Paul & Linda McCartney and or John Lennon & Yoko Ono: Which is the better couple?

Beatles lover 2011/07/27 05:47:00
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Paul&Linda McCartney
John Lennon & Yoko Ono
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  • Lydecho Rain (Лидия) 2012/03/15 03:07:37 (edited)
    John Lennon & Yoko Ono
    Lydecho Rain (Лидия)
    So good together! Both were into art and music, they both had a lot of similar interests, etc. Not to mention that I love John Lennon more than I like Paul, but he's good too
  • Jacqueline Thurbridge 2011/11/07 09:18:56
  • M0derated 2011/08/31 22:03:53
    Paul&Linda McCartney
    John an Yoko fought like friggin cats and dogs. lol Paul was seemingly devoted to Linda....at least they got caught with pot together! lol
  • el 2011/08/29 20:04:48
    Paul&Linda McCartney
    I think john Lennon is the best beatle, but Yoko seemed horrid and john was a changed person once involved with her D;
  • Linda McCartney 2011/07/27 07:34:15
    Paul&Linda McCartney
    Linda McCartney
    Me and my love
  • Sam 2011/07/27 06:22:52
    Paul&Linda McCartney
    Yoko Ono is a horrible human being.
  • Kat Ell... Sam 2011/07/27 07:59:43
    Kat Elliott
    I heard she sold John's stuff in an auction after he died. She is Still milking his image with her bad music and using him in an embarrassing ways. She never gave anything to Julian not even a penny.
  • Sam Kat Ell... 2011/07/27 08:02:28
    She's horrible to everybody. Recently somebody walked past a security guard into her building (which is technically not allowed since it's a private building). She rode the elevator with the person and then called security on the guy without even talking to him. I think the poor guy even had to serve some jail time, all for daring to violate the sanctity of an apartment building Yoko has no right being in anyways.
  • Kat Ell... Sam 2011/07/27 08:10:42
    Kat Elliott
    How could John fall in love with such a woman?
    It puzzles me because even though he had his faults he seemed like a nice guy.
  • Sam Kat Ell... 2011/07/28 05:37:45
    I have been thinking about your question for like 10 minutes and I don't know. I think if you are going to go textbook though the fact that yoko was already crazy enough when they met that she was probably one of the few people John met at the height of his career who didn't care about his accomplishments or respect him already probably had something to do with it. That is sometimes the way it happens where somebody who is famous settles down with the one person who didn't make them feel famous.
  • cheaperthantherapy 2011/07/27 06:21:27
    John Lennon & Yoko Ono
    Paul and Linda got divorced….and Linda reported that Paul stabbed her in the face with a fork. That kind of loses my vote.
    Not really a fan of Yoko, but at least this song came from their relationship. One of my favorites :)
  • RosaG cheaper... 2011/08/12 13:12:13
    Uhm no! Paul and Linda did NOT get divorced, she died of breast cancer. I think you're confused with his second wife Heather Mills...
  • Moonbeams 2011/07/27 06:14:20
    Paul&Linda McCartney
    May Pang can tell you first hand about John and Yoko! ;)
  • Pretend Sk8ter Chick117 2011/07/27 05:48:47
    Paul&Linda McCartney
    Pretend Sk8ter Chick117
    Yoko seems a lil crazy to me

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