Obamacare for Dummies

Sal Monella ~PWCM~JL 2013/04/07 00:50:01
A great website for keeping track of the lies that the left try to spin telling us how wonderful Obamacare will be for all of us, well except for government employees like the US Congress and the executive branch.

Go there. You'll like it. A factual website with factual information to battle the half-truths and outright lies the progressive communists like to tell.

Read More: http://www.obamafordummies.com/obamacare-privacy-c...

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  • ☆stillthe12c☆ 2013/04/08 02:17:37
    They want to know where the gold is I bet as well, so they can come and take it with your guns.
  • Broken 2013/04/07 02:52:23
    Great information! Thanks for posting. Of course the wilfully blind Leftists and the pious followers of Mr. O will either never read it or find some excuse to not believe it will affect them.
  • Sal Mon... Broken 2013/04/07 02:53:47
    Sal Monella ~PWCM~JL
    Yes, if it's not from a trusted lefty website or publication, they pay no heed to whatever it is without question.
  • timberwolf 2013/04/07 02:17:41
    My favorite is the surrent add running "Obamacare911.com.... I love it...
  • Nancy~PWCM~JLA~POTL 2013/04/07 02:02:45
    We are in for the biggest roller coaster ride of and for our lives under ObamaCare. I hope we can survive. Remember if you are under a certain height you cannot ride and if you have a weak heart don't get on it. Hmmm
  • Souless In The Abyss 2013/04/07 01:55:18
  • gldynmd BTO-t-BCRA-F 2013/04/07 01:36:48
    gldynmd BTO-t-BCRA-F
    Thank you!
    obama care nightmare
  • Sal Monella ~PWCM~JL 2013/04/07 01:14:56
    Sal Monella ~PWCM~JL
    Actually, it's more than Obamacare. It's everything about Obama.
  • KilrQueen 2013/04/07 01:14:46
  • Theresa 2013/04/07 01:14:04
    Too bad this site has not been updated.
  • Sal Mon... Theresa 2013/04/07 01:15:46
    Sal Monella ~PWCM~JL
    It's not eh? I liked the Rex 84 program. Kind of like a review of all the stuff Obama has in store for us that we've long forgotten about. You can bet he and his handlers haven't.
  • Theresa Sal Mon... 2013/04/07 01:17:13
    Oh I have not forgotten anything this fraud has planned for us.
  • 56lady☆POTL JLA BTO-t- BCRA... 2013/04/07 01:10:06
    56lady☆POTL JLA BTO-t- BCRA-F's
    Thank You ... Thank you !!
    wonderful great website !!

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