New poems.

Micha Vengeance Way 2012/07/20 14:42:11
Literally just wrote them.
Tell me what you think.


I try so hard to speak

But the words just won’t come out.

You want me to believe

But I’m filled with so much doubt.

It didn’t come from you

But the pain, it’s still so fresh,

It was another time, another place,

And now I need to rest.

I cut through everything

I cut through my uncertainty, and all of my doubts.

I cut through shame and guilt, and the moments when I shout.

I cut through all the pain that no one knows is there,

I cut through the pain I think- I know, that I can’t bear.

Even when I’m smiling I’m still close to tears.

Even when he’s holding me I feel my old fears.

I cut through my old heartache, even through the joy

I cut through being treated like an overused toy.

I cut through others feelings when I can’t find my own

I cut through this infection growing quick inside my bones.

Even when I find myself, deep inside my soul,

Even when I’m buried deep inside a hole.

I cut through this abandonment, when everyone leaves

I cut through this abandonment, even when it’s me.

I cut through a smiling face, and tears running down my face

I cut through imperfection, I cut through my disgrace.

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