Men: Have you ever been used for sex?

Will 2009/06/13 13:57:47
I wish....
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  • Death The Kid 2009/07/20 02:54:08
    Death The Kid
    By not one, but *two* other men, in fact.
  • Dino 2009/06/17 17:25:59
    Mostly with needy older women in thier mid-60's
  • Im not the most handsome, b... 2009/06/14 05:22:34
    Im not the most handsome, but i sure as hell am the funnest
    it was to get back at her boyfriend, Like the offspring say I know Im being used Thats ok because i like the abuse.
  • nettie 2009/06/14 01:51:11
    I know you have because I have used many of men for my own desires.
  • Terry J Vey 2009/06/14 01:01:55
    Terry J Vey
    Not ssaaying I minded it but I knew that this woman in her mid 30s whos cancer ridden husband came over by my place only when drunk and wanted some.
  • dzynrbob 2009/06/13 16:18:09
    When I was young and naive, yes. I was in my early 20's when I lived with a 34 y.o. gal who was still in love with her ex-husband but seemed to fancy me. After their children seemed to enjoy being adound me more than they did him, he started to make moves on her. She and I broke up, I moved out, and he dumped her..........because there was no longer any threat to his manhood and fatherhood. She asked me to come over one night to just visit.........and she did seduce me, hoping, I guess to get me to come back....I just felt sick and dirty the next day ( perhaps because it was better for her since it was ALWAYS about her.) Hey, I guess you live and learn.
  • crotchrot 2009/06/13 14:24:23

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