On a percent age scale of 0-100 how sure are you that them world WON'T end this year?

Kezzi Morris 2012/12/06 22:41:12
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  • ghostrider 2012/12/10 05:10:20
    Let's talk about this again on the 22nd.
  • Red 2012/12/09 23:09:16
  • lagrenouille 2012/12/09 02:09:59
    the world as we know it may end, but that doesn't mean the world itself will, say, fall apart this year
  • RS 2012/12/08 05:55:29
    One never knows but I am fairly sure it won't.
  • Scheißegal 2012/12/08 03:37:51
    Well the WORLD, but there's always chance of some idiot bombing us.
  • kathy 2012/12/08 02:24:27
    suppose to be 0-10%-well its in God's hands---thy will be done-not mine
  • Scheißegal kathy 2012/12/08 03:38:23
    ^Suggesting that a god makes these decisions.
  • Raised By Wolves 2012/12/08 01:41:34
    Raised By Wolves
    We would already be dead...their calendar already ended.
  • Jim 2012/12/07 19:27:45
    I meant 100%. The Bible states in the Book of Revelation, that the earth is going to be renovated with fire and that God's kingdom will reign on Earth.
  • DutchHeretic-Social Equalist 2012/12/07 16:06:07 (edited)
    DutchHeretic-Social Equalist
    101% sure

    This MYTH is all based on the Mayan calendar's end of the year.

    The Mayan calendar proves that they were right about the end of the geological year which is on December 21 when the solar cycle 365 days 6 hours = 1year ends on the shortest day/longest night in the norther hemisphere..
    Then a new geological year (the days are getting longer again) starts

    It also proves that our Gregorian calendar ending on December 31 is 10 days wrong. meaning: it runs 10 days behind

    Relax... nothing will happen, we only need to find a living Mayan to make a new calendar, taking off where the old one ended.. (joke)
    The Mayan Calendar version 2.0 :P
  • Patent1 2012/12/07 15:21:29
    The Mayans were attacked by the Spanish and killed off before they could finish their calender. Or maybe the last day is the day the last Mayan dies.
  • DRNK - immer Happy Hour! 2012/12/07 14:53:31
  • Thank you but no... 2012/12/07 14:22:30
    Thank you but no...
    Just as likely/unlikely as it was last year or next year
  • Guru_T_Firefly 2012/12/07 14:04:29
    I'll go the full 100%.
  • socokid 2012/12/07 12:59:50
  • Jan 2012/12/07 11:54:51
    Not before the second coming of Christ.
  • JustMe 2012/12/07 11:53:09
    I'll bet everything I have that it won't
  • ocean tamer 2012/12/07 11:52:18
    ocean tamer
    100%. mayan calender meme
    mayan calender meme
    mayan calender meme
  • Luke 2012/12/07 11:33:28
    Don't stop paying your bills just yet.....
  • sneekyfoot 2012/12/07 11:27:56
    I never worry about abrupt events in the universe hitchhikers guide to the universe
  • Macy 2012/12/07 10:33:14
    world ending is probably tha most stupid thing ive heard -_-
  • Kozmo, Kostable of the Kust... 2012/12/07 10:32:21
    Kozmo, Kostable of the Kustodian
  • Super ludum 2012/12/07 09:29:28 (edited)
  • Thank y... Super l... 2012/12/07 14:24:18
    Thank you but no...
    This is true whether you follow god or not. It is impossible to worry when you're dead.
  • Super l... Thank y... 2012/12/08 07:50:28
  • Thank y... Super l... 2012/12/08 19:14:40
    Thank you but no...
    "Gods promise to his followers..was He will protect his own in these days..." Only evidence for this is hearsay.

    All you are doing here is preaching. Persuasion requires evidence and argument.

    What you propose at the end is couched as a threat. I would never be pressured into believing. Technically that is impossible anyway.
  • Super l... Thank y... 2012/12/09 02:12:30
  • Thank y... Super l... 2012/12/09 19:23:12
    Thank you but no...
    Because, if you are a believing Christian, you KNOW you will go to hell UNLESS you at least attempt to convert me.
  • Super l... Thank y... 2012/12/10 01:03:53
  • Thank y... Super l... 2012/12/10 01:48:57
    Thank you but no...
    Laugh all you like. If you are a Christian you know this, unless you have been lax on reading your holy book.

    Mark 16:15, “And He said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature.”

    2nd Corinthians 5:10-11, “For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad. Knowing therefore the terror of the Lord, we persuade men...”

    Matthew 28:19-20 (commonly referred to as “The Great Commission.”) “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.”
  • Super l... Thank y... 2012/12/10 02:03:32 (edited)
  • Thank y... Super l... 2012/12/10 14:40:35
    Thank you but no...
    ? I'm sorry but your English is so poor I don't actually understand what you mean.
  • Super l... Thank y... 2012/12/11 06:02:31
  • michael 2012/12/07 09:08:36
    Im not ready to go yet
  • Super l... michael 2012/12/08 07:51:42
  • Killing for Love 2012/12/07 07:28:40
    Killing for Love
    Come on peoples,we need to hope for the 0.000000000000000000000000000...
  • Super l... Killing... 2012/12/08 07:52:06
  • Killing... Super l... 2012/12/10 04:29:51
  • jjvoodoo 2012/12/07 07:04:58
    if you know anything about the mayan calander you know they said nothing about the world ending, the calendar ended (which it had to cuz the used circle calendars) and people flipped tits
  • Justin Bolander 2012/12/07 06:39:31
    Justin Bolander
    We won't know till that day comes & goes.

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