Nice Person Of The Year!

Astro-Boy 2012/01/04 21:31:31
Comments about Nice Person Of The Year

"Ever since I've 'known' her, Ves has always been consistent in both her words and actions.
She's straight up about her opinions, whether they are "popular" or not, and she sticks to her guns about her personal beliefs.
She was a buddy of mine before either of us joined the phamily, and she's always had my back.
I can't think of a more deserving person..."


"Ves has always been supportive of everything I've done and gone through.
Somethings she's been through and her talking with me about it really
meant a lot to me. Anytime I'm down, she makes me laugh like nothings
wrong and helps me forget all that's going wrong for just a moment and
that means more to me than she'd ever know. <3


"Ves is a wonderful lady, she's a fun person and is very respectful to everyone."


Nice Person Of The Year

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