PETA Exploits Women's Bodies For Animal Rights. WARNING: Partial Nudity

They have also engaged in fat hate, racism and trans hate. Even with all of the evidence of their willingness to encourage isms, and reduce people to the status of 'other,' some people still refuse to acknowledge what a truly horrid organization this is. It is not a matter of simple sensationalism, they are preying on the worst elements of human society to gain attention, and at the same time reifying the existence of isms.

I don't know whether PETA is aware or not, but in their fight to end cruelty against animals, they are hurting animals. Human beings are animals and their campaigns are damaging as they marginalize members of human society. They operate like a Fascist organization, cruelly targeting those that they are either unable to use, or that don't fit into their neat little vegetarian/vegan empire. Though many are quick to dismiss PETA as an extremist group without any power, it would be dangerous to do so. When groups akin to PETA are ignored the messages that they send out fester, and cause rot and disease within our society. The best way to fight such hate is to expose it to the light of day, it is to that end that I present a compilation of PETA ads.

Of Course the Olsen Twins are Ugly because they refuse to succumb to PETA's demands.

What more evidence could possibly be needed of PETA'S willingness to exploit women to send their message about animal cruelty. It says that they believe that the only purpose women have in this movement is to supply the tits and ass. These images are demeaning and reductive.

By posting these images, I am no way negating animal cruelty, but I feel it is important to implicitly state that the tactics employed by PETA, time and time again do not serve the purpose they intend. People do not become enamoured and suddenly adopt the cause of animal rights, instead they are disgusted by seeing women, minorities, and trans people, face such obvious bigotry. As long as PETA continues too employ these tactics they will not gain potential allies, they will gain enemies. They are a horrible reflection on the animal rights movement; as other groups are quickly associated with PETA and dismissed.

The sexist twerps that see these images and get excited do pay scant attention.

Read more: http://www.womanist-musings.com/2008/09/peta-favou...

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  • Obviously a Terrorist 2012/02/09 05:32:42
    Obviously a Terrorist
    Oh where to start... Are these women using their bodies to sell something? Sure and I don't like it, but no one here is complaining about every other advertisement we've seen since marketing became a technique. But to the main point: God made animals so you can eat them? That must mean that God made opium so I can do Heroin. Do you see the logic in either of these? Is meat tasty, damn straight! but heroin feels good too. There are a lot of arguments I would like to make for not eating animals, but judging from the responses there will be a knee jerk reaction to anything that I say about animals feeling pain and having emotions, so how about this: We can grow FIVE times more crops instead of meat on the same land, fifty-six percent of available farmland is used for beef production, and America being 5% of the worlds population consumes 20% of its resources(this includes food, but also energy oh and meat requires more resources than plants).
  • Matt 2010/01/02 22:13:55
    Whether you believe in Neaderthals or Adam and Eve, we didn't last this long on tofu while wearing fig leaves !

    neaderthals adam eve tofu wearing fig leaves
  • Obvious... Matt 2012/02/09 05:36:29
    Obviously a Terrorist
    actually the strongest hypothesis for why "neaderthals" became extinct was due to the fact that their diet primarily consisted on animals so they couldn't handle environmental stresses.
  • Matt Matt 2012/02/09 08:24:31
    In Tennessee, our fruit trees, nut trees and flowering plants are already starting to bloom. This weekend we are expecting a hard frost and this year's crop will be destroyed.

    When the environment becomes "stressed", our hunter gatherers do a lot better than our farmers, due to mobility issues.
  • Bob 2009/12/30 09:55:18
    P E T A = People Eating Tasty Animals! After the Fall, God not only clothed Adam and Eve in animal skins, he also told them and their descendants which animals were safe and appropriate to eat, given the lack of mankind's scientific and medical knowledge at the time!
  • Obvious... Bob 2012/02/09 06:01:53
    Obviously a Terrorist
    oh really? God did that? I'm going to imagine you're not retarded for a second. Did God write the bible? Oh... Well did he have a proxy? He did? Oh you mean mankind? Is that why everything we know about what Jesus said and did was written at least 30 years after his death? Perhaps that's why there are three "Jesuii" in the bible. You know, Magician Jesus who turns water into wine, Angry Jesus who freaks out because of Gambling and Benevolent Jesus who died for your sins. Each one with a different author AND different Jesus. In the end, it seems like it's just something telling you exactly what you want to hear; like you're going to heaven and eat all the animals you want.
  • Carpefriggingdiem 2009/12/08 12:14:29
    The left is completely unhinged. They use women to get their point across. They do the same thing with kids.
  • Marlow ~ Let There Be Light 2009/12/08 03:18:47
    Marlow ~ Let There Be Light
    Well, the ads certainly caught my eye., :-D
  • sglmom 2009/12/08 02:38:43
    They are just .. silly little nuts that don't have a clue. Offensive, yes, Degrade females, yes. Kill animals (instead of protecting them) .. yes .. as well as using donations to pay for those slick ads and all thier staffers to go about and pose.

    Reality is -- DO NOT Give this organization ONE penny of any hard-earned funds .. they are NOT protecting animals at all!
  • Ace~Mr.Giantess~ 2009/12/08 02:10:42
    I hate nakedness.
  • Beccy 2009/12/08 01:52:03
    Although these women are beautiful I think there are some things that should be shared with one special other.
  • *Danno* JYD - SWMTPP 2009/12/07 23:30:25
    *Danno* JYD - SWMTPP
    OMG! A LIBERAL, or group of liberals exploiting Women? Say It Ain't So! /sarc

    I guess these exhibitionists never buy leather purses, shoes, boots, or gloves, eh? That is OK by me as that means my wife and daughter will have a better selection to choose from.

    I have no problem with exploiting women when they want me to ... as long as it doesn't get me in trouble with my wife ... especially when it is my wife asking me to exploit her, but everyone involved in this PETA project prove just how large stupidity can get. Get Off Of The Crack, You Morons!

    Nekkid women = protected animals??? ROTFLMAO! Show the beaver, and spoil the wild. ;o) crack morons nekkid women protected animals rotflmao beaver spoil wild
  • Marlow ... *Danno*... 2009/12/08 03:19:11
    Marlow ~ Let There Be Light
    Great point!
  • *Danno*... Marlow ... 2009/12/08 03:36:32
    *Danno* JYD - SWMTPP
    I know! Ain't I awesome? ROTFLMAO! /sarc
  • none 2009/12/07 20:09:32
  • Lisa 2009/12/07 20:04:10
    Nice of them to exploit women to save a cow. PETA is so back-asswards. I don't understand how they can rationalize this. I personally don't wear real animal fur. I choose not to, nor do I need to - BUT - my ancestors wore animal fur. They used every part of the animal and killed for food and warmth. Don't like it? Too bad. This is how my people survived, and how many still survive. With the economy the way it is, it will be the PETA idiots and their sympathizers who will starve...... unless they know how to survive without grocery stores...... which I doubt. Want to see a panic? Tell the Olsen twins that Starbucks is closing all locations. Idiots..........................
  • Obvious... Lisa 2012/02/09 06:13:21 (edited)
    Obviously a Terrorist
    If by your ancestors you meant Native Americans then I should tell you that it was also common for almost all tribes to have and trade slaves, and slaves that were sick were left to die away from the community. The thing is, we can become better people that don't need these things, and just because we did them in the past when that was all we knew doesn't make it valid now. What do you think the South had to say about this crazy idea that people weren't property? They were probably called idiots too, LUCKILY we have grown past that. Maybe someday we can find that living mammals with a brain, nervous system, emotions and ability to communicate are not food. Oh and you should check you avatar; you know; the picture of the half naked women in a wet-robe-contest showing her ass, before you make a statement with the words exploiting and women in the same sentence.
  • Joe 2009/12/07 19:25:50
    I never wear real fur.
  • Racefish 2009/12/07 19:12:17
    PETA has attempted to get kids to swear off meat by dressing up as carrots and tomatoes, then scaring the hell out of them. And this was done in the Beef State!
    Here's one reason to eat turkeys. swear meat dressing carrots tomatoes scaring beef reason eat turkeys
    This makes no sense at all.
    swear meat dressing carrots tomatoes scaring beef reason eat turkeys
  • Friday 2009/12/07 19:04:03
    If sex sells, I'm not buying any of their weak message. These people are civilian terrorists, the enemy within! Our War on Terror has many fronts. Does Barry get it? weak message people civilian terrorists enemy war terror fronts barry PETA.

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