Nail polish company trying to sell the idea that men wearing nail polish is manly and sexy. Do you think so?

tncdel 2012/11/19 02:23:31
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  • TuringsChild 2012/11/19 02:34:09
    NO [comment as you wish].
    It's a JOKE. Real men don't have time to bother with such puffery. Hands are for WORK.

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  • Ray Louis 2014/02/27 19:41:52
    YES [explain why].
    Ray Louis
    I get my Nails done at the Salon across the street and the Women there say there is nothing wrong with a Man wearing Nail Polish,
  • Matthew Brown 2013/06/24 12:50:49
    YES [explain why].
    Matthew Brown
    Ah, this is a hard one for me.. And I didn't mean to vote yes on this. :-/

    I don't think that you can wear nail polish and have it come across as manly based on the appearance of having painted nails. I think that, if you have a manly carisma though, you can wear just about anything(to a point) and come accross as manly. ^^; For instance, the idea of UFC fighters wearing it doesn't scream girly because it's obvious they aren't fitting into stereotype. I think that, if you can wear nailpolish and make it obvious that you are a man based on your personality, then you can pull it off, but yes..

    Personally, I wear nailpolish because it adds a girly touch to me.. *Blushes* I'm totally gay and have a hard time shutting-off the "straight" vibe, so things like this are usefully. lol

    But yes, now you have a gay guys oppinion of this. >//>
  • JJ 2013/04/13 20:35:45
    YES [explain why].
    50% of UFC fighters wear nail polish. it's temporary, easy to remove unlike head to toe tattoos.
  • akPhilly 2013/03/21 06:16:46
    NO [comment as you wish].
    I mean, to each his own, & I've seen guys do it, & I really don't care. But it just amazes me when companies will take a product that women have been using for years, then all they do is repackage it it in more 'masculine' packaging, make it smell a bit different, & sometimes even call it something else & somehow convince men that it's totally different than the women's version. The most ridiculous example of this I've ever seen is 'the one legged pant', which was basically nothing but a long skirt & they just called it that to try to convince men that it wasn't just a skirt. I'm not kidding.
  • Ray Louis akPhilly 2014/02/27 19:45:24 (edited)
    Ray Louis
    Companies do it with Pants they sell to Women. What's wrong with the shoe being on the other foot? Women want equal rights, Well EQUAL MEANS EQUAL. I love getting my nails done. Fingers and Toes. I say the product will not sell until the Closed minded People keep their opinions to themselves, I will do what I Want to do. MEN GO FOR IT. IF IT MAKES YOU HAPPY, DO IT.
  • JustMe 2012/12/06 17:41:37
    NO [comment as you wish].
    It'll never sell, because an ad campaign will not overcome centuries of beliefs
  • Mj PINKYFINGERDOWN 2012/11/27 00:51:46
  • SuSu 2012/11/23 15:29:01
    NO [comment as you wish].
    ewwww no its ugly :/
  • The heartless 2012/11/23 13:29:47 (edited)
    YES [explain why].
    The heartless
    I don't know about nail polish being manly on a man, i would think that nail polish would give a very pretty looking man a feminine touch. Anyway i don't care if they want to wear nail polish or Make up. If they can rock the look then good for them. But i doubt the company is going to get really manly men buy the stuff. Only really feminine men would really buy the stuff =)
  • abigail-13 2012/11/21 02:59:24 (edited)
    YES [explain why].
    I love men who are not afraid of wearing nail polish or makeup. They have to have b able to rock it though.
  • Kashee abigail-13 2012/11/24 00:27:59 (edited)
    Me too. I love androgyny. It is so much more interesting when people are secure enough to live to their own standard and not bend to the bludgeoning of society.
  • Andrew 2012/11/21 00:02:26
    NO [comment as you wish].
    No, men wearing nail polish isn't manly. It's a sign that men are just becoming too feminine when they got to grow a pair and stop being premadonnas.
  • dirkbuller Andrew 2013/08/03 02:39:12
    That's not true Andrew u listen to rock or punk rock or some pop bands est. ALL OF THOSE GUYS LIKE THAT WEAR IT AND THERE MAINLY.so your statement is invalid
  • roman.espla 2012/11/20 15:42:33
    YES [explain why].
    Sexy mutated.
  • Bonita Colley 2012/11/20 15:01:06
    NO [comment as you wish].
    Bonita Colley
    Personally I think it is silly, but hey whatever trips guys triggers! Just like when I see guys with their pants around their knees, I laugh at them but hey that is their choice and it is my choice to laugh at them. viva Liberty!
  • Jake Blanton 2012/11/20 03:58:12
  • Eania 2012/11/20 03:39:52
    YES [explain why].
    It CAN look very sexy on the right guy. However, I'm inclined to point out, that there's not one fashion trend that everyone in the world can pull off, and more than a fair share that few can pull off.
  • bill.fife.3 2012/11/20 03:33:22
    NO [comment as you wish].
    John Wayne wearing a pink neckerchief was a fluke. We was letting off an excess of manliness. But it does have to end there. This will not fly. I'm sorry. But it won't.
  • Brittybabeee <3 2012/11/19 23:09:28
    NO [comment as you wish].
    Brittybabeee <3
    nail polish is for girls, not guys - that's just weird. gaybos! hah
    *she says (gaybos) in a joking manner...
  • Gooky 2012/11/19 22:34:47
    NO [comment as you wish].
    They're trying to turn our young men into fruits...
  • laydeelapis 2012/11/19 21:54:11
    NO [comment as you wish].
    To each their own. If it were to become mainstream enough, no one would think it's weird or "gay".
  • SW 2012/11/19 21:51:41
    NO [comment as you wish].
    I'm gonna go pick some up next time I get my manly "Bunker Buster" tampons!
  • Ron in Oregon 2012/11/19 21:32:39
    NO [comment as you wish].
    Ron in Oregon
    If there is a medical reason then it would be OK.
  • Resp 2012/11/19 21:19:22
    NO [comment as you wish].
    Why is there this trend to normalize "feminine men"??
  • Raised By Wolves 2012/11/19 21:03:12
    NO [comment as you wish].
    Raised By Wolves
    I prefer men with out nail polish.. country boy hands country boys
  • bill.fi... Raised ... 2012/11/20 03:37:25
    Dirt under fingernails = nail polish for men.

    Dirty fingernail
  • CMackley ~POTL~PWCM~JLA 2012/11/19 20:16:02
    NO [comment as you wish].
    CMackley ~POTL~PWCM~JLA
  • Retro-Cheesecake 2012/11/19 19:53:21
    YES [explain why].
    David Bowie, Noel Fielding and Johnny Depp ALL HOT AS HELL and wear nail polish :D
  • EastIndianFemme 2012/11/19 19:44:27
    NO [comment as you wish].
    No boys on this planet from 5-105 shouldn't be wearing nail polish (even if it is clear colored):

    UNLESS HE IS: gay, bi, goth-related, he is in a play, theatre (er), an actor and/or similar....

    I laugh when I see boys walk into a salon that's meant for WOMYN NOT BOYS (unless he is gay, then I'm ok with that), when the boy wants to get his eyesbrows, nails, toes, and/or any of his body parts done with other womyn around him; I just think it is funny altogether!!!

    Why would womyn (unless she is a butch or dyke womon herself-butch haircut that is?) walk into an all boys barber shop that is for boys and boys only; barber boys don't want to see us ladies in their area and hopefully visa versa; because I don't want to see boys walk into a womon haven spot!!!
  • joefj2 2012/11/19 18:59:51
    NO [comment as you wish].
    No wonder sodomy is on the rise.
  • Finding the Parallel 2012/11/19 18:43:56
    YES [explain why].
    Finding the Parallel
    Putting nail varnish on has nothing to do with your sex, sexual orientation, or whether you're masculine or feminine. It's just our belief that makes it so. I think it can look good but obviously beauty is subjective. Usually it's who you like (find attractive) that makes things look good/better, but if you're really shallow, or judgemental certain things could maybe bug/offend you as benign as nail varnish. If you don't like it that's alright, no one is asking you to wear it.
  • Opal Marie 2012/11/19 18:41:34
    NO [comment as you wish].
    Opal Marie
  • Martyr4Christ 2012/11/19 18:33:33
    NO [comment as you wish].
    NO. Under no circumstances is it normal for dudes to wear nail polish. Ever.
  • glj 2012/11/19 18:09:29
    NO [comment as you wish].
    Who has time to sit in a chair and have someone do their nails.
  • Kashee 2012/11/19 17:58:15
    YES [explain why].
    Men who like nail polish look great in nail polish. Some of my favorite men in my life wear nail polish and they wear it quite well.
    adam lambert manicured hands
  • vamp-gal 2012/11/19 17:55:06
    YES [explain why].
    In most cases I would say no it's not however, black mainly, I think it depends on the guy - as in he would have to be completely comfortable and suit his style. If it's out of place and the person feels conscious of it then it's just awkward.
  • Riobhca 2012/11/19 17:52:48
    NO [comment as you wish].
  • tredzwater 2012/11/19 17:47:01 (edited)
    NO [comment as you wish].
    DON'T CARE would be my choice. Although, I'm sure I would think it a bit unusual, I'd consider that the guy had a very large pair, indeed.

    A favorite SF author once posited a world where rudeness almost never happened. Laws allowed people to shoot whoever was rude to them. I imagine that the early society was pretty bloody but the mature society was incredibly polite.

    The hero, who could drill a dime at a hundred paces, once commented favorably on the choice of nailcolor his (male) friend was wearing. And, neither of them was gay. The friend was married and the hero married later in the story. Before that, he spread pollen from flower to flower.

    Medieval men wore silks, satins, sewn-on jewels and huge codpieces. 18th century men wore makeup, high heels, lace and tight stockings. Casanova was an 18th century role model.

    Fashion is just fashion.
  • LMA 2012/11/19 17:18:39
    NO [comment as you wish].
    Oh come on, that is just stupid. I could see it as part of a Halloween costume or something, Maybe
  • frank 2012/11/19 17:12:10
    NO [comment as you wish].
    I do not think any self assured man would wear nail polish

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