My memory card for my ps2 won't save my game?!

One Malenky Malchickiwick 2010/05/23 19:20:32
I'm playing God of War on my playstation 2 and when I try to save it, it says that there is an error and it didn't save! "Error saving to memory card..." What should I do? Is it broken or something else.. ?
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  • ARTLOVER4EVA 2011/10/19 21:39:38
    mine just says its saving but it will do that all night if i let it its really stressing me out can someone help?
  • gladiator 123 2011/08/22 12:29:33
    gladiator 123
    ok.ive got a 1mb memry card and i have never had any problems with it util now me and my mate were playin on a game on my ps2 then we tryed sayving it and it says there is no space so ive deleted everything of it but it still aint savin anyone got any ideas please .......
  • JROD 2010/05/23 21:29:56
    some games wont save on some memory cards. maybe you need a different type of memory card. i have a ps2 also and i have 3 cards. one black 16 mb, one red 8 mb, and a blue 8 mb. i can only save my basketball games on the black one. the hockey games can only be saved on the red one and i can save almost anything on the blue one. you just may need a new memory card or upgrade to a ps3
  • One Mal... JROD 2010/05/24 04:28:36
    One Malenky Malchickiwick
    Oh, hmm. Interesting. But when I first started playing God of War, it always saved up until this point. Can that happen too?
  • JROD One Mal... 2010/05/24 13:17:24
    yes it can, my games did the same thing so i bought some more memory cards. you may just have to buy another one or two or just upgrade to a ps3
  • Bart JROD 2011/11/03 20:57:06
    not all ps3s work with ps2 games
  • JROD Bart 2011/11/07 14:39:29
    who said anything about ps3's working with ps2 games?
  • Bart JROD 2011/11/09 07:01:54
    you say he should upgrade to ps3 how the hell is he going to play is ps2 game if he gets a ps3
  • JROD Bart 2011/11/09 18:03:40
    i never said he is going to play them on a ps3. i just said that he should get a ps3 and upgrade systems. i never said he could play his ps games on the ps3!
  • Fluttershy 2010/05/23 19:29:26
    i'm good at solving these kind of problems. it says something about an error thing.....hm.........maybe (this is just a guess) maybe u ran out memory space or the memory card needs to be replaced. that's all i can say.
  • One Mal... Fluttershy 2010/05/23 19:33:25
    One Malenky Malchickiwick
    I know I have enough room.. but since you mentioned, I think it might need to be replaced. Do you know how it gets to the point that it needs to be replaced?
  • Fluttershy One Mal... 2010/05/23 19:35:06
    when it does what u said it did lol
  • One Mal... Fluttershy 2010/05/23 19:37:04
    One Malenky Malchickiwick
    Oh okay. So that means I just have to re-play all the stuff?
    Like, it says "saving to memory card" etc etc then the error message shows up. btw.
  • Fluttershy One Mal... 2010/05/23 19:39:54
    do u have an extra card u could use? no video gamer should ever have only one memory card!
  • One Mal... Fluttershy 2010/05/23 19:51:43
    One Malenky Malchickiwick
    Noo, unfortunately I don't. Shame on me! hahaha

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