More "Racialism" from our first "Post-Racial" President!

Ken 2012/08/07 22:12:44
American Renaissance

Kyle Rogers, Examiner, July 30, 2012

Barack Obama’s
“African American Education Initiative” creates a new Federal
bureaucracy. One of its goals will be to stop disciplinary action
against black public school students who misbehave.

Back in 2007, I had two white female public school teachers tell me
why Barack Obama was desperately needed as president. They said that
black male students have no male role models. If only Obama was elected,
black male students would improve their behavior and academic
performance, they claimed.

In many major cities, black academic performance has actually gotten
worse since Obama took office. We have also seen the dramatic nationwide
rise of black teen mob violence under the Obama administration.

On July 26, Obama signed an executive order titled the “African
American Education Initiative.” The order essentially gives a green
light for black students to misbehave in public schools.
In two places, Obama’s executive order calls on schools to reduce the
number disciplinary actions taken against blacks students. The order
specifically calls on schools to “not rely on methods that result in
disparate use of disciplinary tools.” [The
question must be posed -- where in hell in the Constitution of the
United States of America is there any authority whatsoever given to the
President of the United States to tell local schools who they should or
should not discipline? Where???]

To comply, public schools would have to engage in a racial quota system of discipline. The
executive order will create a new Federal bureaucracy to pressure
school systems to comply with the president’s demands. The executive
order makes no mention of any effort to get black students to improve
behavior.[Just how is this "executive order" to be
funded? I haven't heard of congress appropriating funds for such an
order, have you? This president seems to think he is an emperor, not
just 1/3 of the power structure in a democratic republic, but the
reigning monarch!]

There is a reason why blacks are more likely to be disciplined in school: black students are more likely to misbehave. The
U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that
there is a huge crime rate disparity between blacks and other racial

Based on those disparities, one should expect that there would be a
disparity in frequency of bad behavior between black and white school
students in the public schools.

The DOJ reports that the homicide rate in the black community is nine
times greater than in the white community. Between 1976 and 2005, the
DOJ reported that blacks averaged 13 percent of the population, but
accounted for 59 percent of felony homicide charges and 53 percent of
non-felony manslaughter charges. It also might come as no surprise that
93-95 percent of black homicides victims are killed by a black
perpetrator. Most of the rest are killed by a Latino perpetrator.

In reality, blacks are already less likely to be suspended for bad
behavior than whites. Often, white teachers and administrators are
afraid to discipline black students for fear of being called “racists.”
Even some black school officials are afraid of being labeled a
“sell-out” by black students.

The executive order also states that black students “lack equal
access” to education. This statement by the White House is outrageous
and easily disproved. Across the nation, majority black public schools
routinely receive more funding per pupil than majority white public

Washington DC is the perfect example. It has the highest average per
pupil funding of any public schools in the nation. [The
last figures I saw were around $15,000 per student per year - meaning a
class of 25 students cost a whopping $375,000 -- where does the money
It also has the
blackest public schools in the nation. Yet, this over-funding of black
students yields no results in terms of academic improvement. DC public
schools are widely touted as the worst performing schools in the entire
industrialized world.

If DC was a state, it would be the state with the highest average per
pupil expenditure and the lowest average performance. More money does
not equal better test scores.

Missouri leads the nation in its black/white state funding gap. The state has spent billions of dollars in a failed effort to improve the academic performance of black students. Majority
black schools in St. Louis and Kansas City have Olympic sized swimming
pools, lavish theater and music departments, and state of the art
computer labs. Per pupil spending is over double that of poor majority
white public schools in the Ozark Mountain region of Missouri.

Once again, we see that the over-funding of black students yields no
The very poor white students in the Ozarks have none of the
lavish amenities enjoyed by the black students. However, the poor whites
in the Ozarks outperform the better funded black students in the big

Ohio has some pretty outrageous examples. Cincinnati’s majority black
public schools are lavished with state funding that far exceeds what
goes to schools with a poor white student body. Yet last February, the state launched a program to give Cincinnati schools even more money to pay students not to drop out.

In Chicago, majority black public schools have so much extra money
they are hiring speakers from militant Black Power groups to give
“motivational speeches.” (see video)

The reality is that there is a massive transfer of wealth from white taxpayers to black public school students. Obama’s blatantly false claims are an insult to all white people who pay taxes.[IMHO they are an insult to all people who pay taxes, white, black or otherwise!]

Obama’s excuse making will only continue to make things worse.

The problems with black student behavior and school performance,
especially among young men, has been exacerbated for years by the
rhetoric of the 'racialist' leaders of the black community, men like
Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Instead of holding them to a high
standard and telling them they have the ability to perform at a high
level, they excuse their bad behavior and poor school performance by
blaming it on "the man," "whitey," or what ever other racial epithet is
in fashion.

fact is that when black students are given a chance and encouragement,
they perform well. The Bush administration implemented a school voucher
plan for D.C. schools that allowed black students to escape the
dysfunctional public school system. Students were given a $7,500 voucher
(about half the per-student costs in D.C.!!!) and allowed to attend
local private schools, mostly parochial. The students performed well
and the program was extremely popular with their parents -- it was one
of the first programs of the Bush administration to be canceled by the
newly anointed Barack Obama.
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Top Opinion

  • Kronan_1 2012/08/07 23:52:09
    You will just be labeled racist by liberal idiots and noone will listen to the truth. They don't like hearing how wrong they are.

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  • morris44 2012/08/08 18:56:55
    This is just more ranting about nothing. Here is the gist of the initiative that has conservatives in an uproar.

    Promoting a positive school climate that does not rely on methods that result in disparate use of disciplinary tools, and decreasing the disproportionate number of referrals to special education by addressing root causes of the referrals;

    The only verb in teh sentence is promoting.

    There is nothing that should lead any logical person to jump to a conclusion that "One of its goals will be to stop disciplinary action against black public school students who misbehave."

    But these types of conservatives just love to make up their mind first, then look around for people to fill in the "facts" later.

    One should read the text of bills and initiatives like this for themselves and decide for themselves what it means.

    The largest problem with the initiative is how vague it is. It seems like nothing more than window dressing and will not accomplish anything.
  • Ken morris44 2012/08/08 20:56:10 (edited)
    What does the allegation of "disparate use of disciplinary tools" mean to you? It means exactly what the article says it means.

    Also, you failed to address the question of where the Constitution grants the President of the United States the authority to interfere in the operation of states' school systems, or how the "Executive Order" is going to be funded. Since when have Executive Orders been a "legislative tool?"
  • morris44 Ken 2012/08/08 21:40:06
    Since it is so vague, it means whatever anyone wants it to mean. Or, more accurately, it means nothing.

    The federal dept of education began interfering with states school systems years ago.

    And executive orders have been a legislative tool for years.
    A president may also issue an executive order, which has the full effect of law and is directed to federal agencies that are charged with carrying out the order. Examples include Franklin D. Roosevelt's executive order for the internment of Japanese-Americans after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Harry Truman's integration of the armed forces and Dwight Eisenhower's order to integrate the nation's schools.
  • Ken morris44 2012/08/08 22:44:27 (edited)
    Wrong! The word is not at all vague:

    Essentially different in kind; not allowing comparison.

    As commander-in-chief during an emergency, e.g. war, FDR obviously had that authority. Harry Truman as C-in-C also had the authority to integrate the military, which, by the way, a progressive Democrat, Woodrow Wilson, had segregated.
    Also, Eisehhower's order to integrate the schools followed a finding by the Supreme Court that "separate but equal" schools were unconstitutional - he was enforcing an order of the Supreme Court, unlike the current president who merely ignores court orders. All bad examples!

    The executive department is not supposed to legislate - that's what the legislature is for! The President heads up the "executive department", which is supposed "execute" the laws passed by congress, not legislate!
  • morris44 Ken 2012/08/09 18:59:15
    What about all the executive orders by reagan, clinton and bush?

    you are overreacting to a non-issue.
  • Ken morris44 2012/08/09 19:30:40
    If you really believe that the usurpation by the President of the power to legislate is a "non-issue," you have no understanding of how our government is supposed to work under the Constitution. This isn't the first time, either - he did it by implementing most of the DREAM Act after a Democrat-controlled congress voted it down, and he did the same thing with parts of the Cap&Trade bill, using EPA regulations. He is turning this nation into a dictatorship, one step at a time, and because you share his leftist "values," you are okay with it.
  • Squatch 2012/08/08 18:06:26
    He is a Marxist just trying to stir up trouble. He just happens to be the president as well
  • Bevos 2012/08/08 12:06:49
    Barack Obama does not want intelligence in the ranks. Especially the BLACK ranks. He wants them to think he is their LORD and MASTER!!!
    The effects of the atrocities that Obama has put onto the American People, are going to last a long time. And I hope it keeps us awake forever, with regard to what can happen when we get too lax in our vigilance w/regard to our POLITICIANS!!!
  • sara 2012/08/08 03:22:49
    Obama luvs to play the race card when it benefits him. He rode the race card all the way to the white house not on his record but his ability to con Americans into his Hope & Change BS. He sat under Rev Wright long enough for him to mentor him in hate of whites, capitalism & just about everything US stands for. Allowing Black students to get away with bad behavior just re-enforces they can play the race card whenever they need to. If you don' require anything of these Black students why should they raise the bar & it shows by the crime, poverty & violence in ghettos
  • Ken sara 2012/08/08 03:45:04
    Read the revelations in "The Amateur" about what Wright actually thinks about Obama - eye opening!
  • Gordon 2012/08/07 23:55:10
    Pandering to the baser elements of society has never worked. They always want more without working for it or deserving it. Plus, Obama the Liar is a terrible role model for anybody.
  • Kronan_1 2012/08/07 23:52:09
    You will just be labeled racist by liberal idiots and noone will listen to the truth. They don't like hearing how wrong they are.
  • Ken Kronan_1 2012/08/07 23:55:31
    I fully expect some liberals to come on here and label the story "racist" and possibly me one for posting it.
  • Bevos Ken 2012/08/08 12:14:56
    I wouldn't worry about them. They are the racists. Even Blacks are learning that. The ones that want to end the racewars. The rest try to use it to their advantage, to get what they want. They are the scumbags. Obama, TOP OF THE HEAP!!!
  • Vision of Verve 2012/08/07 23:22:21
  • Ken Vision ... 2012/08/07 23:32:20 (edited)
    Better yet, why approve of it when they do? When good behavior and good performance are demanded of black students they will respond in kind. So long as their behavior is excused as being the fault of "the system," and they know they won't be held accountable, it will go on -- it's known as human nature!
  • Vision ... Ken 2012/08/07 23:39:14
  • Ken Vision ... 2012/08/07 23:54:10
    You are right, when I posted this blog I fully expected someone to come on here and call the story racist or even label me a racist for posting it.

    The one part of the story I took issue with was the last sentence: "Obama’s blatantly false claims are an insult to all white people who pay taxes." I believe they are an insult to all taxpayers, regardless of color.
  • Vision ... Ken 2012/08/07 23:58:34
  • Bevos Vision ... 2012/08/08 12:24:38
    Please read Ken's answer below to Temlakos. It is the truth!!!
  • Bevos Vision ... 2012/08/08 12:22:21
    Being "called" racist is no big thing. As long as you are NOT one. The ones calling you a racist, have the problem! They do this to get you to knuckle under, and do what they want. In this case it is to let this person act out however she wants. Stick to your guns. Do not approve of her bad behavior. But befriend her when it stops.
    Mr. Obama has set the USA back about 40 yrs, as far as race is concerned, I am afraid.
  • Temlakos~POTL~PWCM~JLA~☆ 2012/08/07 22:14:53
    If you subsidize a thing, you'll get more of it. So now he's subsidizing bad behavior. And conforming to stereotype in the process.
  • Ken Temlako... 2012/08/07 22:17:24
    The sad thing is that there are great black leaders to be emulated. You can start with some pro-athletes, but it goes far beyond them: Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Allen West, Bill Cosby -- all Black Men of high achievement, all of whom do not place the blame on the "system" and give the kids that excuse to fail -- because that's just what it is, an excuse to fail.

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