Most of the times life sucks

Kyle 2011/09/13 16:29:27
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  • ♥Gabs1697♥ 2011/09/20 08:54:34
    No! You've just one life...Live it.I've seeen people whining about their lives and I got addicted to doing that all the time.But,I had to get over it and move on...That's all you gotta go..Sit back and breathe...You might feel better!
  • Blonde Angel 2011/09/16 23:44:51
    Blonde Angel
    life is sometimes difficult but is worth living for everything has solution only dead sucks a lot. Think positive my friend I`m with you everything will be great because you are great person and it`s not fer to good people to happened bad things ...Take care
  • lady blue 2011/09/14 02:30:32
    lady blue
    I'm sad to hear you say that Kyle. Don't be a pessimist. Life is difficult at times but it doesn't suck.

    sad hear kyle pessimist life difficult times suck  life is god s gift to you
  • spiderpanda 2011/09/14 00:35:08
    so stop buying lollipops.
  • Kyle spiderp... 2011/09/15 18:22:41
  • Only wishin for the truth 2011/09/13 23:52:33
    Only wishin for the truth
    Lately mine has sucked lately n it gets better just try to change how it is
  • Diana 2011/09/13 23:06:04
    Life is what you make of it.
  • Dawn 2011/09/13 21:58:16
    Life sucks and then you die! So grab life by the head and skull Fk it! J/k. Life's a garden, you gotta dig it.
  • ♥NinjaKittenLovesYou♥ 2011/09/13 21:20:57
    all of the times life sucks, we just try not to admitt it =/
  • The Amazing Gir 2011/09/13 21:20:25
    The Amazing Gir
    As I like to say: "Life sucks then we die." Can't do anything about it.
  • Vyvyan 2011/09/13 19:09:49
    Life is what you make of it, so you better make it a great one :)
  • Rose 2011/09/13 18:51:48
    Stop complaining about how life sucks and do something to make it not suck.
  • Linnster 2011/09/13 18:20:03
    Yes, there are times whan it sucks, offset by times that are fantastic. You are the captain of your own ship - sail it where you think you'll be the most happy. You can't wait for someone else to improve your life.
  • Blonde ... Linnster 2011/09/20 14:33:27
    Blonde Angel
    yes you are right my friend I agree with you
  • Meggie. 2011/09/13 17:53:26
    Yes it truly does. But you just have to hang in there. :-)

  • Kyle Meggie. 2011/09/13 17:55:04
  • Sandy 2011/09/13 16:52:56
    Yes, well it is hell. It is the planet where the devil and his angels were cast... you do know that is why Murphy's law is so popular...
  • Doc. J 2011/09/13 16:43:11
    Doc. J
    Life.....by and large, is what YOU make of it.
  • Jensola 2011/09/13 16:41:23
    A lot of the time it does, it's a difficult world to live in. :(
  • Fun-Betty 2011/09/13 16:40:17
    this is the truest statement.
  • Queen Anne's Revenge 2011/09/13 16:37:43 (edited)
    Queen Anne's Revenge
    "Everything passes, everything changes. Just do what you think you should do." - Bob Dylan
    (Yep thats right, I'm gonna keep using quotes to answer posts)
    Sometimes it feels like life sucks and that it will never get better.. but I find life to be better if you just listen to Dylan :)
  • Mark In Irvine 2011/09/13 16:36:53
    Mark In Irvine
    hang in there!

  • Paul Ferland 2011/09/13 16:31:25
    Paul Ferland
    Cheer up, it gets better!!!
  • fer_reals 2011/09/13 16:30:26

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