My top 10 ways to mess with people

XXLacie lynn<3(= 2010/10/03 22:43:34
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1.go to a dressing room and try on some jeans backwards..then ask someone who works there..or anybody in general if they make u look fat

2.go to a drive thru and order 1 of everything..then when u go to the window tell them u dont know what their talking about and demand for a refund

3.go to a store and ask them if they have any shirt sizes that arent real(ex.medium small, large medium,etc.)

4.bang on the stall door in a bathroom till somebody comes out, when they finally do, say dang now i dont have to go anymore.

5.start tlking to the person in the stall next to u.

6. put an out of order sign on the bathroom doors where ur at...then hand out free bottles of water...watch the desperarion lol

7. everytime u see a car coming get in the road and pretend ur trying to pass..when they start to stop..start limping, holding ur knee or something like tht to make it look like they hit u

8.go to somebodys house and ask them if they would like to but some cookies..if they say no then say..well u couldnt have any anyway..if they say yes..say ok just wondering..and walk away

9.go to an ice cream store..and when the employee asks u what flavor u want keep switching..as in being very undecsive

10.go to a worker at the mall and say something has been stolen from me..what they say? my cellphone..here call it and see if u can hear it ring..*starts ringing in ur pocket* its right there in ur pocket they say..omg its a miracle u found it!

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  • Caleb 2011/04/27 10:15:12
    go to the store to buy condoms, then asking where the fitting room is
  • Leo --Name Subject 2 Change-- 2010/10/16 03:33:52
    Leo --Name Subject 2 Change--
    i only liked 1 and 8. the others were okay, but kinda just stupid. :D
  • Allie 2010/10/09 16:11:26
    When your next to a hobo pretend to feel sorry for them then pull out a hundred dollar bill make them druel by closely putting it in then finally say oh nvm i take it back! XD and run away!

    2. bring a really hot friend of urs with u to a place to eat, ask ur friend to go to the bathroom then tell the waiter that your friend wants his number then ask him to wait near the washroom. then while hes not looking runaway . when ur friend is gonna get out shes gonna pretend to be all disgusted nd start cussing at him XD

    3.When a random person is talkin in the metro or a public place with another person like where everyone is talkin tell that person to stfu! and see his reaction! XD
  • Locker Midget 2010/10/09 03:51:58
  • xxfaithfallzxx 2010/10/08 17:54:02
    go to walmart and get in a rack of clothes and start shaking something and sayin pic me pic me
  • jumpnow xxfaith... 2012/06/12 23:15:14
    Get a windex container, clean it out very well, fill it with blue Gatorade, then walk around the mall drinking it and watch people's faces its priceless!
  • Jenny 2010/10/07 00:12:28
    haha funny.
  • MCRfreakakaKayleigh 2010/10/05 18:21:25
  • cнιвι cυρcαқєs ~*Λℓιcє*~ ♥♥
  • <3 Karz <3 2010/10/04 02:23:01
    <3 Karz <3
    xD i;m gonna try that
  • Nic 2010/10/04 00:49:43
    Haha coolio;)
  • METALheadMom 2010/10/03 23:55:43
    You need to get a life you are happy with, so you quit being a disrespectful immature brat. Eventually, you will do one of these things to someone like ME, and you will get severely beat down for it. I guarantee you would never think I would risk going to jail by knocking your teeth out, but I would. HA HA. I will be laughing then.
  • MCRfrea... METALhe... 2010/10/05 18:21:18
  • ljhfldsj METALhe... 2010/10/05 21:09:30
    It's just harmless fun... beating up children who put jeans on backwards and ask if they make them look fat is a little over the top. Maybe you'd be laughing but I guarantee you that you'd be the only one.
  • xxfaith... METALhe... 2010/10/08 17:54:47
  • Victoria METALhe... 2010/10/12 23:13:43
    Wow get a sense of humor, you have issues if you would resort to violence for a little thing like that.
  • Scarr~Green with Envy 2010/10/03 23:27:50 (edited)
    Scarr~Green with Envy
    Post annoying pics of anime characters that you love on Sodahead.
  • Scarr~G... Scarr~G... 2010/10/03 23:30:05
  • •†manyXbutXone†• 2010/10/03 23:24:32
    when your in the elevator with some friends, scream out loud like you need some help. when the doors open, stay as silent as you can.

    (this works better on boys) when going to someone's house, ask to go to the bathroom, stay there for a while, then call the friend and say "man, i need a tampon"

    while on a sleepover, take a watermelon with you. when you friend leaves have arguments with the watermelon and throw the watermelon out the window. when the frind comes back, say "me and the watermelon had an argument. i needed to end his misery."
  • XoXDelilahRawrXo<3 2010/10/03 23:06:38
    park your car on the side of a busy road, and hold a hair drier out the window... its wicked funny watching as everyone slows down :)
  • xNinjaMonkeyx 2010/10/03 23:05:20
    I luv this!! so funny! one is when ur in a elevator start talking to everybody like u kno them or say ding at evry floor. . .REALLY LOUD! :D lol
  • Alejandra 2010/10/03 22:52:01
    I've done this one at walmart.in the auto section Spray all the air fresheners, and leave..or ask if they could take a bike down for you you'd like to take it for a test drive..!!

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