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Fun 2012/05/23 18:00:00
Ben & Jerry's is almost perfect, but their delicious, variegated ice cream has one glaring flaw: It's too easy to steal. Well, that's what the Ben Jerry's Euphori-Lock is for. The Euphori-Lock is quite simply a three-digit code lock that fits onto the lid of a Ben & Jerry's pint. That's a one-time fee of $5.50 for a lifetime of secure Cherry Garcia. We asked the public if it was a good idea.

Once again, the dairy duo have come up with a brilliant product. Not only did the majority favor the Euphori-Lock, but many of the respondents who didn't were only opposed because they either wanted access to an alluring pint or because they could still get the thing open. The Top Opinion suggested a knife to get it open, and some tin foil to keep it fresh until the unsuspecting victim found their compromised container. But it would take a special kind of nasty to carry that out.

Women Want Their Ice Cream Secure

Everyone loves ice cream, but for some reason, many women seem to take it to a different level. It's a source of comfort and a not-so-guilty pleasure. So we weren't too surprised to find that women were 20% more likely to think the Euphori-Lock is a brilliant idea. If you take anything away from this recap, it's this: Don't get between a woman and her ice cream.

Not as Appealing When You're Older

For some strange reason, enthusiasm for the Euphori-Lock dropped consistently as voters got older, from 69% among teens to 40% with voters over 65. That could mean people are less likely to enjoy ice cream as they get older, or it could mean that older people are more willing to share their ice cream. Either way, we don't want to grow up.

Vital If You're in a Relationship

This could be related to age, but there was a large gap between respondents who were in a relationship and those who were married. Voters in a relationship were also more enthusiastic about the Euphori-Lock than singles, suggesting perhaps young couples are prone to stealing each other's ice cream.

If you'd like to vote on this question, dig deeper into the demographics, or engage in existing discussion about the topic, visit our poll about the Euphori-Lock. We'd love to hear from you!
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  • SoLongFairLady 2012/05/24 04:26:48
    My man says he doesnt eat "ice cream", but when i get home and its all gone and he denies it well need less to say... I NEED ONE !
  • SoD SoLongF... 2012/05/24 18:35:51
    No, what you need is a more honest man.
  • Waiting in the Wings 2012/05/24 04:12:02
    Waiting in the Wings
    Yes, because I totally couldn't cut around it, or even better, just the bottom so the ice cream container looks unaltered.
  • Party Boy [A7X Bat] 2012/05/24 02:19:38
    Party Boy [A7X Bat]
    Well it's not like the container is made of some sort of cardboard and can be cut with a simple blade, right?
  • Waiting... Party B... 2012/05/24 04:14:20
    Waiting in the Wings
    What is this container of which you speak? You mean to tell me that your ice cream doesn't come in a mini safe vault delivered by armed guards?
  • Party B... Waiting... 2012/05/24 21:10:09
    Party Boy [A7X Bat]
    I AM the armed guard!
  • Sailor Jerry [Proud Liberta... 2012/05/24 02:19:35
    Sailor Jerry [Proud Libertarian]
    i'm gonna get a few of these to keep my roommate out of my stockpile of Schweddy Balls.
  • *goodbye* Sailor ... 2012/05/24 15:25:00
    The person can just cut though the bottom of the bin
  • Sailor ... *goodbye* 2012/05/24 18:24:56
    Sailor Jerry [Proud Libertarian]
    he would never do that because he always denies that he eats it.
  • CaramelLove 2012/05/24 02:00:21
    Wow, another way to take our money for b.s huh. * sigh* Oh America.
  • Bill 2012/05/24 01:58:12
    They would find an ice cream tub with no bottom, no ice cream and a note with a very impolite comment on it.
  • Waiting... Bill 2012/05/24 04:16:30
    Waiting in the Wings
    "Sneaky snake stole your ice cream. Try a different container next time Dumb ass." The person would be begging for this sort of note (and the theft of their ice cream).
  • Bill Waiting... 2012/05/24 04:19:07
    I don't even like ice cream but it would be gone.
  • Waiting... Bill 2012/05/24 04:28:03
    Waiting in the Wings
    I eat it very rarely, but the idiot who buys the lock and then proceeds to lock the top will find missing ice cream in the morning. I don't mind buying it back as I am trying to make a point. What a waste of money.
  • Bill Waiting... 2012/05/24 04:30:42
    Some body is going to make alot of money from stupid people
  • Hula gi... Bill 2012/05/24 07:53:45
    Hula girl - Friends not Followers
    Hey, the pet rock sold well so why not.
  • cupcakes 2012/05/24 01:40:12
    omfg thats awsome i need one of those
  • *goodbye* cupcakes 2012/05/24 15:26:24
    That's useless because the thief will just cut through the bottom of the bin
  • SoD *goodbye* 2012/05/24 18:38:52
    I wouldn't regularly eat anybody's pint without asking.

    However, if I see one of these things on a pint, I'll breach it just to make a point.
  • cupcakes *goodbye* 2012/05/24 19:08:09
    and what if they dont want to leave evidence?
  • *goodbye* cupcakes 2012/05/24 22:23:05
    Glue the bottom back on
  • cupcakes *goodbye* 2012/05/25 02:15:38
    really just to get a scoop of icecream?
  • flowercivic 2012/05/24 01:32:05
    WTF? Really? Someone steals your ice cream, there are far better things to do about it than a silly lock... Like a good ol fashioned backhand.
  • ComeOnNow 2012/05/24 01:19:46
    Of course when I have to cut the entire bottom off of it, I will have to eat the whole darn thing because the coontainer will be ruined. You do realize that it is a freaking cardboard container. That is the dumbest contraption ever.
  • hilda 2012/05/24 00:18:41
    i would just carve out a hole at the bottom. that lock isn't stopping me.
  • ♣Tanor Zeta Fa'ux♣ 2012/05/24 00:15:22
    ♣Tanor Zeta Fa'ux♣
    Haha, what are Ben & Jerry gunna do when that lock fails? Make it steel instead, unless you got a sharp sword or a kunai, steel will make you back off from my ice cream. But, it might be too heavy.
  • Bibliophilic 2012/05/23 23:42:19
    A sharp knife will render the lock useless.
  • Ankita KC 2012/05/23 23:39:14
    Ankita KC
    It's not like anyone will stal my ice-cream but the lock looks cool - Like NOBODAY TOUCHES MA ICE CREAM !
  • Joey 2012/05/23 23:00:36
    If you have to lock you ice cream you really need to try to change your living situation.
  • Texas Gal 2012/05/23 22:51:30 (edited)
    Texas Gal
    I think it's funny -- I'd just cut through the bottom of the container. :-) (that is provided it is in my house)
  • *goodbye* 2012/05/23 22:51:28
    Why not just open the bottom of the Ice Cream with a knife to get around the lock
  • Meggi^_^ 2012/05/23 22:49:35
    YES!!! Deffinantly something I would use! My favorite flavor is Triple Carmel Chunk and it can be hard to find sometimes! In my area I can only find it at Krogers! My mom also likes this ice cream even thought it's not her favorite she still really likes it! We usually buy it near the end of the week! My parents are divorced so I'm not at my moms house every weekend! If I don't finish my ice cream before I leave for the weekend, then when I'm gone she eats whatever is left! It pisses me off! So yeah I could deffinantly use that!!!^_^
  • BrittanyRose1991 2012/05/23 22:23:18
    It's great so that way it won't open up and spill all over the place.
  • mae 2012/05/23 22:22:20
    It's not that we like to share our ice cream, or that we like it less...it's that we tend to forget the da*n code, and end up locked out of Our Own Ice Cream. Bummer.
  • *goodbye* mae 2012/05/24 15:27:40
    Cut through the bottom of the bin
  • mae *goodbye* 2012/05/24 16:24:36
    ; ) Beat the thieves at their own game. In a house that has ice cream thieves this is a good tactic. There was a company that was putting a hard plastic cap cover over the bottom of their 1/2 gal. sizes...It said on the carton it was a test run and had a phone number to call for comments--maybe Ben and Jerry's?
  • ☆Warthog - PWCM - JLA☆ 2012/05/23 21:59:32
    ☆Warthog - PWCM - JLA☆
    I actually had one several years ago. Kinda a neat idea, but really is cheap and won't protect your ice cream that well. But it does send a signal to the "thief" that you are aware of their moonlight burglary
  • DIXIEGIRL 2012/05/23 21:45:00
    Just another way they want you to spend money. If you can't share, don't buy it in the first place.
  • Just Jenn for Now 2012/05/23 21:39:41
    Just Jenn for Now
    I'd like it, but I'd want one to fit standard cartons of ice cream too. I don't JUST buy Ben & Jerry's since it's SO pricey. :P
  • Kyle 2012/05/23 21:22:30
    that just seems stupid for an idea like that

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