Okay, Just Get Your Head Out of Your Arse . . . Please

When the robber Barons were looting wall street, making off with millions, and costing people their jobs and their life savings, we were pissed. And rightly so. Enron, Tyco, GM, the list goes on and on of company execs who made millions while their employes took it up the old poop chute.

So . . .consider this . .. abuse of the public trust if you would. Supposedly the 787 billion dollar economic stimulus plan created or saved 640,329 jobs. Well maybe not quite that many.
In Illinois, state and federal officials claimed that the stimulus had saved 473 jobs in a Northern Chicago school district . . .that only employees 290 people. Officials also claimed 166 jobs were saved in the Wilmette schools....the real number . . .yeah 0. The 382 jobs saved in Dolton-RIverdale . . .ummmm that is 142 more than the district employes.
Alabama housing authority said that a $540,071 grant would create 7.280 jobs. They missed by the narrowest of margins . . .7,266.
ABC News reported that a shoe store in Campbellsville, Kentucky created 9 jobs from a $890 grant for 9 pairs of work boots for the Army Corps of engineers
And who can forget the 30 jobs saved or created in the 15th congressional district in Arizona . . .oh hell don't let the fact that there are only 8 congressional districts there bother you.
So really, come on now...get your head out of your anal orifice and please tell me once again how the federal government . . the same group of nimrods who brought you this pile of heaping bovine excrement, the same intellectual giants who have Medicare and Social Security in the hole by billions . . .are going to make healthcare affordable . . . pardon me but that deserves a good old fashioned bull shit call
If you have any modicum of grey matter between the external auditory meatus of your head, you would realize they cannot do it. America is being sold out, bit by bit, piece by piece, by those elected to defend our sovereign nation. Enough is enough
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  • safari 2009/12/06 08:19:21 (edited)
    Darn it, why aren't there any pictures of sheeple with their heads up their arse?

    Oh wait, these will work!

    darn pictures sheeple heads arse wait work

    darn pictures sheeple heads arse wait work

    darn pictures sheeple heads arse wait work

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  • Kane Fernau 2009/12/07 20:19:20
    Kane Fernau
    Oh come on!!!! Barack Hussein is the CHOSEN ONE!!!!!
  • Winnel Kane Fe... 2009/12/07 23:57:17
  • Kane Fe... Winnel 2009/12/08 16:44:30
    Kane Fernau
  • Loree 2009/12/07 14:45:11
    The whole thing makes me crazy. Does anyone know of any way to put the Healthcare and Stimulus bills to referendum on the 2010 ballot? And how about term limits for those self serving idiots in Washington. Since they're incapable of governing themselves, it's past time we did it for them!
  • Yep I Did It. So? 2009/12/07 14:04:37
  • Lulu 2009/12/07 01:26:27
    It is all BS
  • Nancy 2009/12/06 23:31:53
    I've said it over and over again, Gore, Obama, Clinton, Pelosi and other Dems are getting richer and richer and paying for nothing on their own. Pelosi's flower budget is more than 35K/yr - if she wants to send condolences she uses OUR money not hers and she's independently wealthy - we get screwed and screwed and screwed - all the while they point their fingers at the Conservatives - Gore owns a cable company in Tennessee and everyone alive knows just how well you get screwed by them......
  • Shell 2009/12/06 16:51:13
    If social medical care works in Canada, why couldn't it work here in the US?
  • Winnel Shell 2009/12/06 21:36:53
  • Loree Shell 2009/12/07 14:49:10
    It' doesn't work in Canada. I have a Canadian friend, who is now a US Citizen (did it legally, too... how refreshing) who lives in South Florida and has Canadian visitors all the time so that they can get medical care. The situation in Canada is deplorable and we don't want it here.

    Remember, the members of the House and Senate have exempted themselves from their health care plan. Why is that if it's so bloody good?
  • jitko Loree 2009/12/21 16:32:38
    It IS "bloody good." Good enough for the peons, serfs and lackeys.
  • jitko Shell 2009/12/21 16:27:52
    I know someone who moved FROM Canada because he was told he would have to wait six months to see a doctor. The reason? His age. Because he is in his early sixties, he does not merit prompt treatment. How dumb would the Canadian health industry feel if they treated the man and then he died a few years later?
  • Informed Voter 2009/12/06 16:19:19
    Informed Voter
    And has ANYONE been paying attention to the "robber barons" at the East end of Constitution Ave?

    Oh, it's ok to blame Bush for the Economy, but what about the unmitigated disaster that is the 111th and 112th Congress under Premiere Pelosi and her 1st and 2nd Politburo?
  • Winnel Informe... 2009/12/06 21:37:32
  • GRZwoman 2009/12/06 14:16:25
    Good post and you said it all! End the Fed. Kick them all out! You are right enough is enough and it is past time to kick them all out and take America back. We love America, we value our freedom and our rights, and we are sick to death of being scammed,ripped off and lied to and about. Thanks for sharing.
  • BK 2009/12/06 14:00:21
    Yeah, I can't see the health care solution being any better than the health care problem. The government sucks at managing money.
  • Annette 2009/12/06 13:47:06
    This reminds me of the nursery rhyme - Old Mother Hubbard - ever wonder why she her cupboard was always bare? the bone was supposed to be there and wasn't. Interesting parallel.
  • betz Annette 2009/12/06 13:58:24
    ...and so her poor doggie had NONE!
  • GRZwoman Annette 2009/12/06 14:17:16
    Probably given to acorn or seiu.
  • troy82 - Christ is returnin... 2009/12/06 13:41:48
    troy82 - Christ is returning, Today!
    but wait, it gets better - start taxing the rich to pay for absolutely everything - you know, those making over $250,000.00 a year, WHILE saying nobody has the right to make over $300,000.00 a year and cutting salaries to that level, PLANNING to tax them at 60-70% WHILE saying nobody making under $250,000.000 a year will see one cent in more taxation.....does anyone in washington even own a calculator? ???
    $300,000.00 minus 60% [ future minimum] = $120,000.00 TAKE HOME`...
    $250,000.00 - 30%[ current approximation] =$175,000.00 TAKE HOME.......

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