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The Fantastic Kai 2012/05/14 07:04:05
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Stop the bullying!! Any type of bullying it doesnt matter! And ppl who are suicidal dont let people get u down! Be like a skyscraper! When ppl try to tear u down rise like a skyscraper! Never ever give up! If u need a friend or someone to talk to im here! We can talk about anything and everything! I wont judge! REMEMBER GOD LOVES U! I LOVE U!
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  • Elz 2012/05/16 23:58:35
    that's good. yeah i hate bullies too but every time when i say a comment to you, you never respond.
  • Sachikø-the-shy-kunøichi 2012/05/14 23:31:17
  • Anca 2012/05/14 19:27:46
  • susan BN-0 2012/05/14 18:38:34
    susan BN-0
    That's a great message.
  • ☂cinderella.dress.in.yellow☂ 2012/05/14 18:10:30
    great message
  • Angela 2012/05/14 17:40:58
    Spread the news!
  • girkitty666 2012/05/14 17:28:53
    life is filled with thousands of different pound weights, that droop your shoulders to the ground
  • xXScarlettXx 2012/05/14 14:16:20
    Exxcactlyy!~ >:3
  • Rocko 2012/05/14 13:52:45
    keep up the good work
  • Erica Bryelle 2012/05/14 13:47:55
    Erica Bryelle
    I have to say that its not that easy to not listen to what people say, Ive been bullied since i was in 6th grade......And suicidal since 7th, its not easy to not let people get you down......Some people just have a hard time because they arent confident......But i do believe that bully needs to stop....A kid from my school killed himself about 5 months ago because of student and teacher bullying.......
  • Crime Time 2012/05/14 12:31:54
  • 3dge Desire 2012/05/14 07:40:00
    3dge Desire
    bulling wont stop cause we wish it theres to many ignorant people out there ta care i fight aholes like that
  • ✞ॐGuru Joshॐ✞ 2012/05/14 07:25:50
    ✞ॐGuru Joshॐ✞
    Well said Kai. I love you too.
  • aikidoka37 2012/05/14 07:25:27
    Way to spread the movement!!
  • Jenn 2012/05/14 07:22:13
    Great post..I totally agree with you,about stopping the bullying, no one desires to be treated badly by others, just because their different..We are all God's children.. whether we like it or not,and yes,God does loves them
  • Lady Gothika 2012/05/14 07:05:30
    Lady Gothika
    it was good until you said god

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