MYTH: Gingers have no souls

Ara 2011/05/15 00:25:09
FACT: Gingers earn a freckle for every soul they steal.

Ginger awareness day: Do you know where YOUR soul is?
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  • Lauren O'Connell 2011/11/09 23:17:43
    Lauren O'Connell
    I would just like to say that my daughter killed herself by being made fun of and part of it was being shunned by people for being a ginger. And I strongly disagree with this statement of gingers, apparently, having no soul.
    In memory of Jessica O'Connell.
  • MyNameIsStolen 2011/07/14 02:01:06
    Scary Picture of a creepy ginger!XD CopperCab can go CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED.Thats how retarded some guy is.
  • SebaTheSociallyAwkwardPengu... 2011/05/15 19:27:03
    SebaTheSociallyAwkwardPenguin 平和
    its a myth....some of them are nice..how did it ever come to be?
  • La 2011/05/15 07:46:01
    It's no myth, ma'am.
  • shinx 2011/05/15 03:22:46 (edited)
    It's a funny joke. xD
    I don't really take it seriously.
  • Ara shinx 2011/05/15 03:24:40
    of course it's not meant to be taken seriously. It's an inside joke I have with my ginger friend. she came up with it, I love her to death XD
  • shinx Ara 2011/05/15 03:28:55
    I've heard the joke alot on Southpark. xD
  • Sick Boy 2011/05/15 02:10:49
  • METALheadMom 2011/05/15 01:47:45
    Does anyone know why whoever made this crap up picked red hair and freckles as the scapegoat for this? I'm sorry, but calling someone a soul stealer is no different than calling them Satan. That's funny? hum..... please enlighten me - - why is calling someone evil funny?
  • Ara METALhe... 2011/05/15 03:15:51
    This is actually an inside joke I have with my friend who is a ginger. She's the one who started it. You know why? Because she's the kind of person that's GREAT to be around, making light of everything. She has two options looking at the ginger stereotype; She could sit around with a rod up her ass bitching about it, or she could laugh at it and move along with a smile. She chose the latter, and that's why she's so much fun to be around.
    What's the point of being in the fun and humor section if you're just going to bitch and whine when someone tries to tell a joke? If you don't think its funny, fine, just ignore the post. The fact it is a joke automatically implies it isn't serious and should only be taken with a grain of salt.
    So dramatic, sheesh.
  • SebaThe... METALhe... 2011/05/15 19:27:50
    SebaTheSociallyAwkwardPenguin 平和
  • Jordyn ~Nerdfighter~ 2011/05/15 00:42:05
    Jordyn ~Nerdfighter~
    Oh my lord I have no clue where my soul is!! I probably left it at that bar in Vegas... that ginger bastard!
  • Ara Jordyn ... 2011/05/15 00:57:04
    lol my ginger friend has mine... This is our inside joke XD
  • La Ara 2011/05/15 07:47:22
    Hate to tell you, but when everyone in the world is aware of the "gingers have no soul" meme, it's NOT an inside joke.
  • Jordyn ... Ara 2011/05/15 16:58:17
    Jordyn ~Nerdfighter~
    Nice :-D
  • User Deactivated 2011/05/15 00:27:31
    User Deactivated
    I must steal souls in my sleep then. I have plenty of freckles, yet haven't to my knowledge ever stole someone's soul O.o
  • XSummerX Tokio Hotel Freak(= 2011/05/15 00:27:03
    XSummerX Tokio Hotel Freak(=
    People are retarded i swear.
  • Ara XSummer... 2011/05/15 00:28:40
    Obviously it's just a joke, hence it being in the fun and humor section.

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