My Teacher Thinks I’m an Idiot. -_-’’ but ....

My Teacher Thinks I’m an Idiot. -_-’’

My AVID teacher thinks I’m stupid. Bah.

I swear my AVID teacher is psycho, she’s got this crazy smile that only I know how to pull off …
I’m not stupid. I’m quite smart thank you. But lately I’ve let my grades sink bellow sea level. Really. Why? Fuck. I don’t really know.

The following conversation [what I remember of it] happened before my AVID class:

Her: [teacher takes me out of class]
“Erika, I realized you are failing most of your non-elective classes!”
Me: -well no shit,- “Yeah, and?”
Her: [shows me my grades]
“You’ve got a 17 in algebra II, how do you manage that?”
Me: “I don’t know.”
Her: “Why are you failing all your classes?”
Me: “Because I am lazy and it’s too hard.” [not really]
Her: “Don’t you tell me it’s too hard! I have seen you work, blah, blah, blah, you are certainly capable of doing this! You are not lazy.”
Me: “So? Grades aren’t based on how intelligent someone is, grades just rate how much effort someone stupid is willing to put into doing your idiotic worksheets. And yeah I am.”
Her: [crazy smile I was talking about above]
“Please, how silly do you have to be to believe that?” -stupid fucktard- “If you don’t do the work how are you going to pass?”
Me: “Just drop me back to all regular classes, I hate AP.”
Her: “You are too darn good for regular classes!” -nope. I’m just right for them.-
Me: “No, I’m not. I’m stupid.” [hahahahahaha]
Her: “Then how’d you get into AP? Hmm?” [crazy look, I swear she’s nuts]
Me: “I cheated. Can I go now?” [head-cock and raised eyebrows trick thing]

Stupid idiot. She thinks I’m stupid because I have bad grades. I’ll have you know my grades suck because I made them that way. I can easily turn those Fs into straight up As.
I’m sick of people expecting me to be smart just because at some point I was all about all As. -_- I got the As because I was bored. Jeeze. I might just switch out of AVID and to Journalism. Then I’ll bring my grades back up just to piss her off. See, bitch, YOU were the one keeping me from learning…

Wanna see my grades?

1st six weeks_______2nd six weeks
________________________[so far these are my grades]

AVID: ________57______________30
W. History:____95______________99
Art:_________100_____________100+ (lol)

So yeah, I either need someone to tell me to get my shit together, or someone needs to slap me and actually make me do it. I might just fail this whole year now =/ I hate stupid AP classes. I hate them hate them Hate Them!!!!!!!

Melodramatic moment: I have lost the will to do school work! I shall never work again! *cries*

¨Psycho was here >:P

if you bothered to read all the way down to here, I took an IQ test and it said my IQ is 124. So take that you stupid bitch ....
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  • Your friendly neighborhood ... 2009/10/26 19:28:26
    Your friendly neighborhood stalker
    "Grades aren’t based on how intelligent someone is, grades just rate how much effort someone stupid is willing to put into doing your idiotic worksheets."

    OMG I've been saying that for sooooo long!!!

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  • its meeee 2009/10/27 01:33:54
    its meeee
    ha ha you are my idol!
    You damn over achiever!! I say you should fuck with her and purposely get strait A's then get strait D's just to piss that bitch off. >:D
  • Isabel-... its meeee 2009/10/27 01:35:39
  • its meeee Isabel-... 2009/10/27 01:44:56
    its meeee
    you should! You have to keep me updated with this psycho teacher... she reminds me of my global teacher by the end of this year I'll make her quit her job >:) mwahahaha!
  • Isabel-... its meeee 2009/10/27 01:47:48
  • its meeee Isabel-... 2009/10/27 02:37:24
    its meeee
    ha ha Lucky. I'm dealing with a hard ass it'll take a while before she admits defeat but it's a battle I will not loose.... I'm thinking a class mutiny >:) any suggestions to make her leave faster?? I mean you're the master! :P
  • Isabel-... its meeee 2009/10/27 02:40:41
  • its meeee Isabel-... 2009/10/27 02:42:17
    its meeee
    ha ha I'm sure that'll work <.< >.> I just gotta find some matches... or a flame thrower >:D and throw her in the fire, yay!
  • Isabel-... its meeee 2009/10/27 02:43:33
  • Kizzy 2009/10/27 00:08:22
    dude im failing all of my classes exept for english...i have a d- in that lolz
  • sc 2009/10/26 20:54:13 (edited)
    Im only in 2 AP classes, History and English, I know the feeling.

    BTW totally agree with your philosophy on grades.
  • The toy soldgier 2009/10/26 20:52:14
    The toy soldgier
    i know how you feel one of my teachers thinks all the kids she teaches are fucking lazy ass retards teachers are retards and dont know shit thinks kids teaches fucking lazy ass retards teachers retards shit
  • Feria~Badass of PHAET~ 2009/10/26 20:31:00
    Feria~Badass of PHAET~
    I'm so proud of your art grade! Art is the only class that I have that I care about! lol ^^

    I tried that, but them my mom said no more Metallica things unless I pass...
    You know how much I love my Metallica stuff.
  • Isabel-... Feria~B... 2009/10/26 21:38:36
  • Feria~B... Isabel-... 2009/10/26 21:43:07
    Feria~Badass of PHAET~
    Yay! Thats so fun!

    Not at all, but hey, it's why I'm top 20 in my class.
  • Isabel-... Feria~B... 2009/10/26 21:48:17
  • Feria~B... Isabel-... 2009/10/26 21:52:16
    Feria~Badass of PHAET~
    Yay! ^^
    Get it together please? Rub it in that bitches nose, show her how smart you REALLY are.
  • Isabel-... Feria~B... 2009/10/26 21:53:30
  • Feria~B... Isabel-... 2009/10/26 21:55:43
    Feria~Badass of PHAET~
    Yay! I always knew you were smarter than the average bear!
  • Isabel-... Feria~B... 2009/10/27 01:14:54
  • Feria~B... Isabel-... 2009/10/27 01:16:16
    Feria~Badass of PHAET~
    Never! Hince the term 'always'.

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