Pick Your FAVORITE Villain Pumpkin!

HollyAmberD 2012/11/01 14:10:45
Zombie & Brains by Chris
Bomb-omb by Malonb
Oogie Boogie by Kimmie
Handsome Jack by Alia
Storm Trooper by Michelle
Karen Cooper from Night of the Living Dead by Alicia
Portal Glados and Turret by Danielle
Dalek Pumkin by Lisa
Alex- Clockwork Orange by Alicia
Maleficent by Laina
Ganondorf by Melissa
Loki by Renee
Pig from Angry Birds by Andy
Bowser by Debra
Creeper by Ben
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Please only pick one!!!

Voting will end Midnight on Saturday and the winners will be announced on SUNDAY Nov, 4th!


Read More: http://momsbasement.org/craft-contest/

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  • Shana 2012/11/03 03:34:40
    Karen Cooper from Night of the Living Dead by Alicia
    Voted for you, Red. Good luck!!!
  • MalonsShop 2012/11/02 20:39:46
    Bomb-omb by Malonb
    yes...so close! ::crosses fingers:: my bday's on the 4th btw ;D.
  • ichi 2012/11/01 14:43:11
    Ganondorf by Melissa
    How could you NOT vote for Ganon? EPIC
  • Melissa... ichi 2012/11/01 18:10:09
    Melissa Giese
    Aw thanks <3
  • ichi ichi 2012/11/04 21:11:54
    Like wtf why'd I even vote if the winner doesn't even win. So stupid!
  • ab ichi 2012/11/06 03:54:26
    Because people were cheating and voting more than once, which made the poll unfair. I believe the Gannon pumpkin won second however.

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