Most embarrassing thing you've done?

Independence 2012/11/06 20:08:34
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Mine was crashing into my 7th grade crush's Granny when I tried to learn how to skateboard :P
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  • Indepen... Christm... 2012/11/06 22:05:15
    I found out when they accidentally put their initials at the end of a note :)
    Ex. I'll be sitting at work and they'll come up and start tossing paperwads at me and then I'll laugh and say, "Can't you pick on someone ur own size?" And then they'll laugh too :D
  • Christm... Indepen... 2012/11/06 22:10:14
    Christmas; In Chrome
    Sounds like they are just goofing with you rather than actually getting hot on it. What did this note say?
  • Indepen... Christm... 2012/11/06 22:19:39
    Dear Lexi,
    You have no idea how beautiful u r. We want to make love to you so hard you can't stand. Ur so sweet and funny. We all love you
  • Christm... Indepen... 2012/11/06 22:24:57
    Christmas; In Chrome
    Yeah, sounds like just messing around between friends rather than actually wanting a tease, although some of them might actually really like you, I dunno.
  • Indepen... Christm... 2012/11/06 22:25:44
    Neither do i :/
  • Christm... Indepen... 2012/11/06 22:34:34
    Christmas; In Chrome
    I didn't really like any of the chicks I scammed a tease off of in school, I just thought they looked hot and wanted to get off. I probably wouldn't have done that to anyone I had any real feelings for.
  • Indepen... Christm... 2012/11/06 22:47:21
    :/ Thats strange... Y?
  • Christm... Indepen... 2012/11/06 22:53:10
    Christmas; In Chrome
    Because I was faking them into doing it. I wouldn't have wanted anyone I actually liked to think I meant the stuff I was doing. Now I know about it, and have even explained it to my girlfriend. But then I thought it was a weird thing to want so I had to make them actually think I was a huge dork so they would really be making fun of me. I was getting hot on it, but as far as they knew I was just a joke they liked to pass around. I wouldn't have wanted an actual crush to feel that way about me. Make sense?
  • Indepen... Christm... 2012/11/07 01:00:12
    Yes, I get what you mean :)
  • Christm... Indepen... 2012/11/07 01:31:16 (edited)
  • Indepen... Christm... 2012/11/07 14:31:19
    (whistles) Wow...
  • Christm... Indepen... 2012/11/07 14:40:59
    Christmas; In Chrome
    Oh yeah, I had it bad. I still do, though not as much. The thrill was figuring out I was able to manipulate them into doing exactly what I wanted without them ever knowing. They would call ME stupid, as they did the very thing I was guiding them towards, and they enjoyed it so much that they never even figured it out! Yeah, I'm a retard? I'm so gross? Really? Tell me more about that before you go home to sit around and be bored while I'm "enjoying myself" to the memory of that smug little smile!
  • Indepen... Christm... 2012/11/07 14:43:34
    hahaha I'll be the first to admit it, tht was genius! :)
  • Christm... Indepen... 2012/11/07 14:55:52
  • Indepen... Christm... 2012/11/07 14:59:18 (edited)
    Don't worry, when I was younger I used to mess with guys heads...Not proud of it now,but i was certainly proud of it then. Girls weren't my bff's and I mostly chilled with the guys cuz they weren't stupid and overdramatic :P
  • Christm... Indepen... 2012/11/07 15:04:13
    Christmas; In Chrome
    Yeah, we tend to be pretty straight forward for the most part. And yes, I'm sorry to say, even the smartest of us are easily messed with.
  • Indepen... Christm... 2012/11/07 15:06:52
    Us girls are too obsessed with what we hear to be focused on not being manipulated :P
  • Christm... Indepen... 2012/11/07 15:20:52
  • Indepen... Christm... 2012/11/07 15:23:59
    hmmm...That's an interesting way to think about it! For me, guys would be absolutely goofy around me and girls wrote stuff about me on the bathroom wall. EVERYONE knew who I was, but tht wasnt always a good thing.
  • Christm... Indepen... 2012/11/07 15:27:23
    Christmas; In Chrome
    You sound kind of like me actually, only reversed. You got what you wanted from GUYS and the GIRLS hated you for it.
  • Indepen... Christm... 2012/11/07 15:28:50
    Yeah, but it was funny to watch how they acted :)
  • Christm... Indepen... 2012/11/07 15:40:11
    Christmas; In Chrome
    Yeah. Mine wasn't usually FUNNY, just FUN. I loved scaring off dudes who thought they were hard asses, and I loved the fact that girls couldn't stop laughing at me to save their lives. It was always such a turn on wondering what they were saying about me when they whispered, wondering what new form of teasing I would be subjected to, and wondering what my favorites would be wearing as they laughed at my very existence. Some of the guys were pretty funny when we were fighting though LOL
  • Imran 2012/11/06 20:13:49
    Mine is masturbating, and that is embarrassing for me. Even nowadays I masturbate.
    I want to get rid of it.
  • Indepen... Imran 2012/11/06 20:29:21
    It probably won't stop until ur married :/
  • Imran Indepen... 2012/11/06 20:35:27 (edited)
    Unless, i truly will to quit!
  • Indepen... Imran 2012/11/06 20:44:01
    Good luck then!! :D
  • Imran Indepen... 2012/11/06 20:46:15
    Yes. May lord help me.

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