Murdoch phone hacking scandal makes Jon Stewart feel better about U.S.

ProudProgressive 2011/07/12 16:29:04
Jon Stewart took a break from exposing the hypocritical and destructive activities of the American Right Wing last night to take a look at the "little problems" the man who makes Fox what it is - a slanderous, fact-free propaganda machine for extremists - is having in the United Kingdom. [Funny how Fox, which calls itself a "news" station, has barely mentioned one of the biggest news stories around this week.] Thank goodness the various felonies Murdoch and his staff have committed could NEVER happen in the United States, right?

Article excerpt follows:

Murdoch phone hacking scandal makes Jon Stewart feel better about U.S.

Posted on 07.12.11

By David Edwards

After a week of vacation, Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart returned to news of the Casey Anthony verdict.

Stewart didn’t think he could feel any worse about America until The Daily Show correspondent John Oliver explained the details of the phone hacking scandal that has tainted Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp.

Oliver needed little other than actual news clips presenting actual details of the scandal to describe what he called a “shit sundae.”

Watch this video from Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, broadcast July 11, 2011.

Read More: http://www.rawstory.com/rawreplay/2011/07/murdoch-...

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  • outlaw 2011/07/12 18:32:24 (edited)
    Jon Stewart rules!

    john stewart rules jon stewart rules
  • Ego Death 2011/07/12 16:35:37
    Ego Death
    Murdoch is a classical business entrepreneur. He lacks the vision for post industrial world markets. He relies upon his advisers to make all the key decisions for him.

    He often ignores them and this is the result.
  • Idiot r... Ego Death 2011/07/12 17:22:15
    Idiot repubs
    Murdoch knows exactly what he's doing and was caught.
  • Ego Death Idiot r... 2011/07/12 17:29:09
    Ego Death
    I know he does, he ignored hi advisers.

    He's ruthless.

    He started out here in Australia as a newspaper mogul and now dominates the payed subscription television and also the radio news market.

    I think all that power has gone to his head.

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