Obama Photobombed: Hey bro, that's not a good spot to pee

Fef 2012/09/19 03:46:57
President Obama gave a campaign speech in Cincinnati, Ohio while a local decided he couldn't wait for November to cast his ballot.

A Secret Service spokesman asserts that the picture shows a Secret Service agent facing away from the president in order to watch for threats. The Secret Service denies that any urination took place.
obama photo bombed


* "Security breach on east upper lawn, we have a shooter. Over"

* "More White House Leaks"

* "Does a Secret Service agent urinate in the woods?"

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  • Just me ♥ 2012/09/19 03:49:52
    Just me ♥
    If he is watching for threats, why is he looking down? If he was peeing, he now has to register as a sex offender!

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