Obama speech

lonewolf 2011/01/26 11:45:36
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another speech about nothing.
full of sound and fury, signifying nothing nearly 14 trillion in debt. yet no real engagement of that burden. small potatoes mr. president small potatoes and thin gruel.
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  • Aatifah 2011/01/27 12:48:20
    he spoke of nothing
    did you hear the part about the "electronic textbooks" and the "new high-speed trains"? this guy must be trying to turn america into a Fahrenheit 451 situation...soon the government will be forcing us all to burn our books & drive fast on the highway...there is a such thing as abusing technology and i think that was one of them...giving us electronic textbooks won't solve anything major -___- i still wanna have faith in this president but if i am he's gonna have to come better than that...
  • HendrixFan 2011/01/26 14:07:40
    waste of time
    It was a waste of time...just like his whole presidency has been.
  • lonewolf HendrixFan 2011/01/26 14:10:56
    so true
  • maggiemay 2011/01/26 13:12:49
    he spoke of nothing
    He's better then a sleeping pill for putting me to sleep.

    sleeping pill sleep zzzzzzzz
  • lonewolf maggiemay 2011/01/26 14:04:45
    agreed lol
  • Evil 1 2011/01/26 12:19:43
    waste of time
    Evil 1
    Proving once again and further removing any doubt that Obama is an..............................

    proving removing doubt obama Obama empty suit
  • lonewolf Evil 1 2011/01/26 12:36:44
    oh yeah

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