Perv arrested for public sex with a teddy bear… for the FOURTH TIME !!

Elisa ✦ Knockout™ 2012/06/23 17:19:37

Chris Marshall of Cincinnati cited for pleasuring himself with the stuffed animal !!

That's it hide you teddy's it's baenough you have to hide your kids but now teddy's?

Mug shot of Charles Marshall, arrested for masturbating in public with a teddy bear. Courtesy Cincinnati Police.

For the fourth time in two years, a Cincinnati man was arrested for masturbating in public, with a teddy bear.

Chris Marshall was cited Wednesday for disorderly conduct after he was
caught having sex with the stuffed animal in a public alley, the Smoking
Gun reported.

Employees of the Elm Street Health Clinic spotted him and called police, WKRC Cincinnati reported.

The 28-year-old has three prior convictions for public indecency and
disorderly conduct involving a teddy bear, court records show. It's
unknown whether the same bear was used each time.

The first offense was in February, 2010. Marshall confessed to
"engaging in masturbation with a teddy bear in a men's bathroom,"
Hamilton County Municipal Court records show.

Nine months later he was arrested again, for knowingly engaging in the
indecent act, which officials said had been "an ongoing problem,"
according to court records.

Nine months after that, in August 2011, he was charged with the same
offense, this time in "a place where minors were likely to be present,"
records show.

Marshall served light jail sentences and paid small fines for the misdemeanour crimes, the Smoking Gun reported.

Seriously hide your kids hide your teddy's!!!

Read More: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/perv-arre...

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  • Roy Munson **SL, BD** 2012/08/07 12:56:19
    Roy Munson **SL, BD**
    no way!
  • ninihaha 2012/07/15 18:23:04
    and what's next hide your pets the human race as fallen -.-
  • Erin V. 2012/07/11 12:17:26
    Erin V.
  • drreverol 2012/07/08 17:55:07
    Ew... our society's getting dumber by the second.
  • Eccles 2012/06/27 06:45:28
    Teddy Bears Picnic takes on a whole new meaning.
    This Dude is seriously "whacked"!
  • Aqua Surf BTO-t-BCRA-F 2012/06/26 12:10:03
    Aqua Surf BTO-t-BCRA-F
    Why hasn't this nut been put in jail or the looney bin? Jackass judges and law enforcement.
  • Brynn 2012/06/26 03:59:09
    HAHAH!!! Wow I thought I was a freak.
  • Bureauc 0Bamao 2012/06/26 03:12:49
    Bureauc 0Bamao
    So how long before some loons insist on legislation to protect teddy bears?
  • Philo® ~PWCM~JLA ✩ 2012/06/25 19:20:58
  • jmc07806-PWCM-JLA 2012/06/25 18:43:23
    Maybe he should be an Obama advisor.
  • gaylehelen 2012/06/25 17:34:26
    He needs to be locked up. Whack job. (no pun intended, although funny).
  • tywon.smith 2012/06/25 14:54:18
    Guess some people just can't get a girl!
  • S. Gompers 2012/06/25 14:21:53
    S. Gompers
    They grow them weird in Cincinnati.
  • Ashley 2012/06/25 12:58:54
  • JohnT 2012/06/24 18:05:01
    It is the old story not enough mental institutions that will take these folks because no money to keep them open. So you take this mental case and keep citing him for a misdemeanor and he ends up back in society to repeat his creepy deed time and again. So until we actually have funding for human needs It is a continual hamster wheel. Keep putting mental cases in prison that will solve everything, Not.
  • sandra 2012/06/24 15:30:23 (edited)
    Sicko !

    I wish they would bring back medieval public punishment device
  • thecutesttentacle 2012/06/24 08:11:39
  • Born to Rock 2012/06/24 05:42:39
    Born to Rock
    what the hell
  • Wayne TH G 333 2012/06/24 02:29:52
  • joe ramirez 2012/06/24 01:32:45
    joe ramirez
    This is the kind of stuff that ruins good reading on this site,why even bother with junk like this?
  • Elisa ✦... joe ram... 2012/06/24 01:46:24 (edited)
    Elisa ✦ Knockout™
    Ok and no one asked you to read it but if you have children or female family members and live in Cincinnati this might be important information. So yeah thanks for your comment but no one asked you to read it and please don't tell me what i should or shouldn't post.
  • Red Branch 2012/06/24 01:23:15
    Red Branch
    I am not familiar with the hierarchy of sex crimes, but isn't indecent exposure more serious than disorderly conduct?
  • Elisa ✦... Red Branch 2012/06/24 01:53:21
    Elisa ✦ Knockout™
    well if it's in public and around children yes i would think so.
  • Me 2012/06/24 00:27:27
    wow...geeezzzz...dirty man
  • Dub 2012/06/23 21:58:11
    Damnit keep your self love to yourself. No one wants to watch.
  • gbudavid 2012/06/23 21:35:47
    A real Jewel... They ought to nail his nuts to a wooden Picnic table Douse it in Diesel,Set afire,and give him a spork jewel nail nuts wooden picnic table douse dieselset afireand spork
  • sandra gbudavid 2012/06/24 15:41:43 (edited)
    LOL, and this is real painful to, epiladyEPILADY.
    Or a weekly body waxing body waxing
  • Elisa ✦... sandra 2012/06/24 17:32:04 (edited)
    Elisa ✦ Knockout™
    hahaha have you seen? "The 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It" It's hilarious i think you'd like it especially the scene with waxing.
  • sandra Elisa ✦... 2012/06/24 20:49:20 (edited)
    LOL, I will have to watch that .
    I haven`t seen it yet, but I tried to wax my legs once and had to stop , way too painful. lol
    And that (Epilady) hair remover hurts even worse by plucking out the hairs a few at a time. I remember the one and only time I used it I remember thinking it would be a great tool of torture LOL.
    My friends boyfriend was cheating on her at that time , and I told her to torture him with it by taking out his hairs (you know where) a few at a time .....LOL It was funny at the time but I was alot younger then.
    The things we go through to look beautiful and hair free, lol
  • Elisa ✦... sandra 2012/06/24 21:52:38
    Elisa ✦ Knockout™
    Yikes!! I wax all the time i don't even feel it, as a matter of fact i don't think i have any hair anywhere accept my head, lol.I don't think i know what epilady is lol. But plucking hurts like hell!! AHHHH!! Good for him i would have plucked his eye brows lol. lol i think you'd like it if you've seen all those films :P
  • sandra Elisa ✦... 2012/06/24 23:58:14
    LOL, did it hurt you when you first started waxing?
  • Elisa ✦... sandra 2012/06/25 02:43:05
    Elisa ✦ Knockout™
    lol ofcourse allot haha!! Oh and yes if guys only knew what we go through to look good. :)
  • sandra Elisa ✦... 2012/06/25 02:47:05 (edited)
    LOL, Yes, what we go through to look good for them ...thanks
  • Elisa ✦... sandra 2012/06/25 14:06:26
    Elisa ✦ Knockout™
    yep they sure don't. You're welcome girlie :)
  • ninihaha sandra 2012/07/15 18:26:11 (edited)
    that machine my om has it and she wanted to depilate me whit it
    thank godness i ran away XD or else my legs wold suffer...
  • sandra ninihaha 2012/07/23 07:23:29
    ha-ha I would have ran away to. lol
  • IChangedMyNameAgain 2012/06/23 21:29:04
    Well, that's a little...completely nasty...
  • Inquisitve Kat 2012/06/23 18:28:29
    Inquisitve Kat
    "Nine months after that, in August 2011, he was charged with the same
    offense, this time in "a place where minors were likely to be present,"
    records show." - This man needs to be closely monitored!
  • Elisa ✦... Inquisi... 2012/06/23 18:42:41
    Elisa ✦ Knockout™
    Yes i fully agree he defines the definition of creeper.
  • Red Branch Inquisi... 2012/06/24 01:24:16
    Red Branch
    Yep, in an 8x8 cell.

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