Pick Your FAVORITE Villain Pumpkin!

HollyAmberD 2012/11/01 14:10:45
Oogie Boogie by Kimmie
Bowser by Debra
Maleficent by Laina
Zombie & Brains by Chris
Karen Cooper from Night of the Living Dead by Alicia
Storm Trooper by Michelle
Alex- Clockwork Orange by Alicia
Ganondorf by Melissa
Handsome Jack by Alia
Portal Glados and Turret by Danielle
Creeper by Ben
Loki by Renee
Dalek Pumkin by Lisa
Bomb-omb by Malonb
Pig from Angry Birds by Andy
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Please only pick one!!!

Voting will end Midnight on Saturday and the winners will be announced on SUNDAY Nov, 4th!


Read More: http://momsbasement.org/craft-contest/

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  • Shana 2012/11/03 03:34:40
    Karen Cooper from Night of the Living Dead by Alicia
    Voted for you, Red. Good luck!!!
  • MalonsShop 2012/11/02 20:39:46
    Bomb-omb by Malonb
    yes...so close! ::crosses fingers:: my bday's on the 4th btw ;D.
  • ichi 2012/11/01 14:43:11
    Ganondorf by Melissa
    How could you NOT vote for Ganon? EPIC
  • Melissa... ichi 2012/11/01 18:10:09
    Melissa Giese
    Aw thanks <3
  • ichi ichi 2012/11/04 21:11:54
    Like wtf why'd I even vote if the winner doesn't even win. So stupid!
  • ab ichi 2012/11/06 03:54:26
    Because people were cheating and voting more than once, which made the poll unfair. I believe the Gannon pumpkin won second however.

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