Obama campaign sinks to a new low - scares seniors to death

Temlakos~POTL~PWCM~JLA~☆ 2012/08/18 14:01:25
How low can Obama go?
Obama is telling the truth!
Everybody does it. Hel-lo-ooo? This is politics!
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That's Barack Obama for you: the Pied Piper of Florida's Villages. Leading away seniors instead of children. Filling them with all sorts of dire messages about what his opponents are going to do.

He's also throwing off on Romney and Ryan, even as he says they are throwing granny off the cliff. He raided Medicare. Paul Ryan would not.

This is only the latest, and the lowest, thing the Obama campaign has done. He throws off blame, takes credit where it is not due, promises the Moon to people, and has something for everybody. Except our soldiers, and anyone trying to keep traditional support systems (family, neighborhood, church) alive. Oh, and did I mention trying to make sure he can vote the cemetery and the prison? (Kudos to Pennsylvania!)

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  • Temlakos~POTL~PWCM~JLA~☆ 2012/08/18 14:03:22
    How low can Obama go?
    Move that limbo bar lower, and lower, and lower. It's one thing to promulgate the Dependency Nation. It's another to lie while you're doing it.

    Seems that every time he opens his mouth, it's a lie.

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  • Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥ 2012/08/18 15:51:55
    How low can Obama go?
    Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥
    Actually, I really don't want to find out how low he can go.

    But none of the seniors in my group home believe a word he says.
  • izzybean 2012/08/18 15:41:19
    Everybody does it. Hel-lo-ooo? This is politics!
    This is politics Chicago style on the national level. Isnt it great?
  • RG izzybean 2012/08/18 19:19:44
    "great?" I don't think so --it's low down - waaay down there.
    Who is "everybody"? --Everybody does it so it's alright? --morality has gone out the window.
  • izzybean RG 2012/08/19 13:14:23
    Since there is no right and wrong in the mind of the left anything you do to win is proper. So whos morality are you talking about? Most likely the morality in Rules for Radicals.
  • RG izzybean 2012/08/19 15:03:04
    Rules for Radicals=no moral compass
  • izzybean RG 2012/08/22 13:01:46
    Only one, win
  • Lee 2012/08/18 15:38:08
    Obama is telling the truth!
    Here is the Obama campaign's position.


    Click on the link. Read the article, and learn something instead of believing the LIES of lying Right Wing LIARS.

    Face the facts Right Wing Nut Jobs.

    Show some real pride for a change.
  • JCD aka... Lee 2012/08/18 15:49:54 (edited)
    JCD aka "biz"
    Thanks for the useful link. "Medicare Advantage is stronger than ever. Premiums are 16% lower and enrollment is 17% higher than it was before the Affordable Health Care passed".

    "Before Obamacare, the government overpaid the private insurance plans in Medicare Advantage".

    No wonder they are angry, and instruct their employees to post Right-Wing lies on SH and many other forums.
  • Mariann... Lee 2012/08/18 20:00:16
  • Lee Mariann... 2012/08/18 22:20:53
    Again . . . Nothing but stupid graphics?

    Don't you poor dumb Right Wing Nut Jobs have the ability to form a coherent argument that supports your claims?

    . . . . apparently not.
  • Blutand... Lee 2012/08/19 14:43:01
    Why would we believe anything from a Barack Obama website??? Are you dense?? HE LIES!
  • Lee Blutand... 2012/08/19 16:28:43
    YOU LIE . . .

    Lying is the default mode for RWNJ Scum, and you know that as well as I do.

  • Mariann... Lee 2012/08/19 22:38:22
    Yup. we know Obama very well.
  • RG 2012/08/18 15:33:06
    How low can Obama go?
    After he has garnered senior's votes, he Will scare them to death - after election he'll show everybody the MOON.
  • marylou5 RG 2012/08/18 18:01:27
    You mean he will MOON them?
  • RG marylou5 2012/08/18 19:01:11
  • Mariann... RG 2012/08/18 20:02:53
  • RG Mariann... 2012/08/18 22:34:51
    He's bowing again. lol
  • Mariann... Mariann... 2012/08/19 00:31:48
    Don't know if he's mooning it or getting ready to crap on it. He must be mooning tho, cause he has already crapped on us.
  • ConLibFraud 2012/08/18 15:26:57
    Everybody does it. Hel-lo-ooo? This is politics!
    Until the American people wise up and stop playing the 2 party game, you are doomed. There is only 1 party and congrats to the NWO for such a good job of dumbing down and programming as to make the sheeple believe there are 2 parties while they rape and pillage America!

    America - Land of the wimpy Sheep and Home of the Slaves!

    It is very clear that only the fema camps will awaken you sheeple from your stupors.
  • izzybean ConLibF... 2012/08/18 15:40:08
    Well trained and educated by the socialist elite from pre school to post graduate. Good job.You get what you raise and the left has raised them well dont you think?
  • ConLibF... izzybean 2012/08/18 16:28:02
    You are so close to getting it!!!! When you play the lefty righty game you lose they win.
  • izzybean ConLibF... 2012/08/19 13:18:01
    No rewriting history to agree with your agenda is what has happened. Leaving out the parts of history that you dont agree with while screaming about indoctrination while doing it yourself and calling it education is what is being taught today in schools. History is history fact is fact. some you like some you dont, but you teach it all and have the student decide. That is not what is happening now
  • ConLibF... izzybean 2012/08/19 14:27:52
  • Seonag 2012/08/18 15:24:46
    How low can Obama go?
    As for the "Everybody does it ... this is politics" argument goes, WE THE PEOPLE have the ability to stop that behavior by voting out those who make promises and then ignore or out-right break them. It is NOT acceptable behavior!
  • izzybean Seonag 2012/08/19 14:39:36
    If everybody does it, why hasnt George Bush said anything? Maybe he sees the office of president of the united states above what is happening now. The office of presidents standards have been lowered to that of someone running for school board in Chicago. It is going to backfire of Obama and his team in Nov.
  • Seonag izzybean 2012/08/19 15:23:10
    Agree. Of course, George Bush (both of them and their spouses) show more class than the couple in the White House right now (or the one who served between the two Bushes.
  • bob'45 2012/08/18 15:23:22
    How low can Obama go?
    Obama's so LOW, he'd have to reach UP to touch Down.
  • Lee bob'45 2012/08/18 15:51:29 (edited)
    I see the concepts of UP and DOWN are just to daunting for a poor dumb RWNJ to comprehend.

    Why am I not surprised?
  • Callaway 2012/08/18 15:22:03
    How low can Obama go?
    I've said this since day one and having experience here in Illinois with how Chitown politicians get elected expect anything and everything expect every low dirty shot, lies, diversion just expect most of the campaign to be fought well below the belt. We don't have our last two Governors in Federal prison for jaywalking politics in this state is a full contact sport. It will only get worse.
  • RG Callaway 2012/08/18 19:23:10
    Great comment!
  • Lee RG 2012/08/19 16:31:01
    Thank you.
  • RG Lee 2012/08/19 16:49:56
    What are you talking about? You must have meant that for someone else.

    I was talking to Callw..............
  • Giantsfan 2012/08/18 15:20:42
    Everybody does it. Hel-lo-ooo? This is politics!
    Kinda reminds you of the "killing grandma" comments that someone was using for months about healthcare reform. Who was that now, let me think, oh I remember it was Sarah Palin and her republican minions.
  • JCD aka... Giantsfan 2012/08/18 19:45:26
    JCD aka "biz"
    I don't think Obama has killed the grandmas, they must have been locked up in the notorious "FEMA concentration camps", with millions of Republicans.

  • Giantsfan JCD aka... 2012/08/18 19:49:12 (edited)
    If only that were true. I'd let the grandma's out and leave the repubs in until they got some common sense. In other words it'd be a life sentance because they'll never have any common sense. lol
  • JCD aka... Giantsfan 2012/08/18 19:56:48
  • Lee JCD aka... 2012/08/19 16:38:29 (edited)
    Millions of Republicans would still have to be fed in concentration camps.

    And that's a waste of money.

    We need to cut costs and decrease the deficit. This is no time to coddle worthless Republicans in concentration camps.

    I say we just close the gates, and let them eat each other.

    The last one to survive will be the most successful and enterprising cold-blooded capitalist of the lot.

    And then we'll make use of his keenly competive insights by employing him as one of Obama's economic advisers.

    Pragmatism in Action !
  • JCD aka... Lee 2012/08/19 19:22:44
    JCD aka "biz"
    Can I have the pole-dancing Tea partier for my breakfast? I don't remember her name.
  • Lee JCD aka... 2012/08/19 19:39:43 (edited)
    Once the gates are closed, we will let healthy competition take its course, unbounded and unfettered by government or any outside influences.

    In other words, one might have breakfast or one might be breakfast.

    It's up to the invisible hand.

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