Okay Should it be a law that parents can force their daughter into having an abortion against HER moral beliefs?

Turquoise57 2008/09/13 20:51:56
Absolutly NOT!!
Well YES, they are the parents.
None of the above
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  • Cassie 2009/10/31 03:21:01
    Absolutly NOT!!
    Its Up To The Girl But I Really Dont Like The Idea Of An Abortion, Unless Theres A Really Good Reason. Like If The Girl Got Raped. But Its Always Up To A Girl. I Was Raised Thinking That Its Wrong To Have An Abortion And Now That I'm Older I Desided To Keep That Out Look On It.
  • Self - Deactivation. 2009/03/08 04:31:07
    Absolutly NOT!!
    Self - Deactivation.
    this is a personal choice with long lasting emotional baggage; no one should ever be forced
  • rmcfarclark 2008/09/14 15:28:33
    None of the above
    it seems wrong to force someone to have an abortion but what if they dont have any money and the parents are going to have to take care of it? and what if they dont want to? and what if the girl does not have enough money to support it on her own i mean what do u do then?
  • November_Venom 2008/09/14 00:38:23
    Absolutly NOT!!
    It's up to the mother whether she wants to keep her kid or not.
  • Deleted 2008/09/13 22:00:53
  • Suicide is Painless~<3 Rev~<3 2008/09/13 21:39:31
    Absolutly NOT!!
    Suicide is Painless~<3 Rev~<3
    I'm pro choice for everyone.
  • Blairwitch 2008/09/13 21:10:49
    Absolutly NOT!!
    there should be a limit to what parents can control regarding their childrens lives, I think if some one forced this on their child, they are asking for VERY big trouble down the road. Also, it just sort of smacks as downright abusive, sort of like female circumcision or even rape...ya know what I mean?
  • I'm Left, You're Wrong 2008/09/13 20:56:07
    None of the above
    I'm Left, You're Wrong
    That would depend on the age of the child. If the child is under 18, the so-called "age of reason", then there could be some argument that the parents, having the best interest of the child in mind, could force her to terminate the pregnancy.
  • OhioCri... I'm Lef... 2008/09/13 21:31:16 (edited)
    OhioCritter-Adopt a Homeless Pet
    omg I agreeing with you again - Yikes-

    But yes I would have to say the age of the daughter would have to be taken into account. And if the daughter is under 18 a minor- so does the

    legal responsibility of the baby (their grandchild) become their responsiblity??? till the daughter turns 18 or till the grandchld turns 18??

    Can or Does the parents have the right to make daughter put the child up for adoption???
  • I'm Lef... OhioCri... 2008/09/13 22:42:09
    I'm Left, You're Wrong
    I knew you'd come around sooner or later...LOL...pretty soon you'll be agreeing with me ALL the time ;-)

    As long as the child is under 18, I THINK the parents do assume responsibility for the health and well being of the baby, if in fact they choose to have the baby, rather than abort.

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