Ok; Who has watched a super old 60's scarey movie called "Whatever Happened to Aunt Alice?"

Tamara McMillan 2011/07/11 15:41:49
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I saw this as a child at the Drive-in! Scared me big time then. Have any of you seen it??? It is actually out in DVD! Husband bought it for me on-line last Christmas!

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  • Link 2011/09/03 14:44:20
    I watched it a million years ago... barely remember it, but I did see it...
  • Tamara ... Link 2011/09/03 15:03:21
    Tamara McMillan
    It was a million years ago! Haha . . . I was under 10 and saw it at a drive-in so that tells you how long ago it has been!!!
  • Shelby 2011/07/14 05:24:31
    No, never saw it or heard of it!
    Who's in it and what's it about?
  • Tamara ... Shelby 2011/08/12 18:18:34
    Tamara McMillan
    So sorry just now getting back to you. . . I see where fuzzy Ken supplied a Video of it so thanks to Ken you can see who stars by that. It is OLD so I doubt you will know any of the stars. It is about a bitter old lady who goes thru house-keepers often and has special ways to fertilize her trees!
  • Shelby Tamara ... 2011/09/09 03:24:33
    that's ok. oh lovely old lady. sounds like something i'd watch, lol. thanks.
  • Tamara ... Shelby 2011/09/10 00:10:50
    Tamara McMillan
    Hmm; you talking about the woman in the movie being an old lovely lady or me??? I ain't quite that old yet! haha
  • Shelby Tamara ... 2011/09/16 00:42:28
    lol. no not you, the woman in the film. course you're not old! many, many miles to go.
  • Tamara ... Shelby 2011/09/16 03:25:53
    Tamara McMillan
    Thanks for saying that. . I agree; hopefully anyway!
  • Tamara ... Shelby 2011/09/03 15:06:01
    Tamara McMillan
    It was made waaaay back in the 60s and has stars you'd not know today as such. About a mean old woman and what she does to her hired help. Someone posted a trailer to it in this poll so if you search you will find it and it explains it all better than I could. I was just a grade schooler when I saw it so it was scarey to me. The idea of it is scarey and since then there have been actual true life cases of simular things happening. For all I know the movie itself was based on truth.
  • fuzzy Ken "In G*d We Trust" 2011/07/11 15:55:35
    No, never saw it or heard of it!
    fuzzy Ken "In G*d We Trust"
  • Tamara ... fuzzy K... 2011/08/12 18:19:30
    Tamara McMillan
    Thanks (Although late from me. . . sorry) for your answer and video supplied!!!!
  • wamcalif fuzzy K... 2011/09/06 22:52:35
    Those were two big time actresses back in the day. I was thinking it was similar to, "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane" and then the narrator commented on that movie. Baby Jane was certainly a creepy movie to watch in the dark, when you are a kid home alone (Lol).
  • Tamara ... wamcalif 2011/09/07 03:23:02
    Tamara McMillan
    Yes it was and I saw it too. I really liked Wait until Dark too with Audrey Hepburn . . . she was blind and a killer ended up in her home. Good for its time.
  • No, never saw it or heard of it!
    ✯Skittles✯♥Love is Heaven but Hurts like Hell♥
    correction I have heard of it.

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