Music Today vs Music...........Thoughts

Xerxes 2012/07/10 20:58:40
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  • Ruby Dear - The Grifter of ... 2012/07/11 03:46:30
    Ruby Dear - The Grifter of PHAET
    Protomen are one modern band that can hold their own against Queen

    What have I done?
    Though I did not pull the trigger, I built the gun that he holds in his hand.
    Last night I dreamed I climbed to the top of a mountain of metal
    and for miles I could see the destruction of man.
    I will not be the father of death.

    Darling Emily, everything that I have done, I have done for you,
    but it's turned out all wrong.

    Can I take it back? Can I turn off this machine
    before it destroys everything that I've loved?

    I will find a way to make this right!
    I will find a way, Emily.
    I will not be the father of death!

    What are you doing here? (Let me take you away.)
    I'm not going anywhere. (He will be nothing when this runs its course.)
    He will be everything that a man
    is supposed to be.

    If the shadow blocks out the sun... there will be Light!
    If it stays 'till the sun is set... there will be Light!
    If the sun never shows its face again... there will be Light!
    No matter how dark the city gets... there will be...

  • XQNP 2012/07/11 00:04:09
    Most popular music is crap, and it's always been that way. Old music just seems better because, thankfully, it's usually only the really good stuff that we remember.
  • Lunacat 2012/07/10 21:58:32
  • Joe Finsternis 2012/07/10 21:41:43
    Joe Finsternis
    From MyMusic:
    "You know that Beyonce doesn't write her own lyrics, right?"
    (Defensively) "She claims she does."
  • ♒ßεllεchεvεllε®♒ 2012/07/10 21:00:38
  • Xerxes ♒ßεllεc... 2012/07/10 21:44:14
    Queen, sucks???? Really?
  • ♒ßεllεc... Xerxes 2012/07/10 21:45:58
    No! LOL.... have you never seen or heard the phrase???? we use it in regards the *CRAP* they call music today
  • Xerxes ♒ßεllεc... 2012/07/10 21:48:15
    Sorry, misunderstanding on my part, pls forgive, only excuse old and feeble, again sorry
  • ♒ßεllεc... Xerxes 2012/07/10 21:49:10
    no no....it's all good! Freddie was a genius! I love him.
  • Bart ♒ßεllεc... 2012/07/28 16:26:38
    Music these days can't really be called music.

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