Obamacare should be defunded because:

PatrioticSue 2013/02/18 23:35:39
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  • Jace 2013/02/18 23:45:46
    All of the above.
    If it was so great, why weren't we allowed to vote for or against it?
  • PatrioticSue 2013/02/18 23:38:35
    All of the above.
    Obamacare never should have been passed. Pelosi didn't have enough votes to pass it in the House. Obama stepped in and wrote an executive order, promising the government would not pay for abortions. He did this because Democrat Bart Stupak and several other House Democrats could not vote for the law if it contained government-funded abortions.

    Well that EO wasn't worth the paper it was printed on. Of course, Obamacare will pay for abortions. The law was passed on a lie from the president.

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2016/02/07 21:54:38

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