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AlterationDangerHeart 2011/10/06 16:50:58
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Gerard’s Point of View

I was lying in my bunk trying to get to sleep, it was so warm. I heard the gentle snoring coming from Mikey’s bunk. I lay there, eyes wide open, my black hair sticking to my sweaty forehead. I need to shower ASAP; I thought I turned on my side staring at the curtains that blocked my bunk from the others.
I closed my eyes but they flew open straight away, I could hear footsteps. I sat up, and banged my head on the ceiling of the bunk; I rubbed my head making some hair stick up. Who is that?, I thought, no one could break into a movie truck, not even the craziest of fans. I opened the curtain slightly and squinted into the darkness “Who’s there?”
“Gerard?” I heard a voice say “You’re awake?”
“Frankie?” I said as I saw a shadow approach me in the darkness, the shape got clear, it was Frank “What you doing up?”
“I can’t sleep” he sat on the end of my bunk “It’s too warm, I’m sweating my ass off”
“Same here, and get your sweaty ass off my bed” I said pulling the blankets so Frank would move.
Frank laughed and sat on the floor “Gerard? Do you remember when we first met?”
“Yeah” I say remembering everything.

-Teenage Years -

It was my first day of school; I woke up in my room not wanting to get up. I heard my mother shout “Gerard! Michael! Wake up! School!” I push myself out of bed and slowly walk to the door. I open it, still wearing my pyjamas and go to Mikey’s door “Mikey! WAKE UP!”
“Five more minutes” I here Mikey say from behind the door.
“If I’m going I’m taking you with me, Wake up you little shit!” I hear a moan from behind the door and then Mikey walks out, pushing his glasses up his nose. His hair was a mess, he went into the bathroom to wash.
I lifted my arm and smelt my arm pit, didn’t smell that bad, didn’t need a wash. I walked into my room and grabbed some clothes that I found lying on the floor. I smelled them to make sure, they seemed okay. I put them on, black shirt, dark jeans and trainers.
I grab my new bag, a black and red one, and run out of my room, I head straight for the door but before I can escape I here my mum shout “Gerard Way! Wait for Michael”
“Uhh” I moan but wait for Mikey. Mikey is like my best friend, or only friend, but I was in one of those moods.
When Mikey finally shows up we start walking to school.
It was horrible out, it was too bright and too warm. I walk, my eyes on the floor, we didn’t live very far from the school, damn.
“You excited for the new school?” Mikey asked.
“No, it’s going to be the same as every other school, you’re going to make friends, I’m going to be called ‘Emo’ and get beat up” I said clenching my fists.
“You never know, this year might be different”

-In school-

I sit at the back of class, bored on my first day, trying to avoid all the stares and ignore all the comments like “Look at the Emo freak” or “He needs the number for suicide hotline” or “Is that even a guy”
I sit there as the teacher calls out the register and when he calls out my name I get even more looks and comments like “What type of name is that?” or “Gerard wrong Way.”
Then someone rushes through the door and says “Shit!”
The teacher looks at him and says “Mr Iero, late again, please take a seat at the back”
The kid looks at the teacher flipping him off as soon as his back is turned and then he walks towards me. His hair was cool, he had black hair that came to his chin on one side and on the other it was very short and dyed blonde or white.
He sat next to me and just stared at the desk mumbling under his breath.

Frank’s POV

I hated the teachers at this school; they always treat me like shit. It took me a while to realise I was sitting next to someone. I looked up and saw a guy, longish black hair and brown eyes, he was pale. He was good looking, I shook my head and looked away. I like girls, I said to myself.
I turned to look at him and he was looking at me “Hi,” I said smiling, I couldn’t help myself from smiling “I’m Frank”
I waited for him to reply when I heard someone shout “Franklin!”
I ended up shouting “Fuck off!”
The teacher looked at me and said “Right, Mr Iero and Mr Jones” he said looking at the shit bag who shouted it “detention after school”
“Dick head” I mumbled.
The kid next to me smiled and said “I’m Gerard” he looked at me and I couldn't look away from his stunning eyes.

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  • ~TimelordGallifrey~ 2012/01/31 04:57:00
  • lolitalovely 2011/11/27 01:40:49
    Use more rhetorical strategies. :)
    It's good, but there's always room for improvement.
  • BaNaNaNa 2011/11/09 05:17:04
    Awesome! Similar to mine, but unique in your own little way :D
  • Alterat... BaNaNaNa 2011/11/09 17:22:41
    Oh I didn't mean to make it similar but yours was so good it stuck with me
  • BaNaNaNa Alterat... 2011/11/10 06:49:36
    Thank you soo much!
  • pixelfaerie 2011/10/11 03:36:28
    This was really good do you have a FanFiction account? Y'know on www.FanFiction.com? :)
  • Alterat... pixelfa... 2011/10/11 16:27:18
    Yeah. I have a Killjoy one on there and some Vampire Diaries, Buffy and Doctor Who ones.
  • pixelfa... Alterat... 2011/10/12 00:06:50
    Oh cool! :3
  • GreenDay+MCR=<3 2011/10/08 19:22:29
    it awesome ! :) ferard
  • Jaz Killjoy Way 2011/10/08 17:11:37
    Jaz Killjoy Way
    Fan Fic YAY i wonder why they dont hav these type of fic's in Fan Fiction waahh lol
    well i liked it :) FRERARD <3 FUNNY
  • Alterat... Jaz Kil... 2011/10/08 17:12:50
    You can read part 2 and 3 if you want, they are on my profile. I am going to start part 4 soon

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