Portrait Made Completely of Pushpins: Pin-tastic or Pin-sane?

Fun 2012/03/01 01:06:46
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YouTuber brusspup has really outdone himself this time. He's created a portrait. But it's no regular portrait with just some standard paint. It's not even a portrait made solely of coffee stains, made by fellow oddball artist Hong "Red" Yi. It's a portrait made completely of pushpins -- 15,000 of them to be exact.

Brusspup says he used Photoshop to break down a photo to just five basic color. He then picked five pushpin colors to represent those shades and got busy. Though he spent more than a month working on this project, slaving away for well over 100 hours, he was able to document all the work with a time-lapse video. So sit back and prepare to be amazed. This portrait process is unlike any other. Is it pin-tastic -- or just plain pin-sane? We'll let you decide.

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  • LetLoveGrow 2012/03/01 04:04:27
    I saw similar art at ArtPrize a few years ago. I thought it was amazing, especially when you walk towards it only to realize every little dot is made out of pins. Awesome!!

    artprize pin art
    artprize pin art

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