funny is always better ... BUT........ it's halloween, it's supposed to be scary! but I still go with funny .. YAY FUNNY !
  • ♥getreal♥ 2010/10/26 16:55:57
    A little bit of both
  • george 2010/10/26 15:44:24
    Scary is my favorite but, all of them are fun!

    scary fun
  • ☠ Cheryl ☮ 2010/10/26 13:49:29
    A little bit of both
    ☠ Cheryl ☮
    I like it all. They have really come up with some pretty creative stuff through the years.
  • Terry ~Conservitive Warrior~ 2010/10/26 13:46:39 (edited)
    Terry ~Conservitive Warrior~
    I always liked the funny ones.

  • FantasyAuthor 2010/10/26 13:12:08
    A little bit of both
    They are all created but some are just wrong and some are great!
  • Stella 2010/10/26 12:57:45 (edited)
    They can be beautiful... beautiful

    Scary... beautiful httpimages-srv leonardo scary

    Funny... beautiful httpimages-srv leonardo scary funny

    Sad... beautiful httpimages-srv leonardo scary funny sad

    I like them all!!! =) It's fun to be creative, and crave them different every year.
  • Myrle Hulme 2010/10/26 08:45:58
    Myrle Hulme
    I just cannot see anything to be scared of. but then we dont have Halloween
  • Mark 2010/10/26 07:05:18
    A little bit of both
    We had a large pumpkin eating a smaller one, using the insides of the smaller one to look like the blood and guts of it. It's just like making a snowman, you just need to unleash your creative side. lol
  • Allysså 2010/10/26 06:57:57
    A little bit of both
    I like both. Something to crack me up and another to make me go "Hot damn, that looks real." Halloween is the best holiday ever.
  • ««Gingey, the Master Debate... 2010/10/26 05:51:33
    ««Gingey, the Master Debater of Þ|-|Дэ†»»
    Those were awesome!! Damn I love Halloween. Best holiday ever, hands down!

    awesome damn love halloween holiday hands
  • ♣bucketheadluvr♣ 2010/10/26 04:20:28
    A little bit of both
    i ALWAYS see hela scary one but then i ALWAYS see hella funny ones and i would be lauhging for like and hour:) hela scary hella funny lauhging

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