Naked for Kony 2012 Video. Good or Bad Campaign idea?

Freshtildeath 2012/03/21 13:16:51
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Bree Olson, an adult star, released a video dubbed “Naked For Kony 2012.” She is featured rolling around on the beach in a bikini and poses sexily in L.A.’s Little Tokyo.

She says it was done to have a positive impact in spreading awareness of Joseph Kony. But is this a good campaign idea?

Or decide after you see the Video:


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  • Vitalani 2012/03/29 03:03:38 (edited)
    When the Invisible Children starts using FACTS to gain awareness, then I'll support them.
    But whoever the hell this chick is, she is clearly using this campaign to get attention. Which is disgusting.
  • Bucky 2012/03/27 18:18:31
    It's beyond stupid, what's next, "Get Kony serials"?
  • AdrianMcTiernan 2012/03/21 18:16:02 (edited)
    No, no one should get naked for Kony
    I assume this is about Joseph Kony, who claims to want to Christianise Africa, but is in fact doing evil things. I quote one, from the BBC News website;"Mr Kony founded his own rebel group which over the next 20 years has gone on to abduct thousands of children to become fighters or sex slaves." There is a photograph of a young girl, a teenager, who had her lips, nose and ears cut off by the LRA on the page as well. No-one who does this is doing anything the way our Heavenly Father would do things. The news item is worth reading for the horrendous things he is doing. The site is: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/wor... , and this young woman has no idea what sort of person she is promoting. Sensuality or nudity is against the principles of Christian behaviour, and she is sadly misguided
  • Steve Russel 2012/03/21 13:23:44
    Steve Russel
    She wasn't naked. That sucked.

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