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  • Emmalicious5412 2013/01/24 07:10:49
    hi I'm only 13 ok so what happens if your boyfriend wants a kiss and u already told him no and your friends are rushing u and pushing u to him to kiss and my boyfriend already knows I don't want to kiss him until the right or perfect moment but at the same time I want to kiss him but I don't know how to because this is my first kiss.

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  • Lena Greene 2015/04/08 23:40:20
    Lena Greene
    IT IS MY FIRST KISS I AM FREAKING OUT I am only 10 years old
  • Deeznuts Lena Gr... 2015/05/13 23:18:00
    Just some advice.... If you are only 10 years old then why are you kissing,trying or wanting to kiss a boy
  • emma 2014/05/13 05:21:51
  • emma 2014/05/13 05:11:13
    omg i just don`t know how to kiss anyone my boyfriend always tries to kiss me but i run away today i went to the movies with him he wanted to kiss me but i told him i have to go to bathroom cause i dont know how to kiss a boy and it`s my first kiss at the moment i came back i knew he will kiss me so i just relaxed he kissed me but i normally kiss him right so he asked me why i i was running away and i told him it was my first kiss and i don`t know how to kiss so ya it went well my first kiss
  • Bunnywabbitgirl1357 2014/02/24 23:24:07
    I'm scared to kiss him and I think ill mess it up and he wants to kiss me but I haven't kissed a boy before ;( or anyone for that matter x
  • ToughLovet Bunnywa... 2014/11/12 19:05:03
    Okay first of all calm down kissing is very easy just never make your first kiss a French kiss ok. You gentle touch your lips against his and touch gently and wvala! Your first kiss yay! Keep cool and don't stress ! Enjoy!
  • Cupcake101 2013/10/08 15:28:51
    hey thats the same wit me im nervous but my friends keep pushing me into him and he asked me if i wanted to kiss and i just dont know what to say. I really like him and he likes me aswel
  • holly taylor 2013/05/04 20:26:08
    holly taylor
    hey, me and my boyfriend haven't kissed yet either, and there are so many couples that haven't. I know he wants to kiss me, because we started playing the double dares game (truth, dare, huge, promise, kiss and snog) he chose kiss. But, same as you I was petrified! And I still am today! So, I know its scary but, if you catch him looking at you (and you are alone) then just lean in and go for it. Oh and a bit of advice, go for the natural look. My friends have told me that wearing lipstick or lipgloss ruins thekiss and makes it slippery and slimey (eww!) Good luck!
  • Michelle monroe 2013/01/31 21:59:48
    Michelle monroe
    Just let it happen it feels wierd at first but then u get used to it its wonderful!!!
  • des Michell... 2014/02/11 22:52:38
  • molly Michell... 2014/06/28 20:40:29
    My boyfriend wants to winch me like snog and we haven't even kissed
  • Emmalicious5412 2013/01/24 07:10:49
    hi I'm only 13 ok so what happens if your boyfriend wants a kiss and u already told him no and your friends are rushing u and pushing u to him to kiss and my boyfriend already knows I don't want to kiss him until the right or perfect moment but at the same time I want to kiss him but I don't know how to because this is my first kiss.
  • riley Emmalic... 2013/02/19 05:37:40
    i am also 13, and i was also in the same position you are. if i were you i would let it happen. once you get it over with you will want it more and more. me and my boyfriend started out with a peck and now we are french kissing. its not that scary. believe me. he was my first kiss. just breathe and let it all fall into place(:
  • amber c... Emmalic... 2014/02/09 23:36:10 (edited)
    amber chinchy
    It's not really a big deal ! I mean you may feel really weird about it ! And I did to but like , you have to do it when you want to all you do is close your eyes and hope that its over soon and take a deep breath before !
  • ToughLovet Emmalic... 2014/11/12 19:00:50
    Hi Emma, it all depends on how long you've known him and how well you know him. Now Im not goIing to tell you about when to love so Iif you feel like you are ready then go for it never do a first kiss as a French kiss I found that out the hard way I lost my heart hard so please be careful and make sure you feel like he is the one and that you are ready for it. Xoxo
  • paula Emmalic... 2015/04/29 18:23:44
    I had my first kiss when I was 13. Seriously I had no idea what I was doing and I was very unsure of what I was doing and unsure of wether I wanted to kiss him or not But I just went with it and it worked out fine.... As you get further into the relationship You will start to build up to longer and more passionate kisses. Its really worth it.
  • chaddea Emmalic... 2015/06/02 03:45:41
    Omg I am in the same situation and I am 11 i dont know what to do
  • kelsey 2012/09/02 21:20:51
    lisen if you are 13 or 12 like me i know how you feel you feel all gitery or you feel like your going to throwup!!!!! and your friends mite be preshering you but IT WILL BE FINE!!!!!!!! you'll know when to kiss him when the time is right .=)
  • tay coates kelsey 2012/12/17 02:23:46
    tay coates
    Ok I'm 12 and I don't know what to do we hold hands and hug but he wants to kiss now and iv never kissed before and I don't want to tell me mom?? What do I do~Taylor 
  • annabco... tay coates 2013/01/01 11:43:00
    Just chill. And hold on to it. Don't kiss him unless you love him. People act like it's not a big thing but it is.
  • amber c... tay coates 2014/02/09 23:39:26
    amber chinchy
    I never told my mom about it but I wrote in a journal about it , it helped and its a good feeling and you. Don't rush . Just take a deep breath and lean into him and hope that its over soon !!
  • zannah.gilbert.3 2012/07/30 22:17:29
    Look i was only 8 when i had my first kiss. Thats right. 8! I wasted my first kiss. Im glad u held on to ur first kiss till now. U luv im right? Then just kiss him wen the time comes and dont be nervouse. HELL LOVE IT!!!
  • stacey zannah.... 2013/10/29 10:57:56
    I am 11 my first date is to day but my mum dose not we are going out she thinks it is his brithday he said we should try KISSING i am so nerves what do i do and it is at 6:00help
  • Taylor zannah.... 2015/04/07 00:16:00
    But even if I'm at a young age, like 14, will it still be okay because I'm so scared. He hugs me all the time and on top of that I'm shy.
  • alex 2011/05/09 15:40:51
    me and my bf have kissed and i have to say that it was the best ever. Guys love it when girls dress up sexy and wear lipstick or lip gloss.Try to look as sexy as possible,but don't look slutty,that will turn him off.Hang around the girls more often,analyze and see what it is that they do,and how they get their boyfriends to kiss them.Your only fifteen don't rush it,trust me he'll kiss you when he is ready.You can't force men to kiss you,if he likes you he's gonna wait for the right moment to kiss you.If that doesn't work,show him how much you like him and kiss him.
  • kelsey 2010/10/14 16:26:51
    me and my boyfriend kiss but have never accualy snogged so im just as scared as you neither of us have ever properly snogged but im just staying calm and just gonna go with the flow thats the best thing to do.if hes kissed any one before just start kissing and he will take lead!! we only live once make th most of it. hope i helped!xxx
  • annabco... kelsey 2010/11/08 03:56:58
    lolz, he hasn't kissed anyone either, xD lolz, thanks though :)
  • hannahb... kelsey 2013/06/03 22:38:26
    Don't worry you'll be fine I've kessed my boyfriend loads and I'm only 12, I haven't snogged him yet tho that's what I'm worried about, any help?xx
  • des hannahb... 2014/02/11 22:51:44
    Don't worry I really want to kiss mine but I never kissed anyone before and I'm really nervous I'll do something wrong
  • LaneThe... des 2014/12/05 23:41:17
    Same. I'm 13 abd I just got my first boyfriend today.. Apparently he's already talking to his friends about kissing me, and it would be ok and I want to because we were friends for a while before he asked me out, but I'm nervous cuz I've never kissed anyone before
  • Oleander 2010/03/14 21:04:29
    You are 13, correct? I hardly think you are "in love" as you put it, but you should still go with the flow. If you like this boy, then have at. If it just doesn't feel right, then don't worry about it. Your time will come. You will know when the time is right... 13 correct love flow boy feel worry
  • annabco... Oleander 2010/03/21 20:32:09
  • Oleander annabco... 2010/03/22 03:07:14
    I like your spunk!! Hell, yeah you should have dumped him!! But it's ok. it will hurt like hell for a long time but eventually you will find someone that will make him absolutely green with jealousy. Revenge!!!! hahahhahahahahahaha!!!! spunk yeah dumped hurt eventually absolutely green jealousy revenge hahahhahahahahahaha
  • annabco... Oleander 2010/03/22 14:41:17
    yep. AND that person will put ME first! not a stupid video game! Did you know he wouldn't even talk to me, because he was playing video games with his friends?! GOD! I FELT LIKE I WAS MARRIED AND GETTING TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF! It was terrible. so my next guy will be my success case, and then he will be green with envy, because Success. is the BEST. revenge.... MWAHAHAHAHAH!
  • Oleander annabco... 2010/03/22 21:04:52
    Way to go chick. That's the spirit!
  • annabco... Oleander 2010/03/23 23:58:48
    Now, I just need to find the best guy....
  • Oleander annabco... 2010/03/24 00:07:03
    Just don't pick a shallow douche next time lmfao
  • annabco... Oleander 2010/03/24 15:49:46
    I'll try not to... I'm not making any promises though.
  • Oleander annabco... 2010/03/25 22:00:21
    Well, even if you do, he won't be the last. I mean, even the shrew was tamed...
  • annabco... Oleander 2010/03/27 02:30:26
    woohoo! A saying I DON'T understand! EXPLAIN! EXPLAIN! I love to learn about words..

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