One word story! (MEGA FUN!)

One word story! (MEGA FUN!)

WARNING! This group is very random! Don't be turned off it just cos it's not an RP, it's too much fun, read canvas for more!

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The one word story is where you start a story with just one word, then someone else does the next word, then you repond with another word. It might sound boring, but when you come up with stories like "the big nostril" and "superman and tights in Hampstwaite" you can see just how random and silly they get!!! Start off a discussion with a silly title, or respond to someone else's story with one word and let the randomness begin! Remember, it may not be an RP, but the theme still involves 2 or more people to get it going, and it can be loads of fun! :D :D :D


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Start a title and make it silly (or serious) so that people can start with one word. Remember, it's one word per person and you have to take it in turns!


And once you've finished writing a story with someone, you can post the whole thing here and let others see it and comment!


If you don't know how to play a one word story, or if you just want help or to chat, put a discussion here!

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