Mountian Dew, Pepsi, or Coke?

GodsGirl4ever 2008/02/20 19:02:23
Mountian Dew
All of the above
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  • !!!! hannah!!!!! 2009/06/06 23:44:12
    Mountian Dew
    !!!! hannah!!!!!
    mountian dew is the best hands down
  • SarahSapphire 2009/03/23 22:11:46
    LOVE Coca-Cola.. but I cant drink it as much bc of braces! it sucks.. anyways.. Coca-Cola is my final answer lol
  • jbandff5lover 2008/12/14 20:38:33
    Mountian Dew
    I don't really love any of those sodas, but Mountain Dew is definetely the best out of those three.
  • Ashley 2008/05/21 23:59:17
    way better
  • Iquit 2008/05/08 21:59:29
    But diet and with lime
  • wendol 2008/03/24 02:52:59
    Mountian Dew
    mountain dew is the best , man i can put a dew down and let it sit come back a day later put some ice on it and it will be just as good as when i bought it pepsi and coke go bad if ya let it get warm
  • (blank) 2008/02/23 00:58:19
    All products as well
  • Kuldaboli (oYo) 2008/02/20 21:26:02
    Mountian Dew
    Kuldaboli (oYo)
    Nothing beats a good kick in the behind by a combination of enough sugar to send an entire class of 1st graders into orbit, enough E-chemicals to make sure you don't rot in your grave till 50 years after you were put there, and enough caffeine to keep you awake for a week and a half! Ahhh! Mountain Dew!! You gotta love it!! *lol*
  • Angel's Girl 2008/02/20 20:45:36
    Angel's Girl
    Diet Coke All the Way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • smokin bastard 2008/02/20 19:55:01
    Mountian Dew
    smokin bastard

    but Mr. Pibb is the best... NEXT TO BARKS ROOT BEER!!!
  • Conklin21 2008/02/20 19:49:22
    All of the above
    I love all three but is it just me or do the Pepsi's at Taco Bell always taste so much better than everywhere else???
  • Rockin_Heather21 2008/02/20 19:11:25
    Pepsi all the way!!! I also like coke if there isn't any pepsi around!!!
  • jimih67 2008/02/20 19:10:32
    Mountian Dew
    I like Pepsi and Mountain Dew (a Pepsi product). Between Pepsi and Mountain Dew, I'll take Mtn. Dew. It's good in the morning if you aren't in the mood for coffee.
  • Becca jimih67 2008/02/20 19:17:58
    a little caffine buzz to kickstart your day.....I quit drinking soda but will have one small cup of "chock full o' nuts" in the morning with no cream and one splenda.
  • Becca 2008/02/20 19:08:23
    Mountian Dew
    I like code red and strawberry fanta......although I quit drinking soda :(
  • GodsGir... Becca 2008/02/20 19:10:45
    Thats good that u stopped drinking pop.
  • Becca GodsGir... 2008/02/20 19:18:51
    I know its sooooo bad for you but sometimes I really crave one. Although, when you don't drink them all of the time they are really hard to drink. Too much carbonation.
  • GodsGir... Becca 2008/02/20 19:20:25
    My mom stopped drinking pop and she said it was so hard
  • Becca GodsGir... 2008/02/20 19:22:47
    It is but I am trying to be as healthy as possible....I don't know which is harder, smoking or soda....pretty close. I only get crabby from not smoking though lol.
  • GodsGir... Becca 2008/02/20 19:31:58
    I dont know how u do it I could not live with out my Mountian Dew. I have only 2 or 3 aweek though

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