Vijay Pawar 2012/06/11 10:30:54
It's not that only women are violated, there are many instances, where men are under the scanner, as well they are not protected as women in the LAW FRAME. It all goes, unseen & with the wind.
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  • McAustin 2012/08/20 06:55:43
    I think they overlook women violence on men because most of the time a woman can't do as much to a man as a man can do to a woman. That is most of the time but there are some women that do. I knew a buddy that his wife almost did a Lorina Bobbit on him but he escaped with just a few slices to his lower torso because he was awake. They are still together so I guess he must have his reasons.Then another man, his wife tied him up while he was a sleep and beat him with a belt. They got a divorce after that and she stalked him for years and cut friends tires and broke friends windows and the law wouldn't touch her. Then a neighbors wife held a gun on him all night long questioning him accusing him of having a girlfriend at his work place. I don't know if he did. But shortly after that, the lady left him and he was crying after her for a good long time.
  • Kruzer 2012/08/10 16:23:40
    If your hubby is ticklish..that will get him motivated to act right! :) But you didn't hear that from me. hehe
  • shenendoah 2012/07/18 16:46:46
    Battered is battered and if a woman is the aggressor she should face the same punishment as a man. Some men refuse to accuse their partner since they believe it makes them look weak, but they are wrong. I know men that would fight a buzz saw but wouldn't defend themselves against a woman.
  • elvira shenendoah 2012/07/29 23:23:53
    I couldn't have said it better. I completely agree with you.
  • Marlene Wilkins 2012/07/08 09:21:59
    Marlene Wilkins
    In our marriage, I know that aside from accidentally bumping my head with a cabinet door, Husband would never willingly harm me, nor I him. But, I will speak up on the element in the world today of battered husbands, be it physically or emotionally. I don't CARE if it's a woman doing it--treating another person, especially one you love, like that is basic down-to-the-bone WRONG. people these days seem to think that the 'Norm' is for an adversarial relationship stressor to exist between Husband & Wife. Why? I've encountered it, and it amazes me that people find our marriage so Unusual because we like, and respect each other. I don't nag him for the reason that it's demeaning to both of us, and he's a Man, not an irresponsible child. He's my friend, my confidant, and my life's focus as I am his. I dunno, maybe some folks just shouldn't ever have gotten married. But mistreating and abusing each other--that's just not Right in any frame of context.
  • Jack 2012/07/02 03:19:38
    The question was worded so terribly that I'm not totally sure what you're saying! Are you talking about battered husbands?
  • phil white 2012/06/24 20:40:43
    phil white
    Yes, I would say men are havily descriminated against in family law courts.
  • Vijay Pawar 2012/06/12 07:52:19
    Vijay Pawar
    Thanks to all my friends, for a word, on the subject.
  • Raphy 2012/06/12 01:37:35
    Well....I'm not married yet. And I'm not going to be "Ike Turner" I tell you that.
  • sarahbearer 2012/06/11 23:32:13
    I don't think its funny my mum abuses my dad all the time and even thretaned to leave if he didn't propose and she bought the ring she also sleeps with his best friend behind his back I think the only reason he doesn't leave is because us kids my 10 year old bro an16 year old sis and me
  • Vijay P... sarahbe... 2012/06/12 02:49:24
    Vijay Pawar
    Yes you kids who suffer & know the exact reason of your dads hardships & the mental beating that he is going through in your as well as his life as well the reason for bearing all this. You kids......
  • sarahbe... Vijay P... 2012/06/24 00:41:14
    Not just mental beating
  • waternymphxD 2012/06/11 17:12:44
    We did a project in school on this. I dunno about anywhere else but the stats for ireland were crazy. It was even stevens for offenders in both cases but reactions were totally different. 58 per cent of people said they would LAUGH if they saw a woman abusing a man:-O
  • Vijay P... waterny... 2012/06/11 18:07:35
    Vijay Pawar
    Yes the ratio is obviously less than that of women. But agree to the fact, that it dose exist's. Me not for contradicting. Just a thought which brushed in put forward for, just discuss & inpatient as well make small changes in behaviors to avoid such accidents with ourselves.
  • waterny... Vijay P... 2012/06/11 18:33:20
    Yes it does exist I know for a fact having seen it. And yes your right more awareness is needed but you have to admit many people do not take it seriously. If a man is abused he is seen as a sissy
  • diana.dianapopescu 2012/06/11 16:57:47
    of course! but don't forget! nobody has to be beaten or other...! We must to act with respect to others because we are the single entity from this universe who can create...
  • Sebastianchocolatebeargiles 2012/06/11 16:24:36 (edited)
    No one is For violence it's not like we wake up and go beat the brains out of someone for no reason. Yes there are women who commit violent crimes against men and it goes unnoticed due to the fact that legal systems are really sexist to both sexes. It's like when people say a woman can't rape a man... but we all know it happens from time to time. The point is that our legal system should only take into account someones gender when it has to do with a sex crime or something of that nature such as laws concerning abortions, rape, maternity, etc. but when it comes to something like one person harmed another, gender is NOT valid information. The fact of the matter is one person harmed another and that person should be punished based on the severity of their crime.
  • Raven♥ 2012/06/11 16:21:09
    It may not get noticed as much but 'Battery' goes for both sexes. Women can be punished just as men can.
  • umapathy Krishnamurthy 2012/06/11 11:47:20
    umapathy Krishnamurthy
    I don't think so
  • Dark Angel AKA Hippiegirl 2012/06/11 10:40:46
    Dark Angel AKA Hippiegirl
    I used to work at a D.V. Shelter - we took in families, some times a woman & children & some times a man & his children. their are women who are violent, some are untreated mental illness , some are drug related violence. I know a friend who's wife refuses to take her meds for Bi-Poler Disorder and hits & throws things at her husband. He won't leave her until the kids are older I encourage him to call police when she's on crazy street but he won't because of the children. I told him they would be better off - but he won't listen.
  • Vijay P... Dark An... 2012/06/11 10:48:24
    Vijay Pawar
    Thanks ! I am aware also of such instances, feel a lot will come up here as well.
  • Dark An... Vijay P... 2012/06/11 10:49:25
    Dark Angel AKA Hippiegirl
    Where is up here?

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